Dream about green avocados

The positive side of dreaming of green avocados refers to happiness, progress and blessings in our lives. But on the negative side of the dream, there is aggressiveness, sadness and strong emotional impacts.

Dreams with green avocados, also called avocados, can be very varied, we can see in the dream that we are buying green avocados, eating them, peeling them, cooking them, seeing them on a tree or selling them. And its interpretation is given depending on how the dream is. Below we bring you several interpretations of dreams with green avocados.

Dream about green avocados

If we split a green avocado and find its seed, it shows that we are having a hard time relating to other people. Having green avocados hidden or stored, refers to lies that we carry inside. We are afraid that they will come to light. Buying green avocados predicts that we will deceive someone, or they will deceive us in the near future. Seeing that the green avocados are dirty is a sign that we will settle for little. We must think before settling for something that does not make us really happy.

See big green avocados

Seeing large green avocados indicates that we have an excess of creativity accompanied by a lot of positive energy. If the big green avocados are ours, it shows that we think we are weak, but in reality we are capable of facing any problem that comes our way. Carrying large green avocados in a bag predicts betrayal. We must be vigilant to whom we trust with our secrets.

Dream About Green Avocados

Preparing a salad of green avocados indicates that we are very strong to face the challenges of life. When the green avocados are beginning to rot, it signals that we will betray a person who trusts us a lot. We must stop before telling the secrets that this person entrusted to us, otherwise we will lose the trust of a very good person.

peel avocado

Peeling a green avocado in the dream shows that it is very difficult for us to understand people, and that is why we prefer to be alone. Trying to peel a green avocado and not being able to do it, or it becomes very difficult for us, predicts betrayal from a person close to us.

Meaning of dreaming of green avocados on a tree

If the tree has green avocados, it is very positive, since it predicts an unexpected turn in our life, which will be very good for us. Seeing green avocados on the tree because they are immature indicates that we will make bad decisions that will have a great impact on our lives. Plucking green avocados from the tree indicates that we will focus on our goals and work hard to achieve them. Picking green avocados under the tree, foretells that we will make a bad decision that will stop our plans.

See someone else with a green avocado

If we know the person who has a green avocado in their hands in real life, it indicates that we should pay more attention and observe how other people have achieved their goals. This way we will learn and we will be able to apply it in our life. But if the person we see holding the green avocado is an unknown person, then it predicts that we will move unexpectedly.

Eat green avocado in the dream

Eating a green avocado predicts that it will be very difficult for us to find happiness, but with effort we will achieve it. Eating a green avocado with someone indicates that other people will benefit from our good energies.

Dreaming of green avocados that we buy or sell

If we buy green avocados, this dream indicates that we must have patience to find the right person, otherwise we will be with someone who will not meet our expectations. But if we are selling green avocados, it indicates that we will show ourselves authentic and a person will find us very attractive, and will let us know.

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