Dreaming of a cemetery regardless of the elements that appear and the rest of the circumstances that surround the dream is related to uncertainty, doubts, longing for a past time and personal or sentimental relationships that have been broken for some reason. or they have grown apart but still mean a lot to you.

Dreams with cemeteries usually occur when you have the need to move forward when you have to make decisions or when you have to sacrifice something important to continue evolving but doubts or insecurity make it difficult or blocks you.

Dream of a cemetery and the dead

If you dream that you are in a cemetery and the dead come out of their graves, they resurrect means that you are very anchored or anchored to someone or something from your past that you have not managed to close that cycle even though it is necessary so that you can continue with your lifetime. It is likely that although you are aware of the need to turn the page and forget, you feel a difficulty in achieving what is blocking you.

If you recognize someone among those dead, it means that the relationship with that person has come to an end, that you must accept the end of that relationship and continue with your life.

If the dead or any of them speak to you in the cemetery, the words you hear or that they address to you will be an important message of overcoming or change.

If you dream that the dead are chasing you through the cemetery, it means that you live trapped or trapped in your past, that you need to get out of that state and break the ties that still tie you to that situation or person.

If you dream that the dead that are in the cemetery are children , it means that in your childhood and adolescence you lived or suffered an experience that marked you and that currently continues to cause you pain, anguish or sadness.

Dream of a cemetery at night

If you dream of a cemetery at night, it means that there are many fears that prevent you from moving forward, making decisions or behaving as you wish.

If you dream that you walk through a cemetery at night and you feel calm or calm, it means that you have become accustomed to the situation you are currently experiencing and although you do not feel happy with it, you do not dare to change it for fear of the new, of the unknown. .

If, on the other handyou walk through the cemetery at night feeling anguish, sadness or worry, it means that you are reaching your limit and that you will soon make very important and transformative decisions.If you dream that you are lost or lost in a cemetery at night and you cannot find the exit or you cannot get out of there, it means that there are many difficulties around you that are preventing or complicating what you want to achieve. You will have to be patient and go slowly to achieve this.

Dream of a cemetery during the day

If you dream of a cemetery during the day, it means that you are accommodated or accommodated in a certain position, that relative comfort hinders your personal or sentimental growth.

If you dream that you are walking through a cemetery during the day and you feel calm or calm, it means that you need to find inner peace, balance in your life. You may be experiencing an episode that causes you emotional instability.

If, on the other handyou walk through the cemetery for days feeling anguish, sadness or worry, it means that you feel that you cannot solve or face the problems that beset you. However, the possible solution is in your hands, even if its execution is not easy.

If you dream that you are lost or lost in a cemetery during the day, that you cannot get out of it, it means that even if you feel trapped or trapped in your life or in the face of a difficulty, a solution will soon appear or positive changes will occur that will facilitate your life. evolution.

Dream of a burial in a cemetery

Dreaming that you see or attend the funeral of someone unknown in a cemetery means the end of a stage of a relationship or a situation, the time has come to close a cycle and to continue, although it may be hard or difficult, it is necessary.

If the person who was buried is known, a family member, a friend, a partner… the end of that stage will be directly or indirectly related to that person.

Dreaming that you are buried in the cemetery reflects the possible consequences that you could face if you do not start to make important changes in your life.

Dream about graveyard in poor condition

If you dream that you see a cemetery where the flowers are tombstones or in general the cemetery is damaged , in poor condition, old or noisy, it symbolizes your feeling of loneliness, sadness or pessimism about life, sentimentally or in any other way. another area.

If, on the other hand, you dream of a very well-kept cemetery, with fresh, beautiful flowers and clean and well-maintained tombs, it means that you are trying to see your reality in a different way so as not to be aware of it and thus not have to face problems or those aspects that are not working.

Dream about cemetery and tombs

Dreaming of tombs in a cemetery has a meaning of nostalgia and a certain sadness about what you no longer have or feel distant.

If you dream of tombs on the ground, it means that sadness or longing is related to people very close or close to you.

If the graves are niches, that is, they are in the wall, it means that your sadness or discomfort is related to the material.

If you dream that you see an open and empty tomb , it means that in addition to sadness or nostalgia for something or someone from the past, you are afraid of the future, of what is to come.

If you dream that you fall into an open grave it is a warning about the danger you are in if you do not begin to change your way of thinking, acting or relating.

Dreaming that you are looking for a grave and you cannot find it means that what you think is important or what you think you need to be happy is not really important. You are chasing something that is not worth it and at some point you will be aware of it.

Dreaming that you see the tomb or tombstone of someone close or important to you, symbolizes the change or the end of the relationship with that person, it could be an important transformation in your relationship.

Dream of a cemetery and crosses

Dreaming of a cemetery in which you see crosses is a good omen, since it represents the overcoming of your difficulties, the change or transformation that you are going to experience, which will help you evolve and accept certain circumstances and start new paths.

Dream of a cemetery all white

If you dream of a cemetery in which the color white predominates or everything is white, it means that in the face of difficulties, problems or indecisions… your beings of light will know how to guide you through signs or even your own intuition. Do not worry, because when the time comes you will know how to act.

Dream of a cemetery all black

On the contrary, if you dream of a cemetery in which the color black predominates or everything is black, it means that you are charged with negative energy. You may have very negative people around you or your pessimistic attitude is charging you with that bad energy.

Dream that you live in a cemetery

If you dream that your house is inside a cemetery, that is, you live in the cemetery, it means that you feel too weak or powerless in the face of what you must change, do or decide. This dream is usually experienced by people who are going through a state of depression or anxiety.

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