What does it mean to dream about imprisoning

What does it mean to dream of imprisoning

Within the world of dreams, there are many meanings with which you can work, so that each dream you have can have a different type of meaning depending on what happens.

Emotions also play a very important role in dreams, so if you feel pressure, tension or problems when you sleep, you may have a bad prediction. Dreams that involve prisons can be a wake-up call for you to pay special attention to your personal life because you could have problems soon. In this post you will know the meanings that dreaming of imprisoning can bring to your life.

prisons in dreams

Within dreams, prisons are a way of looking at life, and if you find that you are trapped inside one, this may portend that the different areas of your life are considered a prison .

You can also have other types of dreams, because when you dream of imprisoning someone you will not have the same omen as if you dream that you are imprisoned . Also depending on what you feel in prison you can have a different type of meaning, and it is not the same to dream of imprisoning someone while you feel calmer when you feel that a burden is lifted from you, than to imprison someone and feel sad for that person.

Dream of imprisoning

This dream is characterized for objects. This means that if you dream that you put an object in a safe place inside a safe, a cage or a closed room, here is the meaning you are looking for.

Dreaming that important objects are imprisoned or stored is proof that there is something in your life that you do not want anyone to know , or that anyone finds. If we speak from the material point of view, there may be an object that is a secret or that is a surprise and they cannot see it ahead of time, and it gives the sleeper a certain nerve that it is found, so he dreams about it.

If we talk about the most subjective and spiritual level, this can be a truth, a secret or information that you do not want others to know , but at the same time you fear that they will find out.

Dream that a friend is imprisoned

This dream speaks of the friendships that you have with the people around you, and is intimately linked to the emotions that you have within it.

If you dream that you are imprisoning a friend, and within your dream you feel calm, peace and stillness for having done so, then we are talking about that friend you are separating from you is a bad influence or a bad friendship , and that the best option is to keep it away.

If, on the other hand, when you are imprisoning that friend, you feel great pain and you regret doing it, this speaks of the fact that that friend is a good person whom you appreciate very much, but for reasons beyond the control of both, the friendship is being lost and they are falling apart. distancing. The best thing will be to put things in perspective and talk to each other .

Dream imprisoning the family

This dream speaks of separation from the people you keep by your side. It implies that the sleeper has within himself the desire to separate or detach himself from his relatives, because they have oppressive tendencies towards him .

This is a dream that usually manifests itself during adolescence and can be the product of a somewhat suffocating family behavior . People in the family environment who put a burden on the sleeper should be talked to in order to avoid future problems.

dream imprisoned

This dream speaks of the capabilities in the different areas of the sleeper’s life, and generally implies that the dreamer feels overwhelmed by the life he leads, and in one, or several, specific areas.

If you dream of being trapped or imprisoned in your own home, this means that the dreamer feels his family and home as a prison and feels suffocated being with them. This dream can be accompanied by depression and emotional problems .

If you dream of being trapped in the office, it means that the job does not satisfy the sleeper and he feels overwhelmed within it, with colleagues whom he does not appreciate or a boss who does nothing but yell.

If you dream of being imprisoned by your partner, the sleeper finds no way out of a relationship that long ago passed its best days. Beyond that, the dreamer wants to end the relationship but he feels that he cannot , and this makes him feel imprisoned.

Dream of imprisoning animals

In this we talk about saved memories. When you dream that animals are locked in a cage, it means that the dreamer feels that there are repressed memories within him that are trying to escape and that he knows that they will only cause him pain, that is why he seeks to keep them prisoners so as not to have to take them out. to the light.

Dream of imprisoning yourself

This type of dreams has to do with the perception that the sleeper has of himself. If you have this dream on a recurring basis, it will imply that the dreamer feels guilty for something he has done or for someone he has hurt, and this generates a guilty conscience that causes him to dream of himself being imprisoned.

If he dreams of himself imprisoned and throws away the key, this means that the sleeper considers himself a bad person and feels that others would be better off without him. This dream speaks of depression and the need to attend therapy promptly.

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