What does it mean to Dream about guns/shots/gunfights

Dream about guns/shots/gunfights

Dreaming of weapons of any kind implies that with complete certainty in the life of the dreamer, violence, danger, and risk surround him.

In this sense, a person who dreams of weapons must always be very alert. Something may be lurking to harm you . Or it could be that without wishing it the same as he has dreamed, at a certain moment, he has to resort to violence against another person, perhaps in self-defense.

The various synonyms of violence, fights, brawls or unfair competition, are the typical issues faced by those who dream of weapons. Weapons are many, not just pistols, as we generally think. For this reason, in this article we leave you with a variety of forms of dreams, with a variety of weapons, since each one of them points to a different aspect.

It is very important that in the dream you identify if the weapon, whatever it is, is big or small, because that will give a different connotation to the interpretation.

dream of small arms

It is fear of being attacked unexpectedly. This shows a lack of confidence in yourself. You need to have more peace of mind so that you can think and analyze your situation and face it without fear.

Dream about a big gun

Trouble is close. You must protect yourself a lot. Everything will depend on the type of weapon you have dreamed of. Whatever the dream connotes depending on the type of weapon, it will be big and will have a big impact on your life as well.

dream with white weapons

All weapons that are sharp are in this classification. Here swords, daggers, knives, machetes, daggers, and even hammers fall into this category. Cutting or being cut by someone is very sharp. Let’s see its general meaning, because in another article there are the interpretations of these separately.

Dream that you were injured by a knife

Trust is at stake. Someone betrays you behind your back and you have not perceived it. You can be surprised with a bad action on the part of this person. It is recommended to look very well in your environment to pinpoint who may have these intentions.

Dream that you hurt someone with a knife 

You can be very badly reunited with the wrong “friends” who will surely involve you with some misdeed or a bad action that in the end generates legal problems for you. It is a very serious alert. Do not stop paying attention to this and also reflect on your somewhat irresponsible behavior.

dream of knives

Knives are sure aggression that is revealed in your dream. Depending on the size of the knife will be treason.

If you are attacked by a knife and you are very injured, check your emotions, you may have injuries due to cheating issues. It is a very deep pain, stuck in the chest and mind, from which you must free yourself.

If you hurt someone with a knife, check your feelings towards the injured person, some resentment you must have towards that person.

dream of swords

Swords symbolize character and willpower, they are also associated with the integrity of a human being. That is why this dream puts you in contact with a very worthy part of yourself that you must consolidate.

If someone hurts you with swords you should check your character and will. Something could be brittle in this aspect and you should check to correct.

throwing weapons

These types of weapons are thrown by an attacking person to cause damage such as stones, javelins, darts, slingshots and slingshots. Throwing something implies physical force and a lot of violence to be able to have it. Let’s see what weapons are in this order

Dream about slingshots or slingshots

This dream represents the victory that is obtained with intelligence. It is a clever show of force by the weak against the strong.

It is possible that there is someone in your environment with a great desire to harm, and uses strategies from the power he has over you. If you dream that you throw any of these mentioned weapons, surely you must use your cunning and intelligence to neutralize the power of this person.

If it is the other way around and it is you who are injured with these weapons, you should check if you are the one who is imposing on others, with arrogance, flaunting your power and if you do not correct your attitude they will surely defeat you.

Dream that you use a slingshot

As has been explained, if you are the one who uses a slingshot, it is because you have many tools to emerge victorious and the authoritarianism of others does not crush you. It announces that you seek all the resources to get out of the pressing situation.

Dream of being attacked with a slingshot

If you are attacked with a slingshot it is because you are underestimating your rivals. Here we say that there is no small enemy. They are all potentially dangerous.

Dream that you use a slingshot

You are recognizing that someone in your environment has qualities superior to yours and you need to get in tune with this, not to compete but to be better each time.

Dream of being attacked with a slingshot

Arrogance is not good and maybe you are being. Be careful, because some people have noticed and want to neutralize, but they will do it through aggression, to give you a lesson in humility.

Dream about projection weapons

Dreaming of this type of weapon implies a lot of precision. Quality in perception to hit the shot. Among these weapons are the crossbow, bow and arrow.

Dream that you shoot crossbow, bow or arrow

This is associated with your ability to defend yourself, to fight for your well-being, to possess your comforts and cover your basic needs. You are a warrior in life, you do not let yourself be defeated by adversity.

These weapons are among the most primitive, which means that to get ahead you don’t need large sophisticated mechanisms, you just need them to be accurate and your pulse to be the most precise.

Dream of being attacked with a crossbow, bow or arrow

Dreaming that you are attacked with these weapons implies that the person has you “measured” very well, that is, you are in his sight and he will practically hit the shot. It is possible that you are causing discomfort to this person and therefore he wants to defend himself against you. Think about who or who you are trying to break

Dream about firearms

These weapons are the ones that are most often dreamed of, with pistols, arquebuses, among others. They are weapons to hit after a single shot.

Dream about a firearm

It is a bad omen. Someone close must have a bad ending. You are a very nervous person about something that is happening in your life. You feel many fears of conflict and before reviewing the causes, you crouch down and withdraw from fear.

