Dreaming of kisses is a manifestation of your emotions, feelings and affections, both in the sentimental field, with your partner, ex-partner or special person, as well as sexually or emotionally with your loved ones.

The nuances of the dream will lead its meaning down one path or another. For example, the interpretation will vary depending on whether you give a kiss or on the contrary you receive it, if the kiss is given by a known or unknown person, if you kiss an animal, a plant or an object, that is, there are many possibilities in the interpretation of dreams with kissing or kisses.

Dream about kissing, giving or receiving kisses

If you kiss someone it is clear that you want to express something important to that person or in general you have the need to express a feeling, an emotion or a sensation, therefore, depending on who you kiss in the dream, the meaning will vary.

Kissing a deceased person, this dream is a good omen, as it announces protection, success and prosperity in your most immediate projects or plans.

Kissing a family member, friend or acquaintance who is alive means that that person will be away from your life, from your life for a while due to decisions or changes that are going to occur in your life.

Kissing your partner predicts a very happy stage with your partner, the arrival of good news and the unlocking of your relationship or the resolution of a problem or conflict that was hindering your progress.

Kissing your ex-partner, in this case the nuance of the dream is directly related to your memories of what you lived with that person, you may miss him, that you miss some aspect of that relationship or simply that you have not yet closed the cycle with that person.

Kissing a stranger means that you need to settle a pending issue with someone close to you, but that you do not dare or do not take the step out of pride, fear, shame or for another reason.

Kissing a child in this dream is a good omen, a good omen, announces a wedding, pregnancy, union or the resolution of pending conflicts with someone close to you.

Kissing a baby means that you will be lucky in what you undertake immediately.

Kissing your enemy or your enemy, in this case, the dream predicts a stage of peace, tranquility or reconciliation with someone important to you. It could be with that person who appears in the dream or with another person around you.

Kissing someone you like very much is a reflection of your need to fulfill a dream of love or share your feelings with that person. It also represents your dissatisfaction with the relationships you have had, disappointments, cheating or lack of stability.

Kissing someone of the same sex predicts very prosperous alliances and lasting relationships.

Then you have to clarify where the kiss occurs, in which part of the body you give the kiss, for example;

Kissing on the mouth is directly related to love and sexual attraction.

Kissing on the cheek denotes affection, true love and sincerity.

Kissing on the head – this dream speaks of protection.

Kissing on the hands is related to compassion, guilt or remorse.

Kissing on the rest of the body expresses pain, sorrow and sadness.

Kissing the private parts is directly related to passion, infidelity and lust.

dream someone kisses you

In this case, the dream may be reflecting some emotional deficiency or unresolved situation that exists with the person who kisses you, you may have doubts, that you do not fully trust or that you need to say or express something, that is, it will be directly or indirectly related to the emotions and feelings between that person and you.

If a deceased person kisses you , it means that they protect you from the afterlife, that they guide you and take care of your steps.

If a child kisses you , it is an omen of the arrival of good news about matters that are important to you or that are pending resolution.

If your enemy or enemy kisses you , it is a warning about possible betrayals, deception, gossip and falsehood around you or with respect to that person.

If your partner kisses you , it means that there is some issue in your relationship that is not yet resolved and that could cause problems in the future.

If your ex-partner kisses you , it is the omen of a possible reunion with that person, that you receive news about them or about their life or that they decide to contact you.

If a family member, friend or acquaintance kisses you, it means that someone close to you will want to take advantage of you or make a profit at your expense.

If a stranger kisses you , it means that there will be news in your sentimental life. If you are single or single someone will appear in your life with whom you will be very compatible and if you have a partner, this dream announces a possible infidelity.

If someone of the same sex kisses you, it reflects feelings and emotions that you repress or that you keep inside and need to express.

If a child kisses you , it means that you have emotional needs that are not covered.

If someone you like a lot kisses you , it is the announcement of a good streak in love and in relationships in general.

If the kiss is given to you on the hand , it indicates possible betrayal, deception or disappointment.

If the kiss is given to you on the cheek, it reflects true love, loyalty and a lot of tenderness.

If the kiss is given to you in the mouth , it means that you arouse feelings and attraction in someone around you.

If the kiss is given to you on the forehead or on the head , it is brotherly love, pure and unconditional.

If the kiss is given to you on the body , it means that you will be a victim of temptations, that you will doubt your feelings or that you could have an affair outside of your relationship.

If the kiss is given to you in the private parts, it reflects clandestine forbidden love or very complex relationships.

Kiss yourself or yourself

To dream that you kiss yourself means that you have to strengthen your self-esteem, that you have to trust yourself more, that you have to be aware of your capacity or your worth. The part of the body where you give yourself the kiss will qualify this meaning.

Dream that you see how other people kiss

Contemplating in dreams how other people kiss means that you have the need to live other experiences, you feel that there is some void in your sentimental, sexual or personal life that is not covered. It is time to act.

Kiss a tree or a plant

This dream is a wonderful omen of fortune, success and prosperity in general or in a specific area of ​​your life.

If you want to know what areas it refers to, you will have to analyze what part of the tree or plant and also what type of plant or tree you kiss, for example:

If you kiss the trunk of a robust and large tree, it is an omen of stability in finances, at work or in your life in general.

If you kiss the leaves of a tree or a plant , it means that a very positive time is beginning for you, with good opportunities that you should not miss.

Kissing the roots of a tree or a plant means that you will make very wise decisions that will lead you to a good port.

kiss the ground

Kissing the floor of your home or workplace announces instability, changes that you will have to adapt to, and unexpected situations.

Kissing the ground on the street means that you have to take stock of certain aspects in your life to make changes in them and improve them.

kiss the earth

This dream reflects your pain, your sadness or your grief in the face of some recent or upcoming event, situation or experience in your life.

kiss an animal

In this case, the dream reflects those traits, aspects or characteristics that you envy from other people and that you do not have or think you do not have. In this case, you have to look for the meaning of the animal that appears in the dream to expand this meaning.

Kiss money bills or coins

If you dream that you kiss money, be it coins or bills, it means that you must take care of your finances, your savings and your material goods, since due to some bad decision due to interference or certain circumstances they could be put in danger.

kiss an object

This dream is related to the importance it has in your life or the importance you give to that particular object. Generally these dreams are related to the material, to selfishness, to impulses and to very complex feelings and emotions.

It is recommended that you look for the interpretation of dreaming about that specific object to expand the meaning.

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