Dream about green apples

Dreams where green apples appear symbolize wisdom, integrity, romance, desires, good health, fertility, marriage, and prosperity. The meaning of dreaming of green apples represents our immaturity, our naivety and that way we have of trusting everything and everyone.

This dream indicates that others see us as hard and difficult people to deal with, but in reality we are very sensitive and caring people. What you see is just a wall that we have built around us to protect ourselves and that nothing hurts us.

Dream about green apples

It indicates that we are afraid to fulfill our dreams, because we think that we do not have the capacity to achieve it. Actually our capabilities are as great as our goals. If we see red and green apples together, and we choose the green ones, it indicates that our decisions will be very good. It also means that we are very intelligent people in all areas of our lives.

Carry a green apple in hand

It portends that we will have a job escalation, where we will have more economic income and that will bring a lot of tranquility to our lives.

Dream About Rotten Green Apples

It predicts that our efforts will be in vain. Perhaps the business where we have all our hope will be a failure. If we eat the rotten fruits, bad news will come.

See green apple seeds

They show that soon the family will grow, as the seeds represent fertility. It can also show that we have a partner that although we are very different, we complement each other perfectly.

Eat green apples in the dream

This shows that we take care of problems that are not ours and we want to solve everyone’s life. But in reality we have to solve our own problems in order to improve our own lives. If we see other people eating these fruits, it portends that our goals are very big, but we have all the capacity to fulfill them. Eating a green apple with worms or rotten, portends illness.

Meaning of dreaming of green apples that they give us

It indicates that someone is seducing us with a tempting but risky business, if we accept it, our reputation will be damaged. Then it will be very difficult to get people to trust us again.

Dreaming of green apples that we have in our house

It points out that we have fresh ideas and lots of energy to work on our plans.

Cut a green apple from the tree

It shows us that someone, or us, will fail, and someone will be very hurt by our actions. If we cut it with a knife, it portends future failures.

See an apple tree full of green apples

It predicts that we will have very pleasant news, that will fill us with joy. But if the apple tree is dry or has yellow leaves, then it denotes bad news. Seeing that the apple tree is in bloom shows that our business will go better than we expected. If a man dreams that he is under an apple tree, it indicates that he feels very good seeing that women are looking for him a lot. Seeing ourselves sitting under an apple tree full of green apples shows that with patience our businesses will end up being successful.

If we see apples with worms in the dream

It indicates that we are suspecting that our partner is seeing someone behind our backs. He’s taking advantage of our kindness. Seeing these fruits with a worm also indicates that someone who wants to harm us will come to us with a piece of gossip. If we believe in that gossip, we will lose many things.

Dream in which we make green apple juice

It points out that we should not rush things. We have to let everything continue as before.

What does it mean to dream of green apples lying on the floor?

It means that we will become more educated after meeting an older person. That person will transmit all the knowledge of it to us. We must take advantage of her experience to improve our knowledge.

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