Dream about green mangoes

Almost always dreaming of green mangoes is usually a good sign for our lives. But on certain occasions green mangoes can show the evil of the person who dreams.

But the meaning of this type of dream can only be determined by paying attention to the details that appear. Green mangoes in dreams represent emotions, money, business, friends, and relationships.

Dream about green mangoes

When we have green mangoes in our house, the dream is highlighting something bad that we have in our way of being and that we need to correct as soon as possible, so as not to continue hurting people who really love us very much. This dream also indicates that we will bring out with our partner all the passion that we had stored inside.

Meaning of dreaming of green mangoes on the tree

If we see the green mangoes on the tree and we appreciate them, it predicts that we will soon have good news. But if we try to pull the unripe green mangoes from the tree, then it portends big trouble to come. These will be caused by our intransigence. Also this dream means that we are surrounded by bad energy. We should think about moving far away to start a new life, with renewed energy. Seeing a bird pecking at the green mangoes of the tree indicates that someone from outside will arrive inventing gossip to end our relationship. We have to be very careful when that happens, so as not to fall into their game.

What does it mean to dream of eating green mango?

It is very positive to eat green mangoes in the dream, since it portends a new beginning in our lives. This new beginning will be very good and we will have many opportunities to choose from. If we eat green mangoes, but their flavor is sweet and pleasant, it indicates that a stage in our life is coming where everything will flow in our favor and we will have a lot of calm and happiness. But if we eat green mangoes and their taste is sour, bitter, acid or unpleasant, it predicts problems that we will soon have to face.

See we cut ’em down

Seeing that we cut green mangoes in the dream symbolizes the strong character we have. Most of the time we are irrational and inflexible with our opinions. In general, we always believe that we are right and we never take into account what others feel or think. This dream can also mean that a friend will betray us and we will end the friendship forever, even though that person apologizes to us.

What does it mean to dream of green mangoes on a plate?

If a woman dreams of it, it portends that she will receive a gift unexpectedly, which will make her happy. But if the dreaming person is a man, it predicts unexpected profit. Giving someone a plate of green mangoes shows that a family member will be in trouble, and we will do whatever it takes to help them through those bad times.

Buy green mangoes in the dream

It predicts that our businesses will soon yield the profits we expected. This dream also indicates that we will receive an unexpected visit that will fill us with joy.

Meaning of selling green mangoes

It indicates that in the near future our profits, or business, will fall rapidly. This dream also means that we will have a close relative with problems that will make us suffer a lot. If we sell the green mangoes to someone we know in real life, it shows that that person will betray us. But we will find a way to get revenge.

Dream about fallen green mangoes on the ground

It shows that achieving our dreams will cost us a lot of suffering, time and adversity, but in the end we do not have to give up. Everything will change quickly and we will achieve it after so many sacrifices. If we pick up the green mangoes in the dream, it is a very good omen, since it indicates that we will soon solve the problems that we had for a long time.

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