You are trying to avoid a mishap in your environment and you are doing well. Do not get involved in tense situations. Stay out of some scenes that bring violence.

Dream that you own a firearm

You are a badly faced person, who solves everything with your bad character and what you are achieving is alienating people from your life. If you continue without correcting this very negative trait, you will be involved in unfortunate situations of total conflict.

Dreaming of injuring someone with a firearm

Be prepared for any unforeseen event related to something legal. A crash, a traffic accident, an event that requires you to appear because you are involved. You are giving rise to very dangerous situations, take care of your actions in all the contexts where you operate.

Dream of being injured by a firearm

There are silent diseases that wreak havoc. Get a medical checkup to avoid serious health problems. This dream can also be related to discomfort caused by reckless people who want to harm you, with their bad actions.

Dream that an arquebus is fired

You will have many setbacks. Or it will be easy for you to make decisions on the matter before you. You are going to receive many family reproaches for something you decide to do, or for the indecision you are showing towards something. Your precision is not very accurate, so you hesitate to make decisions and let time pass.

dream of unloaded gun

This shows serious problems in your sex life. Something is revealed in this order, but you should check what you did with the weapon in the dream. You are willing to have sexual contact. Perhaps you do not feel sure of your virility if you are a man or of your fieryness if you are a woman.

How do you feel with your partner? You’re good? Satisfied? Or do you have many gaps and want to have other experiences? The gun is unloaded. How burdened are you from lack of sex? Or is it that “your gun” does not shoot with the precision that you would like for your partner to be satisfied?

dream of shooting

There are many conflicts that come one after another. Your mind does not process the solution because they all crowd into your mind. You must prioritize and start with a solution

Dream about a machine gun

You must answer a question quickly. Many things depend on your decision at this time. Don’t let more time pass and advance soon. Your answer must not be unbalanced, it must be accurate. If the machine gun loses control in your hands in the dream, you must have some control in your procedures and in your responses, so as not to run over others.

Dream about a shotgun

If you see her up close and she only appears in your dream, something is being plotted against you. If you have it in your hands, someone wants to hurt you and you are alert. You will be able to defend yourself. If she breaks down right before you shoot her it’s related to you getting out of danger quickly. If you fire the shotgun at an acquaintance, it means that you are very careless with those around you and you can injure them without realizing it.

dream of gunshots

Decisions that will bring bad consequences. It is terrible news that you are about to receive. It is a very negative dream. You must take care of your decisions, because you risk falling into danger due to bad and unwise procedures

propelled weapons

These weapons They need a cannon to be fired and determine the direction that the projectile will follow, such as missiles and rockets. That is why it is very important that you see the projection that your dream can have .

dream of a bullet

You will have problems and misunderstandings with close people . There is a threat of family disagreements.

Dream about a cannonball

Take great care of communication with your relatives , your words can hurt your people a lot. Indelicacy hits some people around you very hard. Try to avoid saying words that hit so hard, watch what you say. The wounds you cause are very deep.

Dream that you shoot a cannon and hit the target

It is a great danger that you are going to face . Teasing and put-downs may get to you. If you are injured by a cannon, it is because you are in many dangers and this announcement alerts you.

explosive weapons

These weapons are deadly in that they deal heavy physical damage through their shock wave. The damage can affect many people at the same time

Dream about grenades or other explosives 

Be careful what business you get into. You can take terrible risks. You can be ruined by being in league with people who play dirty games. The impact of your economic disaster affects many people around you, for example children, wife, mother or father, etc.

Any dream with explosives gives an important alert. Whatever you do that constitutes a mistake, you are going to drag down a very large group of people in your vicinity.

incendiary weapons

They set fire to any object to produce burns, including flamethrowers, explosive projectiles, mines.

Dream that you step on mines and explode

It is very terrible that you cannot know where you “step” that is to say that your terrain is mined with problems and you do not know which route to take. You can explode not literally, but you could get sick, for example a heart condition due to an impact caused by the problem you just “stepped on”

Dream About Flame Projectile

Fire is a lot of contained anger, you want to dissolve something or someone because it causes you serious problems or suffering. Flames are passion, anger, hate. Everything that is happening makes you jump, your pulse racing to the point of collapse. You need to drain this fury that burns you inside. This dream is liberating, because you drain and locate precisely what is affecting you.

Dream About Battle Tank

You are able to meet an enemy with direct words that unsettle the opponent. Your actions against the enemy are powerful. You are armored against their attacks.

dream of nuclear weapons

They can exterminate an entire city, their power is unfathomable. That is why dreaming of a nuclear weapon is really very striking. Whatever happens in the dream will be interpreted as lethal.

Dream that you see a nuclear weapon

It is very risky. Your life is in danger. Check how your environment is in all contexts: family, work, friendship, couple. Something very serious will happen and it is possible that it radiates and affects everyone even if they are not from the same place and do not even know each other.

You are the one who is in the center, you are the one who will activate the explosion with some action that you are going to carry out. In this way you explode and with you many people will be affected. Be very careful with a decision that you are going to make, first analyze if it will have a lot of negative impact on others.

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