What does it mean to dream about gold earrings

What does it mean to dream of gold earrings

Dreaming of gold earrings shows us something very positive, but at the same time that we must take care of a crucial aspect in our day to day life. If we do not realize this aspect, it is likely that all the good things we have do not make sense.

Those who dream of this are people who know that they will achieve important things in life, and in fact they will.

Since the earrings show us that we are in important moments in life and that we cannot afford to postpone our dreams.

And on the other hand, gold shows fortune and that we are people who will achieve great things no matter what. But besides this, it means envy and discord with the people around us.

This means that gold earrings in dreams mean that you know what you want in life and it is a matter of time the fulfillment of your dreams. Since you are a very talented person and capable of overcoming any obstacle, even if you have a problem right now.

But at the same time it would mean that you do not realize that you are surrounded by people who do not help you much in achieving your goals. That is, it is not that all the people around you are bad and that you should stay away from them. However, there are people who do not help you much but you do not want to walk away for comfort or you simply think you cannot do it.

If some people cross your mind, it is because you need to distance yourself, since they may even be hurting you or want to hurt you out of envy.


Seeing gold earrings for babies or seeing that a baby has an earring made of gold material means that you are a naive person who is carried away by people.

This doesn’t just mean that you are likely to be scammed or not. If not, you can’t make your own decisions out of fear, and this makes you not do the things you really want.

What it finally causes is that you do not achieve your goals or that you do not even dare even though you know you are capable. This is nothing more than a warning for you to change your attitude and to know that you are still on time.

Dream about BIG gold earrings

If the gold earrings you see are large, it means that seemingly great challenges await you that you must overcome.

This can be somethg negative but it is not, it is simply so that you can be prepared because what is coming will help you grow as a person and achieve things that you always wanted.

You will see if they are problems or opportunities that can change your life.

You dream of SMALL gold earrings

It shows that you are a person who makes too many excuses for almost any situation. This makes you postpone the projects and in worst cases you don’t even try.

This attitude is nothing more than avoiding the discomforts that may arise so as not to leave your most comfortable zone. You must not deceive yourself because in reality you have important qualities that only need to be developed and used.

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