What does it mean to dream about homosexuality

Many times dreams announce situations that affect or project the subconscious of the dreamer. Dreaming that you are homosexual and in real life it is not like that, symbolizes the union of the feminine and the masculine in the internal world. Let’s see in this post the meaning of dreaming about homosexuals.

It is possible that in the conscious state it does not have any repercussions and this situation does not affect you because you are fully  certain of your identity and personality. 

Due to social conventions, homosexuality in not so distant times was little accepted by many people, for this reason homosexuals were frowned upon or rejected . When there is an imbalance between the perception of the masculine and the feminine in the internal world , some concern regarding it may manifest in a dream.

Acceptance of diversity and tolerance among members of society 

Currently the conditions of interrelation between people have changed, the acceptance of diversity and tolerance among members of society is broader. Although there are still vestiges of some rejection, being able to find some individuals who object to those who recognize themselves as homosexual and leave indelible marks on their memory . 

If some discomfort invades you when you have a sexual relationship with someone of the opposite sex and you do not know how to channel that feeling, it is possible to dream of homosexuality. These dreams can be a sign of emotional emptiness , of little connection with the people who accompany you and that do not allow you to identify with them.

Many times for no apparent reason referential images arrive that sneak from the subconscious into the dream world seeking to express the need for understanding, acceptance and harmony. Without necessarily being directly related to the sexual fact, it is rather linked to self-esteem and personal acceptance .

you and homosexuality

To dream that you are a fully declared homosexual 

If you dream repeatedly, that you see or are a fully open homosexual, it is a way of your subconscious asking for help to find your personal balance . Something in your life or your environment affects you markedly, hindering you from feeling in harmony, wanting to flee from your current condition or interrelation with others.

Dreaming of having homosexual acts but enjoying them

When you dream you see yourself performing homosexual acts outside your usual environment, in the end you feel disgusted or very disgusted, it is a warning sign. It clearly symbolizes that your sexual life is difficult , boring and even in dreams it is requesting a change to find harmony and balance in your intimate life.

Dreaming that someone you know tells you that you are homosexual for no apparent reason

When in a dream an acquaintance calls you homosexual in a derogatory way, it is possible that you have been behaving in an obviously inappropriate way , censuring yourself for it. It does not necessarily have to be related to sex, but to reactions of a moral type or badly seen in the environment in which you operate.

Dream that you like being homosexual

Many times it also represents narcissism, admiration somewhat elevated to acceptance of oneself and what you want to represent for others. Therefore, to appreciate oneself as homosexual is a sign of loving oneself exaggeratedly and making it evident to others to such an extent that it could be exaggerated.

Dreaming of accepting or rejecting homosexuality and you are homosexual

If you are homosexual and you dream of your condition in a gray way, it means that you are questioning yourself, you feel left behind and separated from everyone. But if in the dream you appreciate yourself rozagant, you feel accepted and share pleasant encounters with others and identify yourself with your environment .

If in the dream you do not feel comfortable with the fact of being homosexual, it may mean that you are afraid of your sexual condition. Probably in your daily life you do not enjoy your masculinity or femininity as the case may be, facing fears and anxieties that manifest in dreams. 

Sex and homosexuality in dreams

Dream you have sex with a homosexual

If you are a woman and you dream that you have intimate relations with a homosexual, it clearly means that you are in love with someone with an inappropriate attitude for you. You must be careful not to associate with someone who does not respect or support you. It is a dream that indicates that you should be alert to her reactions and behavior towards you, do not accept abuse .

Dreaming that someone of the same sex kisses you and leaves marks

When in dreams you visualize that you are having a relationship with someone of the same sex and in that encounter they kiss you leaving significant marks, it is a warning sign . It tells you that it is better that you do not do any act that you may later regret because your mistake becomes evident to others.

Friends and homosexuality

Dream that you have a homosexual enemy

When in everyday life you have someone close to you who is not very affable and, on the contrary, makes your existence bitter. It is very common to dream that this individual as if he were a homosexual and brings antisocial intentions . You can appreciate it as an individual not allowed and possibly censored by others. He makes you feel vulnerable in the dream, transferring all your aversion to your daily life.

Dream that you have gay friends

When in your dreams you see yourself sharing with friends and they are homosexual, it means that you must attend to a personal issue . You symbolize that you should reflect on some attitudes that you have adopted and without realizing it, perhaps you have hurt the people around you. 

