Dreaming of a key can mean many different things. Often the keys are symbols to unlock some kind of hidden knowledge. Keys can appear in our dreams in many different ways, the key to a door in a dream does not always mean the same as dreaming of car keys.

What does it mean to dream of keys?

hidden knowledge

If you dream of a key needed to open a book or to access a library or even a box of letters, these keys can be a symbol of hidden knowledge. Often this is a message from our own higher selves to learn to use our intuition and tap into our own inner wisdom.

 keep secrets

Seeing keys in a dream can also mean that you have been keeping a secret from someone. There may be some details that you are hiding that you are not telling others. Keys can also indicate that you may be harboring a secret life. If you feel like you are living a double life or act differently depending on who is around, it could mean that you are keeping some aspect of yourself hidden from others.

the key to power

Sometimes we dream of keys as symbols of power. For example, a key to a cell could mean that some part of you feels controlled or oppressed by others. You may feel as if you are being punished by others.

Having the keys to a car can mean that you feel in control of the situation. It can be a reminder from within that you have the ability to take control of your life at any time. The power is in your hands.

Troubleshooting: Finding a solution

Sometimes clues in dreams can mean that we are looking for ways to solve a problem. You may be looking for methods to find a solution to something that is bothering you, or you may need to find a way to overcome the challenges and obstacles in your current life.

searching for the truth

Sometimes the clues can mean a desire to know the whole truth about a situation. You may want to understand why something is the way it is, or you may want to discover the full meaning of a situation. You may worry that others are not being completely honest with you, or that they are hiding something from you.

Other Common Key Dream Meanings

There are many other ways that keys can appear in our dreams.

  • Dreaming of finding the keys can mean that you are looking for a solution to a problem or that you are looking for a way to access new knowledge or information.
  • Dreaming of something that is locked up can mean that you feel that it is very difficult to achieve your goals. There may be obstacles between you and your success.
  • Dreaming of old and rusty keys: This could mean that there is something that you have forgotten or neglected, and that is why you are experiencing difficulties in something in your current life. It could also be a reminder of some kind of problem in the past and the reappearance of feelings that you need to release.
  • Dreaming of being locked up: If you feel that you are trapped and need keys to escape, you may feel as if you are trapped in a situation in your waking life. You could be locked in a cell in the dream, or you could find yourself trapped inside a house with no keys that are unlocked.
  • Dreaming of keys to a house: This often means that there may be a part of your own being that you are hiding or that you want to keep hidden from others. This can also sometimes manifest as a type of wishful dream, in which you hope to find a suitable home in your current life.
  • Dreaming of giant keys: Dreaming of giant keys could mean that you are looking for opportunities. You may be wishing for something in your real life. You may also want to understand something more deeply.
  • Dreaming of losing keys: This is often related to responsibilities. Is there something in your life that makes you feel like you should be careful and cautious? Are you overwhelmed by the demands of a job or activity that you are doing in your waking life? Losing keys in a dream can also mean that you have lost trust and faith in something or someone. You may no longer feel that this person is loyal or that you cannot trust a specific outcome.

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