What does it mean to Dream about killing someone

Dreaming of killing is a dream that does not reflect a real desire for death or homicide, but the fear of losing control of our lives and our actions.

It only reflects inhibited desires and impulses that are repressed in real life.

The dream is an outlet for feelings of disgust, fear, anger, and aggression.

Dream that you are killing in the dream

What does it mean to dream of murder ?: Killing symbolizes the elimination of everything that has become unbearable and with which you are forced to relate. In this sense, killing in dreams is like winning against someone and showing that we can do it.

Killing in dreams can also have the function of eliminating the feelings of guilt that arise from certain behaviors ; it is as if we are judged negatively by our ego.

It can symbolize the need to go beyond the rules assimilated over time to mature and grow without conditioning due to the past; it can also be linked to the attempt to eliminate remorse for real actions that torment the dreamer.

Dreaming of killing can also require the need to erase or deny a part of oneself that is seen as needing to be transformed, useless, obsolete or shameful.

The fight takes place between two aspects of oneself or between two Egos that are at the same level in the psychic dynamics of the dreamer.

This dream highlights the desire to eliminate the instinctive impulses that cause us alarm or frighten us, even though we are aware that these impulses and their strength are repressed within each of us and this creates a feeling of anguish.

Sleep , in these cases, helps to release part of this internal tension and rebalance the situation.

Other meanings of dreams with killing

  • Dreaming of killing a stranger represents a part of oneself, an aspect of the personality with which one is in conflict, a part of the character that one cannot change and that has now become useless and is perceived as a burden; killing therefore represents the desire to free oneself from this useless burden.
  • Dreaming of killing a known person , on the other hand, indicates a symbolic detachment, a separation from a side of one’s own character that we see as a cumbersome presence that oppresses and crushes us. It can also indicate that responsibilities and feelings prevent us from making the right decision.
  • Dreaming of killing a newborn represents wanting to suppress any new idea that comes to us from anywhere, both work and sentimental, this can lead to a change in their way of life, completely altering our inner being.
  • Dreaming of killing one’s own son indicates the need to dedicate oneself, to take the time to regenerate and return in splendid forms, it can be connected with the renunciation of a symbolic child that actually represents a project that we want to complete and in which we have been working for so long, or symbolizes the fear of being left behind, of being replaced in our hearts and attention by the people we love most.
  • Dreaming of killing your parents symbolizes the need to free yourself from family ties, it is a gesture of freedom and independence. Represents excessive parental ties.
  • Dreaming of suicide is always a bad omen because it refers to a lack of hope and trust. Symbolically, it represents setbacks, setbacks in the face of life’s challenges.
  • Dreaming of being murdered indicates the inability to emerge among others, to react, to defend oneself from a violent and oppressive external personality.

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