Knives in the world of dreams represent, on the one hand, revenge, sacrifice, fear, primal instincts or even violence, but on the other hand, knives also represent cutting, the end, destruction or discord.

Therefore, dreaming of knives will in many cases be a reflection of the emotional, physical or mental tension that a certain situation, person or feeling causes you.

At the same time, dreaming of knives can be the omen of the fateful outcome that your own decisions, acts or impulses will have.

Dream of a knife or knives

Dream of a knife in your hand

  • If you dream that you have a knife in your hand¬†, it means that you are going through a complicated situation that upsets you or causes you some tension.¬†This dream reflects the fact that you are ready or prepared to face something or someone, perhaps you are afraid of being attacked or attacked or you are simply on guard for what may happen.¬†Therefore, its meaning could be the omen of a hard confrontation of a conflict with someone in your environment and even of a breakup. When you have this dream, it is recommended that you reflect on this matter and try to remain calm.
  • If you dream that you see another person with a knife in his hand¬†, it means that someone around you will try to harm you, betray you or expose you.¬†You must be alert.

dream of knife and blood

Dreaming of a bloodstained knife reflects your state of mind in the face of a betrayal, disappointment or conflict that you have had with someone.¬†If you have not had this conflict yet, this dream would be the warning that you are going to suffer betrayal, deception or someone’s attack.

Dream about a big knife

If you dream of a big knife, this is a reflection of the hatred, resentment and pain that you keep inside due to an experience, confrontation or situation.

On the other hand, the knife in this case also represents the cut or break with someone or something in your life, which would free you from that burden and allow you to recover over time and continue.

Dream about a serrated knife

If you dream of a serrated knife, it is a lucky omen since you will have the opportunity to get rid of some obstacle or free yourself from a heavy burden.

This dream announces the end of a toxic or harmful relationship, the end of suffering or the removal of a serious problem that darkened your life.

dream of broken knife

Dreaming of a broken knife is the reflection of your own fears and insecurities, of those fears and insecurities that prevent you from making your own decisions, of those fears and insecurities that impel you to do what you do not want, to submit to something or someone, not being free, not feeling capable of doing what you really want or desire.

Dream of a knife that does not cut

If you dream of a knife that does not cut or that is not sharp, it means that you should not fear your enemies, those who want to harm you, harm you or sink you, since they will not be able to do so.

This dream reflects the weakness or lack of strength of your enemies and the dangers that surround you with respect to you.

dream of knife in the neck

If you dream that someone puts a knife to your neck, it means that you feel trapped or trapped in your life or in a part of it, that you cannot make decisions, that you cannot do anything other than what has been imposed on you.

At the moment, you do not find the way out of the labyrinth in which you have locked yourself or locked yourself.

If, on the other hand, you dream that you put the knife to another person’s neck,¬†it means that you are trying to dominate someone’s will, that you want to take revenge on someone who hurt you or that you are forcing, perhaps without being aware of it, the someone else’s wish.

Dream of a stabbed knife

  • Dream of a knife stuck on an object, on the ground..¬†…¬†it means that you have made wrong decisions, possibly due to primary impulses that have led you to submit to your lowest instincts, which will cause consequences for you in the future.
  • If you dream that you have a knife stuck in your body¬†, it means that you are causing yourself pain and suffering for not being able to face the truth or for keeping yourself imprisoned or imprisoned by fear and irrationality.

Dream of being attacked with a knife

  • If you dream that someone attacks you with a knife¬†, it means that you are afraid that someone may cheat on you, betray you or be unfaithful to you.¬†You do not trust a certain person or persons, most likely due to your past experiences or your own insecurities.
  • If you dream that it is you who attacks another person with a knife¬†, it means that you are not ready or prepared to assume certain responsibilities or commitments, that you are afraid of failing or not fulfilling the expectations they have of you.

Dream that you defend yourself with a knife

Dreaming that you defend yourself with a knife from another person’s attack means that you are experiencing a stage of stress, anxiety and anguish, that you are imagining what does not exist or what has not yet happened.

You feel vulnerable and weak in the face of dangers around you or certain people.

Dream that you cut with a knife

  • To dream that you cut with a knife, regardless of what you cut,¬†means that you will finally dare to take the right path, that you will break with what makes you unhappy, that you will be able to sacrifice something important to be freer or happy or do the right thing.
  • If you dream that you cut yourself with a knife¬†, it means that you want to run away from a situation that is occurring in your life and you do not know how to do it, perhaps due to lack of courage, lack of confidence or lack of security in yourself or in yourself. same.

Dream that you throw knives

  • If you dream that you throw knives in the air¬†, it means that you want or need to get rid of something or someone, that you have the need to end a situation or a stage of your life.
  • If you dream that you throw knives against¬†someone specific¬†, it means that you feel subjected or subjected to the pressure of the person on you, of that same person who appears in the dream or of another who is in your environment.
  • If you dream that someone is throwing knives at you¬†, you should be careful, since there is someone around you who will not hesitate to step over you to get something.

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