The sky in the world of dreams represents destiny, hope, desires, both spiritual, emotional and material.

Therefore, the aspect that the sky presents or how we see it in the dream will reflect the process of that destiny, of that hope or how those desires are going to be fulfilled.

If you dream of a daytime sky, it means that you must get going, activate yourself, make decisions and make the necessary movements to achieve what you want.

If, on the other hand, you dream of a night sky, it means that it is time to project your next steps, plan your strategy or reflect on what you must carry out.

Dream of a cloudless blue sky

Dreaming of a blue sky without clouds or with very few clouds represents the well-being, joy or happiness that you will experience through your actions, decisions or achievements. This dream portends a stage of advancement without problems, without delays and without complications.

The clouds that appear in the dream will reflect possible alterations in your path but will not prevent you from reaching where you have proposed.

Dream about blue sky with clouds

If you dream of the blue sky in which there are many clouds, it means that despite being able to achieve your desires, your destiny, you will have to overcome some obstacles to face different inconveniences or even adapt to the circumstances that are going to arise.

However, this is still a good omen.

Dream of a completely cloudy sky

When you dream of a completely cloudy sky covered with clouds, it means that your progress will be limited by the circumstances that surround you, which may delay or complicate your path, but it does not prevent you from finally reaching your destination and getting what you want.

When you see the sky completely cloudy, it is also the faithful reflection of those obstacles from your past that are still very present in your life since you have not known how to solve or overcome them.

dream of stormy sky

Dreaming of a dark, stormy sky represents the setbacks that prevent you from achieving your goals, the conflicts with other people who disturb you or separate you from your path and even the manipulations or emotional blackmail to which you are being subjected or subjected.

This dream can also be a reflection of your own internal conflicts, your fears and insecurities, everything that prevents you from being happy or feeling good.

Dream of the starry sky

Dreaming of a starry sky represents the current moment in which you are planning your future, preparing your projects or the strategy that you are going to follow to achieve what you are looking for.

It is a very positive dream since it predicts that your wishes, your hopes, your desires will materialize in the near future.

dream of black sky

If you dream of a completely black or very dark sky, it means that you are in a moment of personal or emotional blockage that prevents you from moving forward, making good decisions or feeling strong enough to continue on your way or defeat your opponents.

When you have this dream, it is advisable to analyze your current situation and not make hasty decisions because due to the blockage you feel you could make serious mistakes.

dream of red sky

If you dream of a red sky, of a reddish tone, it means that you are restless or concerned about the changes that have occurred, are occurring or are going to occur in your life or in a part of it.

This dream may also be reflecting your nervousness about the situation you are currently going through and the inability you feel to face it, resolve it or overcome it.

Dream of figures in the sky

If you dream that you see figures in the sky through the clouds or reflected in the sky itself, they speak of you, your abilities, your qualities. Therefore, you will have to analyze the figure or figures that you see in the dream reflected in the sky in order to analyze what qualities or capacities you must develop, enhance or take advantage of at that moment you are going through or in order to achieve and materialize your dreams. your goals.

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