Dream that an acquaintance pretends to be homosexual

If someone you know appears in your dreams with a different behavior than usual and is shown as homosexual, it is a clear sign asking for help. If you see the face of the individual in the dream, it is you who will be able to assist directly, otherwise it requires professional help .

Dream that someone you know is homosexual

 When in dreams the figure of a homosexual linked to what you usually associate with in your environment is present, it is a sign that you have had a dishonest action . Possibly you have not been entirely sincere in handling a situation and those around you disapprove of your attitude .   

love and homosexuality

Dream that your partner is homosexual

When in dreams you appreciate your partner as homosexual, it means that he recently did something that affected you, probably his behavior was immoral and you do not tolerate it. But if you dream that your partner is having homosexual relations with one of his friends, maybe he was an accomplice in something illegal and he feels sorry. 

Dream that the person you like is homosexual

When in dreams you perceive that the one who attracts you is homosexual, it is an evident sign that your subconscious knows that you have no possibility of having a serious relationship. Probably whoever catches your attention has strong personality problems and you have realized it from your inner world.

Dream that you love a homosexual

If in dreams you perceive that you love a homosexual, it is an omen that a happy life awaits you and with a prediction of prosperity and sincere love. If you already have someone to share happily with, perhaps it is indicating that it is time to definitely intensify this union.

Dream that you are going to kiss someone of the same sex

If in dreams you visualize that you are about to kiss someone of your same sex, with a homosexual attitude , but in the end it does not happen, it is a warning sign. It means that there is a marked personality problem that has not been addressed, you have overlooked situations that affect you , marking your self-esteem.

It is a dream that indicates you should have more confidence in yourself , trust your talents, potentialities and desires to emerge in spite of others. You must be clear in what you want to express and you must gently express your opinions and feelings.  

Other dreams and homosexuality 

Dreaming of a homosexual of bad presence

When we dream we appreciate the image of a homosexual with a bad appearance or deformity, they often represent the presence of a gossip or an informer. It can also refer to someone with an unpleasant personality or behavior that annoys everyone around them, without having the slightest decorum.

To dream that some homosexuals kidnap someone they know

If in your dreams you perceive that an acquaintance is being held by homosexuals and does not want to be rescued, it is a clear warning sign. It can mean that this person is letting himself be carried away by his dark side and has sent you messages of help to overcome the temptation. He may need your advice or guidance to find his way or define his personality.

Dreaming that your partner tells you that he is homosexual without being so

If in dreams your partner expresses being homosexual without being, it is a clear sign of rejection , it is possible that he is considering ending the relationship with you. It is a situation that is hidden in your subconscious, but you are aware that it was coming, so it does not take you by surprise. 

Dream about the gay flag

This dream is a symbol of liberation. Desire to be as you want without any hesitation to criticism. Maybe you are not homosexual, but you have some restrictions that do not allow you to express what you feel. It can be in your family or at your work, so take action so that your life is pleasant and you are as happy as you deserve. Within you there is a cry of “enough is enough” that you must express. 

Dream of a transvestite man

If this image comes to your dreams, it is because you have seen someone similar and it has remained fixed in your memory. It will depend on your attitude towards these people. If you are respectful or on the contrary you feel rejection or even attack them. 

If your attitude is the first option, it means that you are a fair and measured being and adapted to the changes and twists that society gives. If your attitude is the second, you should review a little how you are regarding the difference , not only in the face of homosexuality but in other situations that are different from you. 

Dream about homosexual priest

This dream symbolizes that you are a rebel who breaks rules. It is possible that internally you do not want to be or be, where or as society demands of you and you want to reveal your true Self , this dream puts you in the face of a self-analysis about your inclinations and opinions on certain topics. Verbalize what you feel. 

There may be in this dream a dose of moralism on your part, perhaps you doubt the credibility of the church and you look at it with prejudice. 

Dreaming of homosexual elders

This dream is a revelation about your need to stabilize your relationship until the “end of time” or “until death do you part”. You like eternal relationships despite recognizing that the other is different from you and you even quarrel about it. You know how to accept your partner and therefore you want to preserve your relationship at all costs. 

Dream about gay wedding

You openly accept these relationships between women or men. You develop in an environment where you coincide with them and they seem formidable to you. You are the type of people who express what they feel and have no taboos, so you will be happy in everything you set out to do. Frank and respectful people always have the paid path of good fortune.

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