What does it mean to dream about harem

Making an interpretation from a sexual approach, it would be said that you are becoming a supporter of sexcentrism , that is to say that your life is circumscribed to the experience of sexuality to the full. A need to seek out and experience limitless and extreme sexual experiences. Honoring freedom, you try to open other frontiers of knowledge related to sensuality. 

This coming and going of varied sexual practice has the advantage of acquiring extensive learning related to the erotic behavior of couples. In the opposite case, the disadvantage is the loss of energy , exhausted in the repetition of pleasures, betraying diverse sexual inclinations, immature and not very well defined.

Under a social approach this would mean that you are undoubtedly very well respected in your economy and wealth savings , which raises you in your social status. Business circumstances have favored you by making you a prosperous person in the capitalist sense. You must pay special attention not to become a conceited and selfish despot, qualities that are unpleasant and not convenient for your social interaction.

you and the harem

Dream that you own a harem

Despite enjoying a good economic position and having a notorious prosperity, what you are really making yourself the owner of is nonconformity, greed and trivial thoughts .  

If you continue with that attitude you will have a strong fall that will be reflected mainly in your emotions. Your interpersonal relationships will be affected by your desire to appear greedy, drastically preventing the sharing of opportunities.

A negative effect that this has radiated on your personality is that you are becoming a selfish being, and that you must learn to consider the fact of being able to exchange with other people, especially things that are coveted as common goods. 

Dream that you are part of a harem

Social prejudices related to morality and good customs have strongly marked the education that has built your personality. Traditional teaching and its prejudices have strongly affected your sexual behavior and its respective impulses. As you have not shared a love without freedom in passion, repressed and denying yourself the possibilities of pleasure, lately you have been thinking about freeing yourself and running wild in what your instincts demand.

Dream that you are in a harem of women

For a male person, this type of dream represents an indication that you are paying too much attention to some things that are not very important, which will distract you from the responsible behavior of your daily activities. 

This dream is warning you that you are investing a lot in entertainment , as a kind of escape to avoid the solution of the real problems that are affecting you.

Dream that you are in a harem of men

You are yearning for the life you say you deserve by reaching and enjoying the status of a high economic position and all the pleasures that this implies. If you accidentally find yourself in poverty, you are very well aware that it is not the place where you belong having a life bent on comfort . 

You are waiting for the precise moment to have that social advancement that is difficult for you to achieve, but which you are completely sure that you will arrive very soon. 

The worst thing is that this dream foretells that a negative aspect is evident in your purpose, they are losses that you did not expect and that will represent an obstacle to your claims. 

If you can see the positive side of all this, you will be able to understand that they are telling you that you should have a more mature behavior. Don’t get carried away so much by your impulses so that situations don’t get out of control.

To dream that you are waiting for someone who does not come to the harem

You have to look for other options that present you with greater security as long as they can provide you with those resources that you urgently need to complete that project. In whom you think is not the right person enough to invest, to lose opportunities and efforts thinking that he is the ideal person. Take better advantage of your time , which is very valuable, and stop wasting it on entertainment and waiting for useless things.

To dream that you felt like an object in the harem

The feeling of not being important to someone produces a low self-esteem. Contempt and submission to ridicule for the simple reason of functioning differently, that you are in other states of thought that are not consistent with what your action group expresses. 

Enough humiliation and gain enough courage to face all that person who constantly insults and discriminates against you. It will be the most suitable strategy to free yourself from these unscrupulous beings.

To dream that you are invited to be part of a harem for a man 

This is a clear sign that you are falling in love with someone who does not suit you since it is not consistent with the purposes that you pursue in a couple. The first condition that is important for you is that you aspire to share life with someone who is just for you and is willing to always be with you. 

Being committed, the person who aspires to your love becomes the being with fewer options to be your love partner. Beware of falling into provocations that distort your initial objectives that give a clear shape to your life.

Dream that you fell in the harem

A strong drop in your emotional states is caused by the lightness with which you conduct your passions. The debauchery with which you assume sexual activity has disturbed your relationship with your partner. 

Apparently this time the separation is definitive because the other person is not willing to continue tolerating those attics that put their health at risk and consequently their happiness is called into question. From now on you have to face the fear of loneliness and the imbalances that lie ahead. 

