Dreaming of a key symbolizes the opening of doors that are closed, of blocked locks. In short, it is a dream that announces opening, unlocking. However, the keys also close, the keys also block, that is, the opposite action.

The full meaning of dreaming about keys will therefore depend on the actions that are carried out with them in the dream. When we dream of keys without opening or closing anything, it means that it is in your hands to be able to advance successfully or to block and trap yourself or yourself.

Dream of house keys

If you dream of the keys to your house or a house, it means that you need to reflect on your life as a family, as a couple or in the sentimental relationship that you maintain or even with a member of your family, since you may have to take some type of determination, express something or solve some important issue that depends directly on you and that is blocking progress as a family or the resolution of a conflict.

Dream of many keys

If you dream of many keys, with a bunch of keys it means that there are many possibilities to be able to move forward, to be able to decide, but only one will be the right one, the right one and for that you will have to take some time. This dream represents the patience that you must develop before finding what is written in your destiny.

Dream about car keys

Dreaming of car keys means that you must get going, that it is time to move forward, to move, to get out of your comfort zone or to get out of that trapped area in which you find yourself. This dream also reflects all the opportunities that you have out there waiting for you but whose scope will depend exclusively on you.

Dream of old keys

If you dream of old keys, it means that there is some matter from the past, a pending problem or situation whose resolution depends on you taking a step forward, reacting and taking the initiative. You may need to call someone to apologize, to clarify an issue, or simply start the process of repair and healing.

Dream of broken keys

If you dream of broken, split or bad keys, it means that at the moment you cannot unlock what is blocked, that at the moment you cannot escape, you cannot open that door that allows you to move forward, you must wait for a good time to do so. Or maybe you should look for other ways out, you should explore new possibilities in order to move forward.

Dream of lost keys

Dreaming of keys that you had lost or dreaming that you lose some keys and find them means that you are going to find the answers to your questions, that you are going to find the solution to a serious problem or an important problem that you will finally have in your hands. the possibility of changing the things that you don’t like or that keep you blocked or blocked. This is a very hopeful dream.

Dream about keys and padlocks

Dreaming of keys and locks symbolizes the unlocking of your life paths.

Whenever in the dream you open the lock with the key, this dream reflects your freedom, the freedom that you want so much.

If, on the other handyou dream that you close the padlock with the key , it means that you are blocking yourself, that you are afraid to go out or to make certain decisions and you prefer to lock yourself in your comfort zone.

If you dream that you try to open the lock with the key but you cannot , it means that although you want to get out of that situation, advance or escape, you are not doing enough or you are not executing it correctly.

Dream of keys in the door

If you dream of keys in a door lock, this symbolizes the passage to a new stage of your life.

  • If you dream that you open the door with the key , it means that you are going to make some important decision that leads you to achieve new challenges that frees you from a sad or painful situation or that allows you to move forward.
  • If you dream that you close a door with the key , this is the reflection that you are trying to protect your world, your life, your interests or yourself.
  • If you dream that you try to open the door with the key but you do not succeed , it means that it is not yet time to move forward, perhaps before you must solve or face something.

Dream that you find keys

If you dream that you find one or several keys, it means that you will have a great opportunity to change your life or a part of it, to escape, to free yourself or to benefit from the opportunities that surround you.

Dream that keys are given to you

Dreaming that someone gives you one or more keys means that a known person or a person who will come into your life soon and you still do not know will allow you to move forward, help you get out of the situation you find yourself in or will be the link you need to achieve your purposes.

Dream of golden keys

Dreaming of golden keys represents the strength, courage and power you have to achieve something certain. On the other hand, dreaming of golden keys represents faith in what you believe in and that faith will allow you to achieve what you want so much or what you deserve so much.

Dream of silver keys

If you dream of silver keys, it means that to get what you want, to open the door that will lead you to your destiny, you need to be at peace with yourself and with others, you may have to resolve some personal emotional issue before proceeding to use that key. wrench.

What does it usually mean to dream of keys?

Keys in dreams usually open the door to something in life. Most of the people dream of using keys to open the car, either to open the door or to open a box in a dream. Different dreams about keys can mean a wide range of situations. Keys are often associated with hard work in life, moving forward with agility. Spiritually the keys are connected to our higher self and also to opportunities. When we take a quantum leap, we often use keys to open different planes of life. Spiritually, the keys suggest the purpose of life and the opportunities and control we have in life. Car keys in dreams Seeing your own car key in the dream or losing your car key implies that you are going to gain wisdom in life.

What does the dream of using a key to open or close a door mean?

To see yourself opening a door with a key then this dream means that you have hidden talents in life. This can be identified through an unusual situation. The door itself represents a new opportunity in life and if you can successfully open it with the key, then your own talents will be used for the greater good. If you try to open the door with the key but you are not able to do so then this may suggest that you are going to have blockages and delays in life. The talent you have will not be enough. Not being able to open a door with the key can also predict that you may forget about the good things in life. From the symbolic perspective, doors in dreams represent new opportunities and the key is a symbolic harbinger of the opening of life opportunity.

