What does it mean to dream about hug? 21 dream interpretations

Dreaming of a hug is a very common occurrence. This is because hugs are such an integral part of our lives and one of the most important ways we show our affection and love towards people. We hug other people on a daily basis, usually our associates, partners, parents, siblings, children, friends and acquaintances.

Hugs are often signs that people are close and familiar with each other. We usually hug people who are dear to us and feel close to them. Hugs also represent familiarity, friendship and sympathy towards someone. They are a sign of support, comfort and emotional warmth

In some cultures, hugging with strangers is normal and is not considered an act of invading someone’s privacy, while in other cultures hugging usually occurs between people who know and trust each other.

But in reality, what does it mean to dream of a hug ? the dreams where we hug generally that you associate that person with happiness. Maybe you feel sympathy for someone or something, or feel close to it. This dream could also symbolize that you are having new ideas that you have your confidence in.

What does it mean to dream of a hug? 21 dream interpretations

dream of hug

In some cases, these dreams indicate your appreciation for something or someone. They often reveal your need for affection, support, contact, and warmth from other people, especially those close to you. Sometimes these dreams can reveal your feelings of relief in some situation.

Sometimes dreams about hugging can indicate that someone has recognized your feelings and ideas and is beginning to accept and embrace them. Often, dreams about hugs can represent a call from your subconscious to be more open to people and not be afraid to express your affection and emotions freely.

These dreams often indicate your need to release the negative energy that you harbor within yourself and accept the positive energy and love that surrounds you. However, the meaning of dreams with a hug depends a lot on the environment, there are many scenarios that could occur in them.

For this reason we have prepared for you the following list with the interpretations of the most common dreams related to hugs, so that you can find the exact meaning of it:

1-Dream with a hug of love

Dreaming of kissing and hugging someone you love , usually reflects the love and affection between you and that person, but in some cases, this dream could be a sign of problems that will arise soon in the romantic relationship, it could even be taking a breaking off.

If you are currently experiencing disputes and disagreements with your partner, it is advisable to try to resolve your differences and prevent the relationship from falling apart.

2-Dream with a strong hug

Dreaming of a strong hug could be a revelation related to the state of mind in which you are currently. You may be feeling nostalgic and bringing certain memories to mind. It is possible that you remember someone from the past and you want to relive the relationship you had with them.

3-Dream with a mutual embrace

Dreaming of a mutual embrace can sometimes have a bad connotation. That is, it could indicate that you will soon get involved in some arguments or conflicts. Sometimes, it could be an indication that you are being cheated or betrayed by someone close to whom you have given a lot of trust.

4-Dream with a hug and cry

Dreaming of a hug and crying is a very bad omen; indicates that you will soon be receiving bad news that has to do with the death of someone you appreciate very much. You must have the strength to overcome this and understand that life is a cycle in which at some point we are all going to reach that point.

5-Dream with a hug from a deceased

Dreaming of a deceased person’s embrace means that this person died leaving pending issues that you should help resolve, perhaps you had some debt with that person and you thought that when you died you were already free of it, but it is not like that; this deceased could not carry out plans because of your irresponsibility and you must remedy it.

6-Dream of a child’s hug

Dreaming of a child‘s hug generally speaks of the desire you have to return to your childhood. You feel nostalgic for the situations you have been through, and you remember that when you were a child you only cared about doing your homework and eating all the food that mom prepared.

We all at some point want to return to that beautiful past, and we can do so because each of us has that inner child; This will not free us from our responsibilities or from the circumstances, but it will help us to think differently.

7-Dreaming of a dead mother’s hug

Dreaming of a dead mother’s hug indicates that you feel a little unbalanced, perhaps you really are and you need that guide and that unconditional love that only she can give you. But through this dream she tells you that everything will be alright and that she will always be with you always through all the things that she has taught you.

Just follow the path that she has instilled in you and you will see that everything turns in your favor. This dream is also a way of telling you that you have gone down the path that you should not take into account the teachings that have been given to you since you were a child.