Dream that you are imprisoned in a harem

You have a strange habit of seeking the right pleasure in undesirable situations that border on illegality . That invention of doing it in new places, that represent risks and that compromise the well-being of other people, is not the most convenient because of minimum insurance you are going to get a fine for lack of morality and good customs in public places. , not indicated to do this type of sexual activity.

sex in the harem

Dream about having sex in a harem

If the dream has high quality sexual scenes in terms of morbidity, this dream is a clear sign that you are developing a very boring sexual life . 

It is very difficult for you to feel pleasure in this situation, so the time has come to make things clear and make the most convenient decision. Either you get out of that absurd and forced commitment or you visit the sexual doctor to guide you in that direction.

To dream that a woman has sex in a harem

If the true intention you are pursuing is to achieve an economic position that offers you a different life from the one you lead, you yearn for luxuries, pleasures and comfort , then leave the whim and insistence of wanting to form a home with the person you love. 

Because of your love experiences, it seems to be predestined to have affairs with people with limited economic resources and, on the contrary, you reject friends with a good wealthy position. 

Focus and put order with what you want in life. Keep the premise that it is very easy for a woman to establish relationships with partners of the opposite sex. She possesses the weapons and the strategies to lead the man from his main weakness, that is, pleasure.

Dream that a man has sex in a harem

In a very general sense you have faculties prone to polygamy. You are fascinated by the multiplicity of couples, so it is easy for you to have several loving partners who accompany you with their sexual and hot favors. 

As long as you reward the sensations of enjoyment felt with something that satisfies the woman who lends herself for that purpose. For you it is nothing more than a game of exchange of things where you always have something to offer

Dream that you participate in an orgy in a harem

You are eager to lead life with a full intensity where you put in evidence the sexual potential that takes away from you , and that you want to unleash at the first opportunity that comes your way. At night you cannot sleep because of the states of excitement that disturb sleep.

Other things with the harem

Dream that you are the king of the harem 

Among other things , humility is also evaporating from your being, presumption leads you to appear what you are not and to see those who are not at your level as inferior beings. It is recommended that you see the sky but with your feet firmly planted on the ground, nothing to be living fantasies or inventing absurd things. 

Be careful when dealing with others because despotism comes out of you even through the pores of your skin, and not everyone is willing to feel dominated by those impulses.

Dream that you are a slave in the harem

Sadomasochistic relationships are things that are uneasily tempting you sexuality. You feel deep desires to commit different acts that involve a bit of pain and abuse to those who like to be subjected to these practices. 

You also like the idea of ​​being the bottom in the relationship so you can be put through a little bit of suffering. The idea is to experience something intense that covers you with pleasure.

Dream of seeing visions in the harem

Stop inventing mirages to convince yourself that things with your partner on a sexual level are going great . Locate yourself in your reality and do not continue pretending that you are happy because you receive the love of your life

Before continuing with that absurdity, it is necessary that you bring about the end of the relationship, before continuing with the calamity of forcing a supposed harmony of being together, suffering humiliation and lack of respect from you towards her and vice versa.

Dream of a leafy tree in a harem

You have a sufficiently comfortable life as a result of the latest negotiations that you have made and that have given you very good dividends, increasing your economy and consequently you have greater wealth. 

This creates the ideal atmosphere for you to think that it is time for you to strengthen the family by improving the conditions of the home and planning the arrival of another member. A child that will bring much happiness and complete the fullness of pleasures.

Dream that you are in a harem of homosexuals

If you have this type of dreams, it is because you have an urgent need to satisfy the pleasures that are the product of your repressed desires. That path to sexual diversity that does not let you sleep because you want to have sex of this type, marks the new path where you must continue in your sexual practices. Say goodbye to heterosexuality that is part of the past and start enjoying this new order.

Dream that you are in a lesbian harem 

If you are a man and you dream that you are in a lesbian harem, it is because you are sure that you want to share a sexual experience of this type . You have the false belief that sexual practice between women is due to the lack of the presence of the male sex. That is a belief of the macho culture that leads you to act in the wrong way. You must understand that lesbianism is something more linked to emotions, to feelings and to empty affective spaces, which women cannot find in a partner of the opposite sex. It is another type of evaluation of the being that goes beyond the conventions of common sexual behavior.

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