What does it mean to dream about kidnapping

What does it mean to dream of kidnapping

The interpretation of dreams is considered a science, which tries to explain the symbolism behind all the elements that appear there. For centuries the dream has been associated with the spiritual part of people, for this reason it was always thought that the soul probably communicated with the moral and rational part of the human being by this means. 

Different theories have tried to explain in an accurate way, what is the purpose of dreams. Most of these hypotheses affirm that supernatural entities, such as the gods of different religions, could be the origin of dreams. In this way, it could be assumed that these are direct messages, sent to us to fulfill the task of notifying us of situations that we are unaware of. 

The possibility that dreams serve to warn us of situations that could affect us negatively or positively has always been in question. Other theories focus on stating that dreams are nothing more than remnants of memories of past events . In this way the mind plays with these elements, which is why dreams are confusing and have an aura of mystery; since they show us incoherent situations. 

Finally, there are those who defend the hypothesis that dreams show aspects of our personality that we are unaware of. From this perspective, it could be said that dreams are messages sent by the subconscious, to point out ideas or emotions that we probably do not know consciously. If true, dream analysis could help people maintain a healthier state of mind.  

There are various themes and elements that can participate in dreams, some are more common than others. One of the most recurring dreams focuses on showing situations in which kidnappings or forced disappearances are staged. These negative events are usually described as nightmares, they generate anguish and concern in people. 

Dreaming of a kidnapping can have multiple interpretations, each of them is made taking into consideration different aspects of the personal life of the people who dream it. Likewise, it is important to say that no dream is the same as another, therefore the elements and characters that appear there can give more precise clues; due to their own meaning. 

What does it mean to dream of kidnapping from the perspective of psychologists?

Psychology has always proposed that dreams are the result of various mental patterns, which reveal certain aspects of the individual’s personality. In this way, it could be assumed that certain thoughts, ideas, emotions, concerns and desires; they are externalized through dreams. Building on this idea, dream interpretation could help people maintain greater mental stability . 

Similarly, it is also considered that dreams can be the result of mental activity that is constantly in motion. Therefore, these dream images are generated using memories of past events. For this reason, dreams are described as incoherent and confusing situations due to the large number of elements that appear there; which do not seem to show credible situations . 

Some people show concern about the topics they usually dream about. One of the most common dreams represents dangerous situations described as kidnappings: these consist of the forced disappearance and capture of people, preventing them from enjoying their full freedom. 

Unfortunately, in real life these situations are common; These are usually cases in which the captors carry out these acts for economic reasons . However, some other facts are related to revenge, jealousy or betrayal. Therefore, different reasons can generate the decision to kidnap a person. 

It could be considered that the fact of dreaming of a kidnapping expresses the concern of suffering a situation of this type. Psychologists usually explain that in dreams the thoughts that are most important to people  are externalized .

Also, consider that some people in real life have experienced and survived a kidnapping . One of the most common pathologies of a trauma is the manifestation of dreams in which this unfortunate fact is relived. It is a common symptom of post-traumatic stress, which can be treated through different psychoanalysis techniques. 

What do kidnappings symbolize in dreams? 

The deprivation of liberty is one of the most important concerns for most people. Its manifestation in dreams is an element that helps to understand the state of mind of the individual . It is likely that these dreams occur during a period of time in which the person is suffering from high rates of anguish, sadness, anger; but above all of distrust towards society or towards close people belonging to their social circle. 

Dreams that show situations where the physical integrity or freedom of people are violated, sometimes occur in people who have behavioral problems. That is, people who have some kind of problem in relation to their social skills. This dream could be interpreted as an unconscious manifestation of how they feel in the presence of other people. 

In some cases, these dreams are common in antisocial people , especially when the representation shown in the dream shows them as the kidnappers. On the other hand, if in the dream the person is shown as the victim, it could be interpreted as the permanent fear of showing himself as he is before others. Also, it could indicate the feeling of being isolated or captive of the opinions or actions of certain close people. 

Generally, these dream images are directly related to distrust of the civic rules that govern society. Therefore, it is a dream that expresses your own discontent with respect to your personal security, which is constantly violated. Likewise, it symbolizes the personal conflict that means accepting to follow the established guidelines or rules. 

What does it mean to dream of being kidnapped? 

Dreams in which we ourselves are shown to be victims of some kind of aggression, be it physical or mental, are often associated with deep feelings of vulnerability . This can be related to different aspects of daily life, such as family relationships, economic problems, health problems, professional career or sentimental life. 

