Sometimes, in our dreams, we notice the details of the hair of a person or an animal. It can be our own hair, or someone else’s hair, or even the hair of an animal or mythical creature. Hair itself can be very symbolic, and if a detail about hair or the presence of hair seems to be something you think is important in a dream, chances are it is!

What does it mean to dream about hair?

Dreaming of hair is often associated with libido, fertility, and relationships. Hair can also be a symbol of our appearance . We often associate hair with beauty and looks. Hair can also be a symbol of expression of our authentic self with the other. Did you dream that someone combs your hair or you go to a hairdresser?

Common Hair Dream Meaning

If you dream that your hair is falling out: Hair loss in a dream can indicate a loss of interest in activities that you used to enjoy previously. Alternatively, dreaming of thinning hair or baldness could indicate a literal fear of going bald upon waking. This is a very common dream symbol for middle-aged men and people undergoing chemotherapy.

If you dream of long hair: Long hair can mean commitment or working on something for a long period of time. Since very long hair is typically found on our heads, this could also mean that you have been thinking about something for a long time. Is there something in your life that you are thinking about a lot? Are you currently in some kind of situation where you are struggling to make a decision about what to do?

If you dream about brushing your hair: This often indicates that you are trying to resolve and make sense of the conflicting thoughts and ideas you have about your current relationship status.

If you dream of tangled hair: This dream signifies disorder and confusion in some area of ​​your waking life as it relates to your current relationship status. If you have a dream in which your hair is tangled, take some time in waking life to consider what may be causing you confusion, or things that need to be resolved in your relationships.

Dreams of changing appearance or hair color

A dream about changing your appearance or hair color may mean that you are concerned about what others might think, or that you are trying to express a more authentic version of yourself to others.

Dreaming of dyeing your hair: This indicates that you need a change in some aspect of your personality. The color you choose to dye your hair is also significant.

Dreaming of dyeing your hair back to its original color: This signifies your desire to recapture some aspect of your younger self or you are interested in some feature from the past.

Dreaming of dyeing your hair black: This could suggest your desire to appear more mysterious to others or is an outward expression of inner and morning sorrow.

Dreaming of dyeing your hair red: This could signify a desire to ignite more passion in your waking life.

Dreaming of dyeing your hair blonde: This suggests a desire to be more carefree and have fun.

Dreaming of dyeing your hair brown: This suggests that you are desiring more stability in your life and your desire to feel more grounded

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