What does it mean to dream about grapes ? 18 dream interpretations

The grape is a very succulent fruit, with a sweet flavor and smooth texture. It is the fruit of a climbing plant that spreads all around where it is planted if we leave it free. A dream with grapes is usually very pleasant since just seeing and/or tasting them gives us a sensation of freshness and exquisiteness.

But what does it really mean to dream of grapes?! Its meaning has to do more or less with what each one of us thinks of it when contemplating them. The meaning also dates back to ancient times, in the years after Christ, where the spilled blood was symbolized with the wine made from this fruit; This indicates that it has a very valuable symbolism.

Based on the above and on the interpretations of the wise we can say that seeing a grape in your dream symbolizes happiness, opulence, wealth and decadence. Indicates that good fortune and sweetness will be obtained. However, it also indicates that care must be taken not to let the fortune remain for a long time, since they could bring bad streaks as time goes by, unless they are managed properly.

What does it mean to dream about grapes? 18 dream interpretations


Dreams reveal to us the opportunities that are presented to us at an exact moment, but we must keep our eyes wide open and our minds attentive to be able to take advantage of them as much as we can.

The dream with grapes mostly means positive things in terms of love and money, good luck and fortune, but you must be aware of all the elements that affect the dreamer’s environment at that time in order to really understand and be able to interpret with more certainty what that our subconscious is warning us.

Below are more grape related dream interpretations for you to help you with your dream interpretation:

1-Dream of green grapes

Green grapes in dreams mean the emergence of new events that will occur in your life or the arrival of new suitors with whom you will develop relationships and romances.

If the green grapes look big and juicy in your dream, it means that these relationships will last a long time, if on the contrary they are small green grapes with an inconspicuous appearance , you will have a nice but short-term romance.

2- dream of black grapes

Black grapes in dreams refer to the fact that the dreamer is a person who will have a long life but who will have to make many sacrifices in order to live optimally in the environment that surrounds him.

If the black grapes are immense , it indicates that you will go through many obstacles both emotionally and at workIf, on the other hand, they are black grapes but of normal size, it means that you will only have to do small things to achieve the desired success.

3- dream of purple grapes

To dream that you are seeing purple grapes in a dream means that you will have full happiness throughout your life, characterized by happiness in love and success in economic matters.

The purple color symbolizes peace and serenity, purple grapes in a dream tells us that there will be loves with whom we will feel calm and we will be free of disagreements and sentimental lawsuits that end the relationship.

4- dream of white grapes

White grapes in dreams promise legitimate monetary income and great material wealth that you will earn with your own work or from an inheritance. These profits will be obtained ethically and will not cause you any problems over time.

5- dream of pink grapes

Dreaming of pink grapes means that you will have a love life characterized by sensitivity, tenderness and simplicity. It will be a lasting relationship if you know how to take care of it. Remember that love has to be watered day by day so that it lasts as long as you want it to.

6- dream of fresh green grapes

Dreaming of fresh green grapes in a dream portends the arrival of a new love, the person you had dreamed of is at the door of your life and you must be attentive to know how to take advantage of the opportunity to be with him or her at the moment you meet. I present to you.

Seeing fresh green grapes in a dream can also mean that there is going to be a new birth that will be a blessing to your life. More specifically; you could be pregnant or perhaps a very close relative, such as a sister or your own mother.

If you are a single man who likes to go all out and has dreamed of green grapes that are very fresh , you should be aware, because perhaps a little seed of yours is rolling around.

7- dream of large grapes

Dreaming of large grapes is a very good omen since it means that a great love will come into your life, who will have eternal love for you, and will be characterized by being very sweet and understanding.

If the grapes are large and very beautiful in your dream , it means that in addition to having full happiness on an emotional level, you will also be very successful in the business you undertake with this person because they will be the one for which in all aspects.

8- dream of rotten grapes

Seeing or having rotten grapes in the dream indicates that your financial position will be greatly affected by different circumstances. Investments you have been making for some time will suffer considerable losses and you may lose all the money, including the money you initially put out of pocket for business.

9- dream of raisins

Seeing raisins or dried grapes in the dream means that you will be being judged by your appearances and the successes you have achieved throughout your life. You will feel inferior to other people economically due to the malicious comments of envious people who will be looking for a way to destroy you morally.

10- dream of ripe grapes

Ripe grapes in the dream symbolize the abundance of your material goods. He means that the dreamer is a person who has done hard work for a long time and who is finally giving the expected results.

11-Dream of grape leaves

Dreaming of grape leaves means that you can expect new friends and love relationships. This relationship will grow a lot and will be long-lasting, it also means that you will be able to make friends and benefit from those links.

12-Dream of a bunch of grapes

A bunch of grapes in dreams promises monetary income and material wealth. You are going to have a huge money earning in the very near future, which will bring you success in the business field.

13-Dream of a grape crop

If you dream of a grape farm where the grapes grow and get bigger , it indicates that you will soon take very important steps for your business or career path. You will have many responsibilities, and many obstacles will be presented to you. However, if you continue and go ahead in spite of it, everything will end up being positive for you.

14-Dream of grape juice

Drinking grape juice in the dream , indicates that you will be able to advance your income or work tasks in the near future. You are more likely to build wealth and prosperity while working less.

15-Dreaming of eating grapes

Eating grapes in the dream indicates that there will be pleasant and unexpected events in your life. You will meet a very big luck that can change your life for the better.

16-Dreaming of picking grapes

Dreaming of picking and harvesting grapes means that you will take profits and make investments that will give you very positive results in the short term. You will be able to fulfill those wishes that you have had in your mind for a long time in the near future.

17-Dream of mini grapes

To dream of mini grapes or baby grapes , indicates that your goals may be being too small. Because your goals are small, they will be easily achieved, but remember that our successes will be the size of our goals, so you must propose big things and learn not to settle for few things.

18-Dream of crushed grapes

To see crushed grapes in a dream , indicates that you will make peace with your family in terms of wealth and monetary assets. However, he must be prepared to sacrifice some of the money to which he is entitled to gain the goodwill of others.


As we could see, dreams with grapes are usually very pleasant, they are one of the most desired dreams since in most cases it heralds good fortune and success in love.

I hope I have been able to help you interpret your dream accurately and remember that the meaning of something depends a lot on the way you take it; what symbolizes for you what you are dreaming about.

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