Dreams with hugs are generally related to the deepest emotions and feelings , in this way, when you dream that you hug or are hugged or hugged, it is a way of manifesting certain emotions that are probably repressed inside you or for some reason do not flow as you want or need.

Also, these dreams usually occur when you need or want to do or say something that you don’t dare for different reasons. On other occasions, these dreams may be related to some complicated situation you are going through.

The details, elements and sensations that you experience during the dream will be very important in its interpretation.

Dream of hugging your mother or father

When you dream that you hug your mother or father and they are alive today , it means that you need to tell them something important, that you have some repressed feeling that for various reasons you have not expressed to them.

Generally, these dreams are repeated when there are pending issues, issues to be clarified, feelings of guilt or estrangement.

If you dream that you hug your father or mother and they are currently deceased , it means that you long for some memory, feeling or moment with them. In short, you miss them and through sleep you contact them and relive those moments.

Many times these dreams occur after death because you did not tell them something important, let’s say it would be like a certain feeling of guilt for not having told them something necessary or important in life.

Dream that you hug your grandfather or grandmother

If you dream that you hug your grandmother or grandfather and they are alive today, this dream is very positive, it announces very favorable changes in your sentimental, family or personal life.

Dreaming of hugging your grandmother or grandfather is a good omen in general, if you are going through a problem in your current life, this dream announces the end of those problems or their resolution, reflects improvements in your love life, family or personal. That is, the obstacles or barriers that separate you from your dreams are about to be knocked down.

If you dream of hugging your grandmother or grandfather and they are currently deceased, it is an omen of luck and protection against any situation that may arise.

Dream of hugging your partner

This dream is often the omen of a conflict, problem or misunderstanding that has occurred between you and your partner or will occur in a short time. It may also be reflecting the presence of someone who directly or indirectly interferes with your relationship.

If you dream that you hug your partner very tightly, it means that you need to protect the relationship with your partner from any danger or interference.

If the hug is weak or without strength, it means that the relationship is stagnant or you are going through a crisis. It is an indication of the need to talk about certain issues, clarify them or make decisions to improve the current situation.

Dream of hugging your ex partner

When you have this dream you are showing that in one way or another you miss that person, but you have to qualify depending on your real feelings today.

If you still have feelings for your former partner, the dream indicates that you miss some aspect, memory or feeling that you have not had again, including the desire to recover the relationship or part of it.

However, it is necessary for you to continue with your life and not get stuck or stuck in this thought.

If you have no feelings for your ex-partner and you have this dream , it means that during your relationship with that person you lacked something important. On other occasions, it is simply the memory of the beautiful moments lived with that person that have remained in you despite the circumstances or how the relationship ended.

If your ex-partner is currently deceased , the dream reflects that your sentimental or personal life is paralyzed in some way, there is something that does not work well or that does not make you happy. It is time to start reflecting and making decisions to change it.

If the hug with your ex-partner is very strong , the dream predicts changes or news regarding a situation that is worrying you or that you are waiting for.

If the hug is weak or without strength, it means that there will be delays in your most imminent plans and you will have to wait to see them materialize.

Dreaming you hug a friend

This dream may be indicating your doubts or insecurities in some area of ​​your life, it may be sentimental, personal, work… You have to stop and reflect to analyze where those doubts or insecurities come from and act accordingly.

If that friend you are hugging is currently deceased , the dream predicts possible confrontations or conflicts with someone close to you, from your environment.

If the hug is very strong , it means that you are repressing feelings or emotions towards someone in your environment for some reason.

If the hug is weak or weak, the dream indicates that you are about to give up on some aspect or situation in your life that is very difficult for you.

Dream of hugging a stranger

This dream usually occurs very frequently when we distrust someone around us or we have been victims of a deception or betrayal. Its meaning is more like a warning to be alert and not to trust certain people too much.

On many occasions, we have this dream just before being betrayed or deceived.

If the hug is very strong with the stranger , it is a good omen, since it indicates that you are going to come out of a problem or conflict with someone or that you are going to come out the winner of a dispute.

On the contrary, if the hug is weak or weak, you should be especially careful with someone who tries to take advantage of you.

dream of hugging very hard

Hugging someone very tightly is a sign that you are going through a difficult time emotionally or personally. It is also the need you have for changes, to make decisions or to free yourself from a burden or situation that is difficult for you.

When we hug very tightly in the dream we are drawing out through the dream the strong need we have for a change, to solve a problem or to release emotions, which for some reason in real life we ​​are not capable of carrying out.

Dream that you hug someone but they reject you

This dream indicates that you have low self-esteem, that you feel inferior to other people or that you are not happy with some aspect or trait of yourself. It may also be that you feel bad personally or emotionally at the present time.

On many occasions this dream usually occurs when we have a sentimental or emotional breakup, in this case it reflects the fact of not having known how to deal with that breakup or estrangement. However, you need to make an effort to close the cycle in order to move forward.

Dream of hugging a tree or a plant

This dream is a wonderful omen of good luck, prosperity, good news or success in the projects and goals at hand.

Having this dream is the harbinger of the arrival of a time of balance and well-being for you.

Dream of hugging an animal

This dream is usually a warning, you must be careful what you say in front of certain people or how you say it, since misunderstandings or conflicts could be generated.

Dream that you see other people hugging each other

When we have these dreams, it is an indication that there are aspects in our life that are not what we want, that do not make us happy or do not complete us.

You may have needs that are not covered, that you need a change for which you may not yet be prepared or prepared.

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