Dream About Killing

Dreaming about murdering someone , traditionally warns that you will soon suffer anguish and worries for various causes resulting from your own guilt , however, dreaming that we kill someone can also indicate that we will free ourselves from the pressures that a dominant person exerts on us, which will be very convenient for our life. killing dream meaning

To dream that a known person is murdered or commits suicide hints at problems due to indecisions and doubts.

To dream that someone commits a murder implies that as a result of their own behavior they will be held suspicious and doubted about the affairs, business or social relationships that they are developing. killing dream meaning

It also usually announces the death of someone you know.

Dreaming of being the victim of a murder implies that adversaries are trying to harm you.

In general, and depending on the personal circumstances of the dreamer and the other symbols in the dream, dreaming of being killed is not particularly negative, on the contrary, it can be an announcement of the end of a stage and an omen of happiness and success in life.

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