What does it mean to dream about Instagram

What does it mean to dream of Instagram

This dream puts us in contact with the subject of communication in general terms. Some people are more communicative than others. Some are resistant to technology and do not conceive of change or adapt to it, and others, on the contrary, love it and are grateful that today we have this option to establish contact with everyone if we so wish.

The communication bridges that are established through the networks are endless , since this crosses all the contexts and geographies of the world. Nowadays the life of almost all human beings revolves around social networks, and more time is spent in them than in person-to-person interaction.

Nowadays dreaming about social networks has become common , because we are frequently connected to them. Sometimes our life revolves around networks and it is inevitable that they come to our dreams.

The world of dreams transcends time and space , just as social networks do, so dreaming about Instagram is interesting. In dreams we can reach places we do not know, just as networks allow us to travel and enter places we have never visited.

The meaning will depend on the social network with which you dream. Well, each social network has specific qualities in itself and its user knows them. So if you dream of one in particular, you must know how to identify it in the dream, in order to know what its real meaning is.

Who dreams of Instagram is an outgoing and very sociable person , who likes to make himself known and show a little of his life. The dream can tell if you are exposing yourself too much or if on the contrary, you need to be a little more visible. If you upload a photo of yourself to Instagram, it can mean how you see yourself or how you want others to see you.

If you dream of Instagram it is because somehow there is a dose of obsession in this, so it is recommended to dose the entries to these platforms, because vices and addictions are never positive.  

Dream that your privacy is violated

It is very common that we feel that another is spying on our privacy . This reality touches many people, sometimes due to insecurities of the other and other times because in reality something is hidden.

Dream that your partner opens your Instagram

You feel doubts about your partner , you think he rummages through your intimate things out of insecurity. You feel harassed by him in everyday life, surely he is jealous or it could be that you are really hiding something and do not want to be discovered.

Dream that someone else takes over your Instagram account

You are prevented from making decisions . Something limits you. This usually happens with young people who live with their parents and they control their lives. The feeling of limitation is natural in this case. Sometimes it is the couple, the one who becomes a persecutor and takes away your freedom. The dream tells you that you must also mark your space or territory and make respect for you a fact.

Dreaming of an affective relationship on Instagram

Affective relationships in real life have a certain strength and mark our lives in different ways, so it is important to know what it can mean to dream of someone who loves you, through Instagram

Dreaming of a suitor on Instagram

There must be a desire towards some person in your life. Perhaps you need to be desired by someone specifically. You want to attract their attention and this medium tells you that it can be the way to achieve it.

Dreaming that you interact with an ex-partner on Instagram

This may be something pending that you have not resolved . You must focus on pinpointing where the loose end is. You cannot evade responsibilities for things that are important to you and to others.

Dream that you relate to a person on Instagram

This shows that you will have new opportunities in the love field. You must prepare to meet someone who will captivate you. It is quite a pleasant and auspicious dream.

Dream that you have an admirer on Instagram

You have a high esteem , which favors you. The confidence you have in yourself makes you project yourself and receive many compliments from those around you. You feel valued by friends and family.

Dreaming that you find the prince or princess of your dreams on Instagram

You must have hidden desires that will surface at some point. It may be that you are anxiously looking for love and you have not found it and you suppose that it is through this social network that you are going to find it. It must also be that you have a compelling need to be desired by someone.

Dream About Personal Instagram

You must differentiate in your dreams if what is revealed to you is intimately related to your most intimate worlds. For example, when the dream is about something that has to do with an aspect of your personal Instagram, you have to analyze it carefully. Let’s see some cases:

Dream about your Instagram profile

You are ready to meet and interact with other people . Surely you are a person with high values ​​of honesty, kindness, and sympathy. Surely this dream tells you that you are able to find people who really bring positive things to your life.

Dream about your photos on Instagram

You have a tendency to exhibitionism and desire to be taken into account through the strategy of showing yourself on networks. You must take care of your privacy, because in this spirit of standing out, you can make mistakes by uploading inappropriate photos.  

Dream about the comments of your photos

You are very interested in what they will say , so sometimes you behave superficially and try to attract other people with tricks that sometimes seem very forced. It is very important that you analyze your ways of being, and review your esteem, because this is ultimately a sign of your insecurity.

Dream that someone uploads a photo of you on Instagram

This is a sign that you like to be taken into account and that other people are the ones who give you public recognition through a like or a comment on the social network. If they upload a photo of you, it will be a great satisfaction for your ego.

Dream that everything has been deleted from Instagram

There is a feeling of suffocation, insecurity, fear of some situation. This dream brings out your deepest fears . You are afraid of loss. Perhaps there is someone sick at home, a family member or friend and you are afraid of losing them.

It could be that you are not very well seen at work or in your neighborhood. This affects you a lot and you are afraid of failing . You like to be in competitive positions and you strive for it. For this reason you are distressed to lose popularity or be fired from your work. Fight so that nothing of this kind affects you. You are in time to stop these effects.

Dream about violent aspects on Instagram

If through this social network you see yourself violated in any way, you should quickly take an attitude that corresponds to these attacks. That is, you must enhance your vigilance over yourself. You could be in danger and the dream is alerting you

Dream that you are harassed on Instagram

The sense of threat you experience is surely real. You must be running some danger that even leads you to lose your freedom. Do not neglect yourself because this alert is important. It’s not just a feeling, it’s something that can actually happen

Dream that they make fun of you on instagram

Some person from your close environment is publicly disqualifying you and you have realized it, this affects you a lot and generates a lot of anger in you. You should approach this person and demand the respect you deserve.

Don’t admit mockery, don’t ignore it either. This matter must be stopped in time, because later it could bring you collateral consequences, such as losing credibility or seriousness among your friends because of this premeditated mockery.

If a child or adolescent dreams that their Instagram is stolen

It is likely that for some reason you cannot use it, surely you are becoming very attached to this social network and you yourself feel a little guilty, because you are leaving things undone because of this.

Dream someone you know posts something about diseases on Instagram

You are very worried about that person . It is important that you show it. Surely that person needs support or help with something and you are perceiving it. Take advantage of this occasion and let him know that you are by his side.

This dream reveals to you that you must leave your comfort zone and look for those who at some point you have used for your things. So it shows that he is very human and grateful.

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