Dream about green lemons

The vision of green lemons in the dream represents the health and well-being of people, often predicting problems and disasters that are yet to come. Dreaming of green lemons is an omen that we, or someone in the family, will get sick.

This type of dream predicts anxiety and disappointments in the family environment, mostly. Relations with the family will become more difficult every day and that will be our greatest concern.

Dream about green lemons

It warns us that we have to be more careful when it comes to health and give it more importance. It is warning us that someone very close to us will experience a very sad event. He will need our company and support to move forward, we must not leave him alone. Also green lemons show that we will have an unpleasant relationship with someone.

Eat green lemon in the dream

It is not a good dream, since it shows that as a result of something that we will live, we will fall into such great sadness that life will seem like a disappointment. When this happens, we have to talk to someone in the family and ask for help through advice. In this way we can mitigate the pain we feel and overcome it faster. Eating green lemon and feeling the acid in the mouth means that we are being unrealistic with the things that happen in our life. If we were more realistic we would avoid many disappointments.

What does dreaming of green lemons in a basket indicate?

Point out disappointments caused by false hopes. All the problems we have caused ourselves. We have to be more realistic with our goals and that way we will avoid disappointments.

See a piece of green lemon

It indicates that we are very sad about something that happened to us, but in reality we have no reason to be as we feel. Things are not really as we think, with someone’s company everything will be fine.

See someone with green lemons

It indicates that something very sad will happen to a person very close to us. We have to be vigilant to give him all our support in those moments of desolation.

Meaning of dreaming of green lemons in our house

It shows that we will have many family disputes, and relationships within the family will be more difficult every day. This dream also predicts that a child or partner may contract a disease.

That someone gives us green lemons

It portends that we will receive humiliations and disappointments from someone, that when he needed our help we gave him everything. If we know in real life the person who gave us the green lemons, it indicates that this person will get sick we have to give all our support.

Dream of green lemons drying up

Seeing how quickly lemons dry indicates that the sick person will get worse. If in the dream we throw them away, then it will heal faster than estimated.

Clean green lemon in the dream

It shows that all the things that take away our peace and tranquility will disappear. Calm times will come soon.

Make juice with green lemons

He predicts that despite the difficulties we have, we will take the best and move forward with the positive. We will leave behind the negative of our life.

Watch us make tea with green lemons

And then taking it, and feeling it very acidic, represents the bitterness that we are going through in real life.

Dream about green lemons turning orange

This dream means that people who are sick will be healed and in good health.

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