What does it mean to dream about kisses and hugs

What does it mean to dream of kisses and hugs

Dreams where there are hugs are very comforting, so if we see kisses and hugs in our dreams, these will be much more. Because it will not only add passion, but also love, affection, affection, support and respect.

Kisses and hugs are signs of love, affection and affection, but also of desire and passion between the people who carry out that act of love. So it will generally be a very good sign to have these dreams.

They announce that you will live happy moments full of love, that great changes will come in your life. Happiness is within your reach, you must be brave and go to meet and not just wait for things to happen.

They are related to desires, which may be due to feeling a lack of affection or loneliness. It may be that at this time for personal reasons you have moved away from your family, and you are missing your loved ones.

They also express feelings, which can be joy when someone arrives from a long trip. But he also hugs and kisses when someone leaves, so it could be related to the end of a cycle or the end of a relationship.

However, sometimes they are warnings that some unpleasant things can happen, and we must be aware of the people around us. Staying away from negative people is a good start.

Many times we are warned that we are living a stage full of pleasant things and we waste it thinking that it will last forever. It is good to enjoy the pleasures of life, as well as to be forewarned.

They are dreams that reflect intimacy through gestures reserved for people who are especially close. So they will be related to very important and significant actions or events for you.

Dream of kisses and hugs and you are happy

Love encounter or professional success is what this dream announces to you, life has great surprises in store for you. You will feel much better, open your heart and your fear will be transformed into excitement and strength.

It is also an announcement that you will come out of a difficult economic situation, or a new investment opportunity. That will give you a willingness to strengthen your work or business relationships, you are on the right track.

Dreaming of kisses and hugs and you are not happy

It can indicate a difficult moment to come in the financial field, perhaps the project that was thought very good and prosperous will have a setback. Take care of your investments so as not to lose your economic security, do not celebrate ahead of time.

Someone in your environment who is very affectionate could betray you, you must be very aware of what you do and say. Surround yourself with people who are positive and who tell you things straight, that will allow you to move forward.

Dreaming of kisses and hugs from a stranger

Perhaps a new love comes into your life making you live very happy moments, or you are simply looking forward to having a romance because you feel lonely. Do not despair or exhaust yourself mentally, things will come in due time.

This dream announces many changes full of anguish and insecurity, so you should give yourself some time to investigate all the proposals that come to you. Do not rush to decide before you are completely sure that everything they offer is true.

Dream that a stranger gives you kisses and hugs

It also announces that someone may be trying to control you, it may be that they need your help for some evil. Your realism and big heart will be of great help to you, you must have tact and empathy so as not to get hurt.

That you will live moments of confusion is also one of the meanings of this dream, it may be that you have a bad time in an activity. Or you will simply be embarrassed by a surprise where you have to face some fears,

Dream that you kiss and hug a stranger

This dream means that important changes will come, which will allow you to develop professionally. You will live many joys and satisfactions, in the workplace, you must be prepared to make the most of the opportunity.

It may be that due  the changes that occur, you have to exceed some limits that will generate anguish and concern. You are a sensible person, you will do what your heart dictates and you will not let yourself be manipulated by anyone.

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