Dreaming of jars can have many different meanings. In many aspects of our lives, although we are not immediately aware of it, we probably have some kind of jar in our daily lives. You can find them in kitchen drawers or maybe even use them for decorative purposes.

In most cases, the jars are made of glass, although sometimes they can be made of clay or porcelain. Being able to see through a jar can be a symbol of clarity and focus, as its transparent nature allows you to see through to what is inside. A primitive clay jar can be a symbol of the need to continue developing and nurturing your ideas.

The jars also serve as a container to store things. It can mean that there is something we can preserve in them, like food for future use like pickling things. It could also mean that there could be a void, like an empty jar that has nothing in it. And while it could be a simple inanimate object, it’s more likely to be something useful.

dream with jars

What it means to dream of jars

There are many common themes that we see present in dreams about pitchers. Understanding these topics can help you find the meaning of your dream.


At its most basic purpose, a jar is a container meant to hold something. We might think of the mason jar having a tight-fitting lid. When we dream of this type of container, it may be that we want to preserve something; it’s most likely something edible in the picture, but if we dig a little deeper it’s a metaphor for preservation. There are many recipes for preserving fruits and vegetables that will last for years and years.

They are hermetically sealed almost like a time capsule and can be opened and enjoyed later. In fact, in some cases, the longer it is stored, it could potentially age and improve its flavor. Have you considered something in your life that you would like to preserve eternally? Maybe it’s something you have an overabundance of and don’t want to waste? You could seal it up and put it on a shelf.

Sometimes people with gardens have too much crop yield and take what they can. In this case, that overabundance could be gifted to friends and family during the holidays. It’s a useful way to consider excess and find a home for it. Ancient civilizations around the world are noted for their pottery. Native American tribes and African tribes were masters at creating clay pots.

There is evidence of the types of grains they harvested within these vessels, storing them for long journeys and expanding their societies. In your dream, are you on a journey and have something of value that needs to be preserved over a long distance? Or things in your life that you do not want to be damaged?

pride and accomplishment

Jars are often used to display objects as part of the decor, and can be a powerful symbol of a feeling of pride and accomplishment in your dream. Is there something unique you want to put in a jar? Something you want to put on a shelf or on a blanket? Putting things on display in your dream can be symbolic of how you feel about current events in your life. Maybe you did something right at work and want to be recognized for your achievements.

Curiosity and attention

Like the proverbial Pandora’s box, jars serve as containers for something to discover. We as humans are curious by nature and it is not uncommon for jar dreams to surface when you are experiencing curiosity about something in everyday life. A great example of how jars can be symbols of curiosity are the curiosity shows frequently seen at carnivals and circuses.

These shows are typically adorned with certain oddities and unique things on display; usually medical oddities or oddities. They are displayed for the curious or wandering eye and to attract attention. Ask yourself: Is there something you want to learn more about? Is there something you pay attention to? Are there unusual events occurring in your life?

Focus and clarity

Putting something in a jar often represents finding focus and clarity. When we work on a project in our lives, we often need a container to work with. For example, if you are writing a book, your container would be your Word document. If you were painting, your container would be the canvas.

Often in our relationships and careers, it’s easy to feel scattered and unfocused. Dreaming of a jar can be a call to action for you to better focus your efforts on some concentrated area of ​​your life.

Common dreams about jars and their meanings

Dreaming of jars can mean filling an empty space. Fill a void with some purpose. Find a home for the content and preserve its usefulness. Catching lightning in a jar follows the idea that we have something rare and precious and that it might not be found again unless we capture it. Have you dreamed of a rarity or a curiosity preserved in a glass container? Perhaps a skull or bones, or some other object of medical interest? Maybe something macabre?

There is something we might want to see that might be out of the ordinary. We want to explore and take a look at the life of someone or something else, even in death. Did you dream about the jar or the container itself? Did you dream of something to put in the jar? Is there already something in the jar? Sometimes there might be something in the jar already?

Restaurants and bars have tip jars, which could be an important source of income or wealth.

  • Dreaming of an overflowing tip jar could mean abundance or a sense of pride and recognition.
  • Dreaming of an empty tip jar can be symbolic of feeling embarrassed or disappointed with your current financial picture or career.
  • Dreaming of spilling the contents of a jar can mean that you are feeling unfocused and scattered, or that you are currently experiencing feelings of disappointment with where you are in life.

Things to consider when interpreting your dream

When interpreting a dream about jars, there are many things to consider. Here are some things to think about:

Where is the jar?

Is the jar on top of a shelf out of reach? You may feel that a current goal in your life is out of your reach. Is the jar buried in the bottom of a kitchen cabinet? This could be symbolic of feelings of neglect or shame.

What’s inside the jar?

If the contents of the jar remain a mystery, you may be dealing with ongoing feelings of uncertainty about decisions and choices in your life.

The contents of a jar can often give you further clues as to what the dream is about.

How did you feel in the dream?

Paying attention to your feelings during sleep is also important. You were happy? Sad? Disappointed? Excited? Think about your current life and the emotions you feel in relation to the events that are happening.

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