What does it mean to dream about keys? 13 dream interpretations

The keys represent the power in the hands of a person, the power to open or close the house or some place of importance at the time you want, it also gives the certainty of knowing who has access to something, since it is an exclusive item for something; you can have a thousand keys but if you don’t have the right one you won’t be able to access. So dreaming of keys is precisely related to the power of joining beneficial or harmful events that are part of life.

Possessing keys in dreams is neither a good nor a bad thing ; This indicates that we have control of our lives and in some cases of the lives of some of those around us, which gives us the authority to manage them as we please, but also the responsibility for the consequences that this may entail. The full weight of what happens to these people or what they might do in the process will fall on our shoulders.

Dreaming of keys can also mean that we have the freedom and the tools to achieve something that we have set out to do; It can be a science project, a business of your own, a different job, or even a new love. If you have dreamed of this important element and have set yourself a goal; then do it, because all the positive energies are in your favor.

What does it mean to dream of keys? 13 dream interpretations


Dreaming of keys has very varied meanings ; depending on whether you threw them away, lost them, kept them, or whatever event you may have been doing with them in the dream. Other factors that greatly affect the interpretation is the state in which this element was and the other entities that were interacting in the context.

For the reason described above, we have prepared for you below the most common interpretations about dreaming of keys; to rely on them you must know thoroughly every detail of the dream:

1-Dream of broken keys

Dreaming of broken keys undoubtedly also means the breakup of a sentimental, work or social relationship. In the next few days, very strong disputes await you that will completely end some emotional bond that you had been consuming for a long time or a work relationship of which you felt so sure.

You felt too sure of all the power you had over people and you have done things that you knew were not right; You have taken advantage of many people who had their trust in you, but your plans have not worked out very well for you and now you will be paying the consequences of your mistakes.

2-Dream with car keys

Dreaming of car keys does not mean that they are going to give you a car, this has a much more spiritual than material meaning; it indicates that you have the desire to go faster in your affairs, you feel that everything is going too slowly and that you do not finish obtaining the profits that you have always wanted; you have the power to do it if you want, but be careful, lest you spoil everything you have achieved so far and make your delay worse.

If you have dreamed of some car keys, the most advisable thing at this moment is to take the reins to move faster, but with caution, that is, to go little by little, increasing the speed with which you carry out your business plans, since a wrong move could cause it to hit the ground and you have to start from the ashes.

3-Dream with house keys

Dreaming of house keys in your hands means that your authority is highly respected in your home, you hold the reins of it very well, and thanks to that your family is of very good behavior. If the keys to the house are in the hands of a stranger, it means that someone is trying to manipulate the people around you, and you are giving them too much access to your life.

If you see that a close relative has the keys to your house in a dream , it indicates that this person will approach you to help you control things that you have not been able to handle. In this case, you must leave your pride and allow the support of the people around you so that you have more time for other matters that merit your intervention.

4- dream of old keys

Dreaming of old keys means that you should be more aware of the things and people that have been part of your life since you were children and believe it or not, they still need your support and guidance, more specifically; the universe is warning you that your parents are needing you to handle their affairs, they are older and cannot fend for themselves in some things, they also do not have the knowledge about eventualities related to technology and therefore they are more vulnerable to them.

5-Dream with lost keys

Dreaming of lost keys that are your own means that perhaps you have lost the power to control your own life, there is no emotional self-control and that is causing other factors that are important to you to be affected. Perhaps your social status has plummeted from one moment to another and has caused negative changes in your life.

Seeing that you lose your keys in a dream can also mean that your ability to conquer has vanished, you have neglected too much the person who is next to you sharing a sentimental relationship, and this person is pretending illusions in strange arms that have been offered. Sooner than you think you will have lost everything you once lived with if you don’t change your attitude.

6-Dream with golden keys

If you have dreamed of golden keys you should also consider the meaning of dreaming of gold , however this has a lot to do with the passage to both material and spiritual riches. You have in your hands a great treasure, and it is that clarity and that optimism that characterize you; skills with which you can achieve absolutely everything you set your mind to. Dreaming of golden keys indicates that your own future and that of some of the people around you are your responsibility, but you have all the tools to manage it in a comfortable and effective way.

7-Dream with door keys

Dreaming of door keys means that you will soon be presented with many opportunities and you must be very attentive to know how to take advantage of them. If in the dream you are certain that you know everything that is behind those doors, it indicates that you are a very self-confident person and that you will know how to handle situations in your favor. But if, on the contrary, you have doubts, it may be that you do not know how to face the challenge that will be presented to you.

My recommendation is that you try not to be so negative, since the universe will present you with opportunities, but the fact that these represent successes or failures for your life will only depend on you, and on what you are capable of doing. to achieve what you set out to do.

8-Dream with keys and locks

Dreaming of keys and locks means that you know exactly where to go and with whom to relate to achieve your goals, and that will help you not to waste time and go directly to where you have to go. You have the ability to manage very well the experience that you have gained over the last few years, and that gives you a total vision of the elements that you need to operate in the environment that you have at your disposal.

9-dream with keys in hand

Dreaming of keys in your hand can have different meanings: if the keys belong to someone you know of the opposite sex, it means that that person has feelings for you and you have the power to win her or him . If the keys belong to someone you don’t know but it causes a feeling of complacency in you, it announces the arrival of a new love that will produce very pleasant sensations.

Seeing yourself with keys in your hand in a dream symbolizes the direct pass to some significant event for our lives, no matter who owns the keys; They will always give us the power to decide which places are the places we want to find and which ones we prefer to keep ignored.

10-Dream with keys and keychains

Dreaming of keys and keychains indicates that soon someone is going to offer you help to organize your life; perhaps it may be dealing with your own partner. Sometimes we think we are self-sufficient and we want to do things by ourselves, but in many cases our abilities are not enough to do a thousand things at once; The best thing in those moments of chaos is to put pride aside and understand that sometimes we need the support of others to continue on our way.

11-Dream with a golden key

Dreaming of a golden key announces that you are going to have a great responsibility in your hands soon; one that will give you huge profits if you know how to handle it well. You have been able to gain the trust of some important people and they have decided to entrust you with a very significant project. You better prepare yourself professionally so that you can get the most out of this situation.

12-Dreaming of giving away keys

Dreaming of giving away keys means that you are leaving your responsibilities in the hands of others and it is causing them to be the ones who take advantage of the things that are destined for you. You must learn to take charge of your commitments, because otherwise you will suffer a stagnation and you will never be able to advance with anything that you have proposed.

Seeing yourself giving away keys in a dream also means that you have become involved with a person with bad feelings, who has only made fun of you, and you will be involved in gossip that will leave your reputation on a very low step, thanks to their comments. ill-intentioned.

13-Dreaming of finding keys

Dreaming of finding keys indicates that you have finally managed to find the solution to a problem that has been tormenting you for some time; one that you thought you would never be able to solve; Thanks to that, peace and tranquility now reign in your home and you feel emotionally fit to set goals again.


Keys are elements that we use very commonly to open anything that interests us, which is why our subconscious uses them through this mysterious dream world to explain things to us that we may not be able to see for ourselves.

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