What does it mean to dream about gorilla? 14 dream interpretations

Most of the time we see our dreams so real that it seems that it is really happening, and it is only a matter of our subconscious that may be telling us something, in this case, what does it mean to dream of a gorilla  ?

Gorillas are the largest of all the apes living on our planet today, thinking about them can’t leave you light-hearted, that’s for sure.

When the gorilla visits your dreams it can mean that you are adopting this behavior, maybe you have problems controlling your excitement or compensating for nervousness or shyness, are you acting in an exaggerated way? Who or what around you provokes you to act this way? It may be a good time to tone down your behavior.

From the image of a terrible, vicious and bloodthirsty monster, to the portrait of a gentle, protective and friendly beast. Gorillas are rare animals and inhabit few places on earth, they are strange and fascinating large animals that live in sub-Saharan tropical forests.

What does it mean to dream of a gorilla? 14 dream interpretations

Surely, it is not unusual to dream of gorillas in case you saw them, because these gigantic apes definitely make an impression, even if you have read a book that mentions them, you have seen a picture or a photograph that represents these animals, they could easily sneak into your dreams. However, many of our dreams come completely uninvited, without any conscious idea of ​​our own.

Dreaming of gorillas is not a common phenomenon, considering that they are rare animals, nor are they common in the world. If you dream of them these have deeper meanings as they represent different things including strength, masculine power, raw forces of nature, dominance and aggression but also tenderness, motherhood, fatherhood, community, tranquility and protection, can you imagine how many meanings your gorilla dream could have.

Remember all the details, what did you think? Was it aggressive and intimidating or did you feel strangely calm seeing this giant animal? Were there more gorillas or just one, male or female? It is important to carefully analyze your dreams, down to the smallest detail.

Dreaming of a gorilla can represent the fact that you could be an aggressive and rigid character, the dream tells you to try to be less forceful, clues to the meaning of this dream can be found if you pay attention to details, such as what was making the animal Alternatively, it could be symbolic of your primal urges and wild nature, but it can also refer to some repressed sexual energy.

A happy gorilla in your dream is the sign that luck is coming your way. The gorilla predicts your mood once you hear the good news, if it makes you feel happy too, this means you will enjoy success for a long time, if you feel uncomfortable around the gorilla, your success will be short term, play with it happy gorilla is a sign of your confidence in your career and predicts good times ahead.

1.- Dreaming of a giant gorilla

If the gorilla was huge in your dreams, it could represent your sexual impulses and instincts, indicating that you are repressing them, for fear of being judged.

2.- Dreaming of a black gorilla

Seeing a black gorilla in your dream can represent that a new person joins your family, but there will be some problems and maybe you do not like that person very well or you have already had certain confrontations that have been in bad times, you should try handle the situation very well because you can even become the bad guy in the story.

3.- Dreaming of gorillas attacking

If you see in your dreams a gorilla that is attacking such a dream it could mean that someone powerful could threaten you in some way in the near future, but you must not allow this person to keep you away from achieving your goals, do not let anyone throw you out. lose what you have always fought for.

If you dream that you are facing this big and incredibly strong animal and fighting against it, it means that you are ready to defend your causes and finally face the problems you have and your inner demons, you have become a very angry and irritable person, because you have let many problems accumulate.

The gorilla is an embodiment of the problems that you are experiencing in reality, if you drove him away, it is a good sign and means that you will endure it, you will win and you will succeed, even if the fight has been hard and it has not left you unscathed.

If the gorilla has hit you and scared you away, it means that you need more time to recover your strength, you may have to be more patient and careful to plan your strategy, because the problems are many and exceed your current abilities to solve them.

4.- Dreaming of a tame gorilla

If you dreamed of a gorilla who was calm and peaceful , it is a good sign, indicating prosperity and abundance in the near future, as a result of your hard work and effort.

This is a dream reflects a special type of bond between people who are not equals on a social and professional level, but the respect and support they share is the same.

The dream means that you are about to meet (or have already met) a person who will greatly influence your life, a person who will offer you great support, but who will never try to manipulate or control you.

If you dream of a group of peaceful gorillas, it is also a good sign, it indicates that things are going well in your family life. If you are currently having a conflict with a member of your family, this dream indicates that it will be resolved soon.

5.- Dreaming of a gorilla chasing me

If in your dreams a gorilla chases you , this means that toxic people are hiding behind you who can harm both your family and you, you should get away and find out who are those who pretend to be your friends to simply hurt you.

6.- Dreaming of a baby gorilla

Dreaming of seeing a baby gorilla means that small problems may arise in your life, these could be gossip, bad comments and even slander about you, it may be at work or even at home, you must pay close attention to everything around you, as you could intervene before things get worse.

7.- Dreaming of a gorilla in the house

If you dream of seeing a gorilla inside the house, this can mean that great changes will soon come to your life, and that these will help you to be a better person, to grow professionally and even changes within your love facet.

8.- Dreaming of gorillas fighting

When you see in your dreams that gorillas are fighting, this means that within you you are fighting with your fears and failures, and that is that you are afraid of not achieving what you propose, you must bear in mind that in life those who do not try do not win, therefore Despite your fears, you must never forget to fight for your goals.

9.- Dreaming of a talking gorilla

If in your dreams a gorilla is talking to you , this may indicate that you have felt bad because it has not gone very well for you, you have problems everywhere, the fact is that there is a solution and you can avoid it, always thinking first before acting.

10.- Dreaming of a female gorilla

If you dream of a gorilla that is female, it can mean that there is a person near you who is taking care of you in silence, either because he appreciates you or because you seem like a good person, take this person into account because he will be the one who will get you out of trouble. when you need it, plus it will be there for you despite the circumstances.

11.- Dreaming of a wounded gorilla

Dreaming of seeing a wounded gorilla can mean that a person you love and appreciate very much will betray you and you will be very hurt by the fact that he played with your feelings and your trust no matter what you did for that person.

12.- Dreaming of a dead gorilla

Dreams of a dead gorilla are sad, disturbing and not good, they have to do with loss, about losing someone important to you, your guardian and protector.

It doesn’t necessarily have to mean the worst, but maybe a person you admire and seek advice from is pushing you away or making certain changes that mean they’ll stay out of your life from now on. The dream is a kind of channel to say goodbye, you must help yourself to exercise your emotions towards the person and relieve your fears and sadness.

Dreams of a dead gorilla can represent great losses and help us face such difficult situations, perhaps you have separated from someone you love and have lost a figure that has been guiding and protecting you for years and years.

However, if you do not feel sad because of this dream, it means something good, you will overcome big problems and finally you will feel strong enough to face those who try to manipulate you and control your decisions. If you killed a gorilla in your dream , it is a very good sign, indicating that you will soon overcome some difficult obstacle that you are facing, thanks to your courage and ingenuity.

13.- Dream of seeing gorilla

Seeing a gorilla in your dream means a trip that you will have very important and money that you will earn during it, it is an opportunity that you cannot let go and it is that not many times the opportunities do not present themselves twice in life, do not miss it .

14.- Dreaming of several gorillas

If in your dreams you can see many gorillas , this indicates that you are a person who has a very strong character and that you can be hurting or hurting people around you frequently without realizing it, and that is that you should change your attitudes a little.


Dreaming of gorillas, as you could realize, can have many interpretations and that these are signs, they can be good as well as bad. Let’s not forget that we are the architects of our destiny, do not let someone else do it for you, regardless of your dreams you must move forward.

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