Dream about having a child, a dream for women and men

Although some people believe that dreaming of having a child is limited only to the female sex, they are wrong, since it is very recurrent that this occurs in people of both genders and for many, having a child is perhaps one of their greatest goals. .

So let’s see below some meanings of dreaming of having a child in order to understand our dreams a little more.


Among some meanings of the theme we can list the following:

  • Novelty and / or beginning : It can mean a new project, a new relationship, a new emotion that we have not experienced in life or a project that is in development and has not been completed, this is one of the most common meanings when dreaming with having a child.
  • Protection : Children, especially babies, are very fragile, in this case it may mean that we must protect something important to us, such as a person, an object or some relationship that we have at the moment.
  • The union: babies usually unite people, in this case parentsdreaming of having a child can be a sign that more union is needed within the family.
  • An image of yourself: Babies are strongly related to innocence, purity, dreaming of having a child can be related to your inner being, your essence or some experience lived at that age.
  • Desire for maternity or paternity: This is one of the most common meanings since it demonstrates in the subconscious, the desire of people to be a father or mother.
  • Relaxation or happiness: Childhood is a time when we lack responsibilities, worries, that is why dreaming of having a child can appear symbolized in said dream.
Meaning of dreaming with questions

Although these are usually the most common interpretations, we must not forget the variants of these dreams, such as dreams with dead babies , or pregnancy dreams , since they can occur in different contexts for each person and with this the interpretation can vary.

Let’s see below meanings with some variables that can help us understand more about our dreams.

  • The meaning of dreaming of a baby , when he is laughing: It is very likely that you are in a happy stage in your life, where you are in a financially consolidated position, the family is at its best, since the laughing baby represents joy and happiness .
  • In the dream the baby is crying: The crying of a child is usually the only way he has to communicate with us, although sometimes we do not know what is happening to the child and this puts us in a state of helplessness, this can mean that we feel powerless in the face of a circumstance we are going through.
  • In the dream we have the baby in our arms: This can be interpreted as the desire for protection, it can be a loved one, an idea that we want to start, or a valuable object for our family circle.

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