Dreaming of being kidnapped against one’s will, reflects the helplessness that is felt before society as a whole. The victimization before the decisions and opinions of third parties, usually manifests itself in this type of dreams. It is likely that the dreamer feels that it is not possible to act freely, because he must constantly comply with certain rules with which he does not agree. 

Likewise, they are common dreams in people who have problems with authority . Possibly, the person who has this dream is dealing with a series of work conflicts regarding a figure of power. For example, it could indicate that we consider that our ideas or efforts are not valued; feeling that our work no longer belongs to us. 

What does it mean to dream of being kidnapped and tortured? 

If the deprivation of liberty is also accompanied by some kind of torture, that is, physical or mental abuse , it could be associated with a lack of determination to overcome certain problems of daily life. These dreams can be interpreted as a sign to make changes in character. In this way, it will be possible to deal with situations that we usually expect to be resolved by other people. 

Also, this dream is a psychological trap; since depending on how the kidnapping is staged, very different conclusions can be reached. For example, if you have this dream and the reaction to it is not negative but satisfaction, it may indicate that the dreamer is a manipulative person. 

It is related to people who always use the resource of pity, or victimization, to achieve their subjects. It is likely that this dream signals the need to maintain control over other people , through the disguise of being a weak person. 

Otherwise, if the reaction to this dream is of anguish and concern; points out that we should keep our distance from people who could harm us in real life. Also, it is a dream that is associated with the possibility of having perceived some type of aggression that has violated our security. Depending on the people who are doing this damage, if they can be recognized, it could be assumed that they are no longer trusted. 

Finally, this dream can denote the pressure that one feels in the face of the responsibilities that have been imposed; without being able to express any opinion on the matter. Social pressure could also cause anguish and a feeling of being captive of other people, therefore it is a dream that reflects our emotional dependence. 

What does it mean to dream of being a kidnapper? 

It is likely that in the dream we observe that we ourselves are the ones who are perpetrating a kidnapping. These dreams can be interpreted in different ways, but in most cases it coincides with the possibility that it is directly related to the need to maintain control over the actions and emotions of other people. 

These dreams are common in people who like to impose their criteria . They are characterized by not tolerating being contradicted or subjected to the will of other people, without taking into account their own opinions. Depending on how we are perpetrating this criminal act, other more specific meanings could also be added. 

In case of kidnapping a person we know, it is obviously a sign of our displeasure with him. But, it could also indicate that we need to remove this person for very important reasons, which could be some of the following: lack of trust, mistreatment, betrayal, rejection or having suffered some type of offense that has generated in us a series of negative emotions . 

Generally, the dreams in which we observe ourselves attacking the physical integrity of a person; they are a sample of our real emotional state. It is possible that we are maintaining relationships with people who have violated us on a moral level . Therefore, we wish to inflict on them the same evil that they have caused us. 

What does it mean to dream of witnessing a kidnapping? 

Also, dreams can show events in which we do not participate. Witnessing a kidnapping can be an indication of having been silenced , therefore we do not feel able to express ourselves freely. They are dreams that occur in people who feel that their intellectual abilities and their physical abilities have been “kidnapped” or “blocked” in some way. 

Likewise, it can be interpreted as a sign that we feel vulnerable to a series of changes that are taking place in our personal lives. It is likely that some wishes or expectations have not had the results that had been planned. Also, it is associated with the possibility of being restricted from an economic point of view. Perhaps the person does not feel free to use his money by investing in activities of his choice. 

If in the dream we observe that the kidnapping involves a known person, it could be a family member or a friend, it could indicate that we want to help that person in a difficult situation; but we regret not being able to achieve it. It is likely that this dream is a reflection of our own failure , uselessness and lack of character to provide support to people who need it. 

What does it mean to dream of surviving a kidnapping? 

It is probable that in the dream only the resolution of a kidnapping is shown, there we observe that the kidnapped person has finally been released. Regardless of whether we have been the victim or someone else, these dreams are usually related to the need to survive. 

This dream can occur in people who usually have a submissive or weak character. Therefore, it is a projection of ourselves, where we express the desire to be able to overcome situations that overwhelm us. You may be afraid of not having enough intelligence, skill, or courage to go on new adventures in real life

The way in which the victim is represented in the dream reflects the attitude one has towards life. If it is an event that could be described as victorious because it has finally had a positive ending, it is the staging of the success of overcoming difficult times. On the other hand, if this scene is described as distressing, in which it has been possible to achieve liberation through the use of violence, it is associated with cowardice and weakness of character.

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