Infidelity is an analogy of betrayal, deception, disloyalty, which itself reflects lack of trust, insecurity, lack of strength, will or weakness. Therefore, dreaming of an infidelity of which you are a victim or an infidelity that you or yourself commit reflects precisely those aspects in your relationship with your partner, sentimental relationship or relationship with others.

Dreaming of infidelity is not always an omen that infidelity is going to occur, but it can be a warning of disloyalty, of the existence of lies or deceit or the memory of an infidelity committed whose effects have not yet been overcome, therefore, it provokes mistrust, insecurity and fear in you.

Dream about infidelity of your partner

Dreaming that your partner, without being married, is unfaithful to you is a reflection of your own insecurity, fear, doubts or distrust regarding your partner.

You may have certain suspicions in real life and those suspicions manifest in the dream confirming the infidelity that you are so afraid of. This dream also usually manifests itself when you have been the victim of some infidelity, which has sown doubt and mistrust in you or when there is a physical or emotional distance from your partner and your mind begins to believe that there may be someone else in your life. that he is being unfaithful to you. However, in this case it is not an omen that infidelity will be committed.

If you dream that you are unfaithful to your partner without being married, it means that there are traits or aspects of your partner that you do not like, that do not make you happy or that are causing you doubts about the future of your relationship.

Dream about the infidelity of your husband or wife

Dreaming that your husband or wife being married is unfaithful to you means that there are compelling reasons for you to believe that he has cheated on you or is hiding some information from you, your husband or wife may have been disloyal to you but not necessarily with another person. , in the sexual or loving plane but in another different matter but that for you is important.

If you dream that you are unfaithful to your wife or husband while married , it can mean several things, that you have had some temptation to be unfaithful, that you feel attracted to another or other people, that you do not feel full or complete in your relationship. or that you are falling out of love with your partner for different reasons.

Dream about the infidelity of your ex partner

If you dream that your ex-partner is unfaithful to you, it means that you still have some hope about his return to your side, that you still think about getting back with that person but you feel that there are too many obstacles and you are afraid that hope may fade. On the other hand, when you dream that your ex-partner is unfaithful to you, it can mean that that person continues to think about you, misses you, misses you and plans to approach you with the intention of recovering you.

If you dream that you are unfaithful to your ex-partner , it means that your history has no future, that it is better to close that cycle completely and continue with your life, because if you decide to go back with your ex-partner, the same patterns or mistakes will be repeated.

Dream about your lover’s infidelity

If you dream that your lover or clandestine love is unfaithful to you, it means that that person is not being sincere or sincere with you at all, that he hides things, that he is not transparent in regard to his intentions with you, in short, that you should open the eyes in front of that person.

If you dream that you are unfaithful to your lover or clandestine love, it means that your love story is surrounded by difficulties, obstacles or impediments, that you should reflect on your future, on the future that awaits you with that person.

Dream about your father’s infidelity

Dreaming of your parents‘ infidelity regarding your mother symbolizes your own fears, the deepest ones about the stability of your life or a part of it, you may be experiencing a convulsive, difficult or full of obstacles stage that is putting you in danger. your happiness, that are causing alterations in your life or in a part of it, which produces fear and insecurity that manifests itself through this dream.

Dream about your mother’s infidelity

Dreaming of your mother’s infidelity with respect to your father symbolizes your concern or fear of the possibility of a family breakup, of a separation from your partner, of the collapse of everything you have built, of your world.

Dream about the infidelity of your sister or brother

If you dream of the infidelity of your sister or brother, it means that there are unresolved family problems that continue to cause problems, conflict or estrangement, something that violates or bothers you, but you cannot do anything about it because the solution is not there. in your hand.

Dream about the infidelity of a friend or friend

If you dream of the infidelity of your friend or friend means that you feel a certain distrust regarding your friend or your friend, either because you doubt their loyalty, because you have experienced an episode that has unleashed doubts in you or because it does not generate enough trust in you.

On the other hand, this dream is often the omen of change or the transformation of your relationship for better or for worse.

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