Dreaming of a kangaroo or a kangaroo appearing as a spirit guide or power animal can have several different meanings. In dreams, the meaning largely depends on the context of the dream and the kinds of things you may be going through in your everyday life.

As a spirit animal and a power animal, the kangaroo may appear to us to remind us to stay strong in our lives. Kangaroos are native to Australia, however this does not necessarily mean that you have to be from Australia for one to appear in your life as a spirit guide or in your dreams.

Today it’s possible to see a kangaroo in books, movies, TV shows, or even in person at the zoo, so many people are well aware of kangaroos, even if they’ve never been to Australia to see one in the wild. .

Dream with Kangaroos

Kangaroos as spirit animals

The kangaroo can appear before us as a spiritual guide with many important messages. The kangaroo is a reminder for us to be willing to jump into new opportunities and be ready to shift into new realities.

When a kangaroo appears in your life through signs and symbols, they are here to guide and support you through new opportunities and changes in your life. There are many qualities and characteristics of the kangaroo that can be applied as wisdom in our lives.

This is what the kangaroo can teach us

Jump: One of the most distinctive features of the kangaroo is the way it jumps when it moves. These jumps allow the kangaroo to cover a great distance in a short time. A kangaroo can suggest to you that you are on a path of rapid development and growth and that your goals will be met quickly and with ease. You are ready to start reaching new and great heights in your life.

Stay strong: Kangaroos are surprisingly strong animals. Its hind legs used for jumping are quite powerful. A kangaroo may appear like a power animal to some, especially as it can help one learn ways to build strength through difficult situations in one’s life. If you are going through challenges in life, the power of the kangaroo can help you learn to navigate through these challenges with strength.

Overcoming Challenges: It is common to see male kangaroos boxing each other, sometimes it is a form of play but other times it can be a way for the males to establish dominance. Although seeing a kangaroo rarely means that you will be in the boxing ring, it is often a sign of being strong and battling opposing forces in your life. It may be a sign that you need to stand up for yourself in what matters in life.

You may also see a kangaroo when you are struggling with illness, injury, or addiction. The kangaroo can remind us to harness our own will to fight and use strength to fight to overcome these challenges.

Focus on the family: One of the most interesting traits of a kangaroo is how mothers keep their young in a pouch. If you have ever seen the Winnie the Pooh cartoons, you may remember the characters Kanga and Roo. The kangaroo can remind us to tap into our nurturing and maternal instincts.

If you have children, the kangaroo can help you stay strong through the challenges of parenting and nurturing your own children.

If you are pregnant or trying to conceive, a kangaroo may sometimes appear as a power animal to help keep you strong through the process.

Participate in the community: These animals are very social and live in large groups together. Being able to stay in a community helps them survive. Kangaroos can live together in small groups of just a few kangaroos to very large groups of more than one kangaroo together. The term for this group is called a mob, and it is usually led by the most dominant male.

Sometimes a mob will split into smaller groups, such as when a group becomes too large for the habitat to support the group’s needs for food and water. These smaller groups will move to different areas. Sometimes the younger males and females will move on to start new mobs of their own. The kangaroo reminds us that we cannot survive on our own in this world, we have to learn to work together and get along with others.

What does it mean to dream of a kangaroo?

Kangaroos can often appear in our dreams. As they can be commonly seen around the world, it is not unusual for one to appear in a dream, especially if you are experiencing something in life that would benefit from the wisdom of a kangaroo.

Here are some common dream meanings if you dream of a kangaroo:

  • If you see a kangaroo mother carrying her baby: This could suggest that you are having very maternal emotions and are feeling protective of someone or something that is important to you.
  • Seeing a kangaroo jumping great distances : This means that you will be able to see quick and rapid progress and development towards the achievement of a goal.
  • Seeing a kangaroo hopping around: This can mean that you are continually starting new projects and not finishing them. Are you going too fast on something that requires your attention? To dream that a kangaroo hits you: This is an indicator that you feel that you are under scrutiny or attack from someone in your work or social group.
  • To dream that you see kangaroos boxing : Is there something or someone you fight against in life? This could be a literal translation, such as if you have been fighting or arguing with a partner or friend or it could mean that you are struggling with something else in life, such as struggling to overcome illness or addiction.

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