Dreaming of hydrangeas is a reflection of the desire or need you have to find a partner, to feel someone by your side, to receive affection, affection or love from someone.

Although it generally focuses on the sentimental field, it is not always like that, in many cases when you dream of hydrangeas you are exposing your emotional deficiencies at the family level by your mother, father, siblings or other people around you. usually

Dreams with hydrangea usually manifest when we have experienced an emotional break with someone from our close environment, when there is a distance with someone in your family or social environment or when you experience loneliness.

It is not a negative dream, it is simply the way in which it reveals some emotional, loving or sentimental emptiness that you feel.

Dream that they give you hydrangeas

When you dream that someone gives you a hydrangea, it means that you feel the absence of that person or of someone specific who for one reason or another is missing from your life, has distanced himself or has changed your relationship.

If you dream that an unknown person gives you hydrangeas , it means that you are afraid of losing someone important in your life, you are afraid of losing their love, their affection, their company.

Dream that you give hydrangeas

When you dream that you give hydrangeas to a known person , it means that you feel an affective lack of that person towards you, possibly he does not show you his feelings, he is not expressive, expressive with what he feels for you or has a cold behavior with you.

If you dream that you give hydrangeas to an unknown person, it means that you generally feel that you do not receive the affection you need from others, from some people around you or from someone specific.

Dream About Fresh Hydrangeas

If you dream of fresh and good-looking hydrangeas, it means that your sentimental or family situation has suddenly changed, that something has happened that has caused a breakup, a change in the relationship with someone or a sudden estrangement.

This dream could be the omen of what is going to happen in your life.

Dream About Withered Hydrangeas

Dreaming of withered or dry hydrangeas means that you regret or suffer from someone’s lack of feelings, love or affection towards you, but deep down that person is not worth it, either because of their attitude, behavior or their intentions with you.

Dream of many hydrangeas

If you dream that you see many hydrangeas around you, in the field, in a garden or along the path you walk, it means that you feel alone or alone that at certain times or in general you feel that you have no one to lean on, to trust or who loves you what causes you sadness and insecurity.Dream of a bouquet of hydrangeas

If you dream of a bouquet of hydrangeas, it means that you have lived a very passionate and intense love story, a love story that has marked you deeply and after the breakup you feel a huge void that you try to fill with other relationships, but you do not succeed.

This dream can also manifest itself when you have lived a very close relationship with someone specific and suddenly it ends, disappears or dies and you are left with a great emptiness due to that loss.

Dream of hydrangeas in bed

If you dream of a hydrangea on your bed, it means that you feel emotional , loving or sentimental deficiencies with respect to your current partner, your lover, your special person or even your ex-partner, either because there was a change in your relationship, a distance or by the fact that the relationship has entered a routine.

Dream About Artificial Hydrangeas

If you dream of artificial hydrangeas, it means that the loneliness you feel, the lack of feelings of love or affection that you feel towards someone is in your mind, but it is not real or at least does not conform to reality, you may be exaggerating the situation , that you are not being fair or just with that person or that you have not been objective or objective about how things happened.

Dream About Hydrangea Petals

If you dream of hydrangea petals around you, it means that you are living a relationship, whether it is sentimental, family or friendly, based on lies, on falsehood, that the feelings that person expresses for you are not entirely sincere.

Dream about colorful hydrangeas

The color of the hydrangea will also partially nuance the meaning.

Dreaming of pink hydrangea is related to the feelings of love, of a couple, of marriage, of lovers.

Dreaming of lilac hydrangeas is related to the feelings of friends, people, the environment that are not family.

Dreaming of white hydrangeas symbolizes the feelings of the family, mother, father, siblings…

Dreaming of blue hydrangeas symbolizes lack of confidence, lack of harmony and happiness.

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