What does it mean to dream about jewels

What does it mean to dream of jewels

When we talk about dreaming of jewelry, the interpretation varies depending on what you are pursuing. Since in itself it is a dream that shows positive qualities of you, however, at the same time it can show that you are obsessed with some things that will make you unhappy.

People who dream of jewelry are people who are capable of finding the path to success. They can overcome any obstacle because they know what they want to achieve in this life.

But everyone’s circumstances may be different. For example, if you currently have problems, the dream is taken as something positive, since your subconscious wants you to realize that you are actually a strong person and capable of overcoming any obstacle.

And now if you do not have a serious problem, but you are going after some goals, the dream wants to warn you that the obsession with pursuing material things or recognition from people to feel important is not good.

That is, it is not bad to go after your dreams, and in fact you should follow it, however, it is a warning in case it is becoming an obsession and that is blinding you to avoid seeing the simple things in life.

On the other hand, if you see that another person has jewelry on his hand or is simply wearing it, it means that you have some fear or respect towards that person. So if you hear that someone has dreamed that you were wearing jewelry, it means that they unconsciously see you in a superior way. This is because jewelry represents status and dominance.

So this is not a negative dream, in fact it shows the positive things. You just have to keep in mind not to lose the human side and deal with people as you have always done.

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  • Dream about costume jewelry
  • You dream of jewelry
  • Dreaming of jewelry means pregnancy
  • Dream of many jewels
  • Dreaming of shiny jewels
  • dream of old jewelry
  • Dream about rusty jewelry

Dream about costume jewelry

If in the dream we are cheated or see fake jewelry, this is negative and symbolizes that we need to reflect on our behavior. Be careful that important people can move away from you because of your vanity and wrong priorities that you have.

You are very materialistic and do not value the wonderful human beings around you. It is a good time to realize that you are failing because you dreamed it to make yourself accountable.

You dream of jewelry

When we see jewelry that is actually costume jewelry, it means that you are doubting the current situation. Perhaps you are not sure of the path you have chosen or the person you have decided to be. However, all these ideas arise because things don’t turn out the way you really want them to.

You just have to know that if you give your all and never give up, the results will be positive and they will be much closer than you think.

Dreaming of jewelry means pregnancy

It is common to say that if you dreamed of jewelry you are pregnant or that your partner is pregnant. However, this is not necessarily associated with the arrival of a baby.

The jewels show us that a big surprise is coming soon and you should be aware of that.

That surprise can be about a baby or something else. Either way it will be something positive that will fill you with happiness.

Dream of many jewels

The large amount of jewelry shows us that we are very conceited. The things we do or buy we do it thinking of impressing others.

This can be negative in the long term, since if your usual way of acting is done, you will end up living for your friends or acquaintances and not for yourself.

So before you act in front of others, think about whether you’re doing it for approval or just doing it because you want to. Through that question you will be able to improve the relationship with yourself.

Dreaming of shiny jewels

Be careful that if the jewels we see are very bright, it means that material things are that important to us.

Perhaps you are not realizing the damage or discomfort that you are causing in people because of your obsession. But you are still in time to realize and solve those points.

This dream is not for you to set aside your goals, it is only for you to realize the things that you previously valued the most.

dream of old jewelry

If the jewelry is worn or deteriorated it seems to be a bad dream, however, this shows that relationships with close people will improve.

The dream is giving you an opportunity to give yourself time and spend incredible moments with the people you love.

Dream about rusty jewelry

If in case they are rusty, it means that you have some concerns that do not leave you alone.

Being a sign for you to turn to the people you trust. It’s time to forget about pride, you know there are people who can help you. So don’t hesitate or be ashamed.

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