What does it mean to be unable to close a door in your dream?

As I have highlighted before – if you are unable to close the door when you cannot protect what you have already achieved in life. The inability to open a door with a key indicates that there is an opportunity for growth, but you need to focus on your own goals and objectives in life.

What do dreams of finding a key mean?

Finding a key in a dream can represent a number of important areas of your life. These are associated with achievement – ​​you are always in a hurry to make concessions to other people. In return, these people can take advantage of you. If the key is golden and you find this key, it indicates that you will have a lot of enthusiasm for life. The hard work you have shown over the years indicates that your efforts will bear fruit. Any project you are currently working on will be a success.

What does it mean to receive the keys in a dream?

Receiving a set of keys in a dream is considered a good omen. It suggests that you will have a number of different opportunities that you will consider. If the keys are the “car keys” and someone else is going to give you the opportunity you need to progress in life.

What do silver keys mean in a dream?

Seeing a silver key in a dream indicates that you will discover a hidden secret. It can also suggest a new opportunity that will give you financial gain. The key itself is also powerful symbolism and the silver key indicates protection from others.

What do several keys mean in the dream?

Seeing more than one key indicates that you are about to embark on a journey in life. Something can happen in a work context that will be advantageous. You will also show affection to other people. Generally, the message is “rule with your feelings” and you can be deceived or led to do something bad by another. Seeing a stack of keys on a table denotes that you are going to make some mistakes that you are not sure about the opportunities you can take advantage of. If you dream of a set of car keys, this usually indicates that you are afraid of change. You are not sure where you are going.

What does a golden key mean in a dream?

Seeing a golden key in a dream indicates that you are going to have the freedom to make an important decision in the future. It indicates wealth and prosperity and that you have the power to change any situation for a greater good. You love to make a parade of whatever generous deed you may be called upon to do, this will lead to greater satisfaction in life. Using the golden key to open a door or start a means of transport in the dream implies that you are going to give other people the opportunity to progress in life.

What do two keys mean in a dream?

If you dream of two keys then this suggests that there are two paths you can take in life. You are not sure which way to focus the key itself is an opportunity for the greater good

What does it mean to dream of losing the keys?

Losing a key in a dream suggests that gossip and uncertainty are very present in your life. You will find that someone’s temperament will be uncertain and this can cause a lot of friction in your own life. Also, if you have lost the keys to your house, it is a sign that in the future you are going to let yourself be carried away by passion. The house key also represents your own relationships in life. You may find someone who treats you unexpectedly. Trying to find your keys in your dream: Searching for a set of keys in your dream indicates possible confusion in the future. The fact that you cannot find the key means that you cannot see the place of opportunity in front of you. Obsessive behavior is typical when this dream appears. There is a tendency to avoid facing any difficult problem and furthermore, you are unlikely to use your time to the best of its ability. It may mean that you will waste time on a project that is not going to deliver the financial rewards that you need.

What does it mean to see someone else with keys in your dream?

Seeing someone older with keys in a dream: The older person in your dream indicates the problem-solving skills you need to acquire in order to progress. The old man with keys indicates that you are facing an action in the future – and trying to solve any problems in your current life. Seeing a child with keys in a dream: Giving a child a set of keys, or the child playing with toy keys suggests that there will be an unconventional problem in the future. If the child is given the keys to open a door in his dream, then he is going to learn a lot from someone younger than you.

A dream involving giving people keys may include giving someone else your house keys in a dream or your car keys. Suffice it to say that giving someone a set of keys is associated with the feeling that that element of life has become impracticable. The positive aspects create a vivid imagination that you can use for a greater good. Giving keys to others in a dream also means daydreaming and being less productive at work. In essence, from a symbolic perspective, this dream indicates that you are giving something away in life.

If you are a woman and you dream of keys: If you are a woman and you dream of a set of keys, losing the keys, opening the doors with keys, and this may mean that you need to study carefully to progress in life. The keys themselves represent different patterns in your life. If the key did not cause any amount of stress in the dream then this indicates that you are going to fix things in your life. You are a man and you dream of a key: For a man to dream of a key suggests that you have new opportunities on the horizon. There are other factors that must be taken into account in relation to the above meanings. As we have already concluded, the key itself represents a new opportunity in life. From a male perspective, it may be a new job or opportunity on the horizon.

Feelings you may have encountered during a key dream

Smooth. Smooth. Relaxed. Loving. Friendly. Trusted. Surprised. Glad. Spiritual. Happy. Amazed. Curious. Enjoying. Cheerful. Full of life and energy. Confused, but relaxed. devotional Positive changes are underway if: You did not lose the key in your dream. You found a key in the dream. The key opened many doors.

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