8-Dream of a woman’s hug

If you dream of hugging a woman you have never seen, your dream is usually a bad sign. It is a warning that your partner is cheating on you with another person, you are being betrayed right under your nose and you have not been able to realize it.

9-Dreaming of a hug from behind

Dreaming that they hug you from behind means that you have a secret admirer there, someone who would like to show you all that love he feels for you but does not do it for fear of how you might react. However, this person thinks a lot about you and what he feels for you is sincere. If you are single, open your eyes wide because you may be missing out on a very good opportunity.

10-Dream with an enemy hug

Dreaming of hugging an enemy could indicate that things with that person will change due to circumstances that you will be going through in the last days, especially if he was the one who gave you the hug. Perhaps he is currently your enemy but he will be moved by you and he will be the person who will be giving you the most support from him in those difficult times that you will go through.

11-Dreaming of a dead grandmother’s hug

Grandmothers are generally a symbol of love, they are the ones who support our mischief in childhood and the ones who fulfill all our whims. Dreaming of a dead grandmother’s hug shows that need you have to be pampered and pampered; perhaps you have felt too beaten by life, but through this dream the universe is giving you all that comfort you need.

12-Dreaming of a deceased father’s hug

Dreaming of a deceased father’s hug indicates that you need some character and discipline in real life. Perhaps you lack a little strength and decision and you need someone to help you with love and temperance to acquire all those qualities that are so necessary to be successful in life.

13-Dream with a farewell hug

Dreaming of a farewell hug announces that someone who is part of your environment is going to die, a person you appreciate very much; it could be dealing with a family member or a very close friend. This dream can also come as a warning telling you that you will be in mortal danger. You must take good care of yourself and not get into trouble or dirty business.

14-Dreaming of a New Year’s hug

Dreaming of a New Year‘s hug indicates that your life is going to change in all aspects. It will be like a rebirth for you. You will enter a stage where you will have to reset your plans and start everything from scratch, but this will help you for good, since you will be able to combine your experience with the honesty and transparency that you will begin to have from now on to have resounding successes.

15-Dreaming of a brother’s hug

Dreaming of a brother’s hug could generally be indicating that he is going through some unfavorable situation and needs your help to overcome it. My recommendation is that you try to get closer to that person and try to help him because you may be the only person who has the ability to do so.

16-Dreaming of a dead man’s hug

Dreaming of a dead man hugging  you means that the deceased is thanking you in advance for something you will have to do for a person who was very dear to him. A debt that you did not settle with him will give you the responsibility and commitment to help that being that he could not leave under protection before he died.

17-Dream of a man’s hug

Dreaming of a man’s hug means that the circumstances of life will help you to be strong. You will face situations that will force you to learn to unleash that inner power and willpower that you have not yet discovered that you have.

18-Dream with a hug to a stranger

Dreaming of hugging a stranger is not a good sign; could indicate that someone has been making things up about you. This dream asks you to pay attention to the people you trust or spend your time with. In some cases, this dream could indicate an unexpected meeting with someone, which will take place in a place that you frequent constantly.

19-Dreaming of hugging your ex

Dreaming of hugging your ex means that you may soon be having an encounter with him or her. This dream indicates that there are still feelings towards this person and that if you are currently in a serious relationship you should be careful not to commit an act that you may later regret.

20-Dreaming of rejecting a hug

If you dreamed of someone hugging you and you refused the hug , it is usually not a good sign. It could indicate that someone has been suffocating you with her presence. It is possible that you feel resentment towards someone in your life, who is not aware that they have these effects on you.

21-Dreaming of hugging a colleague

If you dreamed of hugging a colleague , it is usually a good sign. Sometimes it reveals a strong bond that exists between you and that colleague, which could possibly develop into more than just work collaboration. This dream is a sign of continued progress and career success.


Dreams with hugs have very different interpretations depending on the environment in which they occur, sometimes they can be telling us about our feelings towards others and others and the circumstances of our daily lives and others can represent a warning of something good. or something bad.

But in any of the cases we are in the presence of a message of support from our subconscious, which reaches us with the purpose of accentuating the possibilities of coming out well when facing the situations that arise.

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