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The interpretation of dreaming about a kidnapping as a dream symbol is easier to understand based on the person who is being kidnapped.

Although seeing someone kidnapped in a dream could mean that you feel that person is in danger, if you see yourself being kidnapped, the meaning of the dream can be completely different.

If you have had a dream in which there is a kidnapping, do your best to remember as many details as possible, because this is a sensitive subject.



According to most dream interpretation, when you dream that you are going to be kidnapped, this is related to feelings of censorship and lack of expression. You feel like you are being held back.

Perhaps a person or task is taking away something to do that is more important to you.

It is also just as valid to assume the possibility that you could be the person preventing you from doing an important task, but whatever the cause, a dream about you being kidnapped has a dream meaning related to restriction.

You feel held back by something, and you will begin to feel freer once you assess the reasons why you feel that way. For this reason, he must be very attentive to what is said or done in dreams that are kidnapping.

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If you are dreaming about another person being kidnapped, the dream interpretation would suggest that this means that you feel that your person is in danger.

Let your feelings be known to them so you can rest a little easier knowing that they were warned and it makes them feel more aware.

Alternatively, another meaning of a dream like this can be traced back to dream-like feelings about yourself being kidnapped.

The main difference in this case is that if someone is being kidnapped in your dream, you are not allowing that person’s traits to express themselves within yourself.

In other words, you may be blocking your opinion about certain things unconsciously, or undermining their importance.

What does it mean to dream of a kidnapping , and what changes if we kidnap someone, or if, rather, we see ourselves as the victim of a kidnapping in the dream dimension?

In general, kidnapping in a dream represents the subjection within which we may unconsciously be trapped; it can be a person, or a particular situation from which we cannot free ourselves, within which (or towards which) we feel trapped.

It can also be synonymous with violence , suffered or inflicted depending on the general context of the dream.

If you dream that you are the one kidnapping others, then this may relate to the feeling of not wanting to let go.

There is something that is weighing heavily on you that you need to stop thinking about or considering, but don’t allow yourself to do so.

Once you start having dreams where you are a kidnapper, this can be a sign that your mind is ready to let go of any thoughts you have been having recently.

Sometimes this can be a trigger to shed emotional baggage , but more often than not it’s simply a reminder that you’ve been thinking about something too long.

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Dreaming of kidnapping can suggest that you may feel manipulated by someone or have lost control of some aspect of your life. One aspect of itself can be in control of another aspect. (For example, you are allowing your head to rule your heart).

You may feel compelled to grow up or leave your childhood or childhood beliefs behind you.

What does it mean to dream of being kidnapped?

Dreaming of being kidnapped can be the unconscious interpretation of a personal situation from which we want to escape, which could be a love story that we cannot live freely, so pressing that it makes us feel trapped. Or it can be a metaphor for the injustices suffered, the reasons not listened to and the ideas neglected.

If when we dream of a kidnapping we finally add the escape , this can be interpreted as the solution, and therefore it is a symptom of a new freedom towards that situation that gripped us, or a suggestion of an escape route to follow as soon as possible to not make up for it.

Meaning of dreaming of kidnapping someone

Dreaming of a kidnapping can have a thousand facets; among them, we can end up being the authors of a kidnapping against someone. Often this someone turns out to be an individual we would like to make our own.

A valid interpretation is, therefore, the impossibility of establishing a relationship with a person with whom we would like to feel close, but who, for some reason, cannot (or does not want) to deal with us.

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In other contexts, dreaming of kidnapping someone can be a reflection of a situation in which, in real life, we would like to live, without success, or more generally of something – even material – that we would like to achieve, but that we know that will never be ours.

Dreaming of being kidnapped by foreigners

Aliens are not only the stuff of science fiction, but also elements of our unconscious with a very specific meaning. When we dream of being abducted by aliens , we can easily interpret it as the transposition of anxieties and fears about a new and unprecedented situation, which we fear we will not be able to keep under control.

We said that aliens, in a dream, always have a precise connotation, representing the new and the unknown. Well, if we add to the dream of being abducted by aliens a state of happiness , euphoria, pleasure, then we can interpret it as a desire to escape , to make new experiences, to abandon the routine of jumping headfirst into new and unknown situations.

Dreaming of our kidnapped son

Interpreting the kidnapping of a child in a dream is quite simple; often this image is linked to the common anxieties of parents, especially when they are recent, perhaps aggravated by the distressing news they have just learned.

In other cases, it can represent the fear of losing the relationship and trust with it, especially if our son is in a delicate phase of growth as an adolescent, or has a complicated and conflictive relationship with us.

Watching a child get kidnapped

It can suggest that you are maturing and leaving your own childhood behind you. You can recognize and release a childish behavior, belief or custom.

See your own son kidnapped

It may reflect waking life concerns for your safety. It can symbolize your anxiety about your child maturing too soon.

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It can suggest that at least part of you doesn’t want them to grow.

Dream that you are kidnapping someone

It may suggest that you are forcing your needs, desires, or opinions on someone else in waking life. It can suggest that you are unwilling to let something go or release someone from your life.

kidnapping means that the dreamer is afraid of losing something

This “something” could be anything from hair to a relationship and a billion things in between.

Kidnapping often symbolizes the dreamer’s anxiety about what he or she is afraid of losing.

However, I believe that in this particular dream, there may be more to it. While this dreamer may indeed be afraid of losing something, I believe that he currently feels that something is “missing” in his life.

The fact that the word “lost” appears in your brief description of the dream tells me that this is a vital part of dream analysis and interpretation.

In fact, I think the “lost” part of the dream has the strongest symbolism.

If I have this dream: What numbers to play in the lottery?

After having seen the most common interpretations of our dream visions when they represent a kidnapping, let us now see, more specifically, what numbers can be linked to them, to play the lottery.

According to the Neapolitan grimace and Kabbalah, whenever, in general, we dream of a kidnapping, we can play the lottery number 53 .

To this we can add the number 90 when we are about to kidnap someone. If in the dream we were the victims of a kidnapping , then the number to play in lottery draws – but not only that, in any draw – is 55

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