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What does it mean to dream about koi fish?

What does it mean to dream of koi fish?

Dreaming of this animal species has a surprising and varied meaning . Each of the existing fish in the sea or in the river is of important and special symbology, but dreaming about the Koi fish especially stands out for its direct connection with Chinese mythological culture.

This cultural history indicates, even today, that this animal ascended from the Yellow River and climbed the immense waterfalls until it obtained the appearance of a dragon , wearing as a reward a skin similar to that of these mythological species . That is why his image is a symbol of perseverance in the face of obstacles. It stands out in representing strength and persisting in the face of desires.

Another characteristic is control at times when patience is put to the test, that is, developing calm over the years and experiences to increase wisdom and maturity.

Its recognition and charm was adopted by professional tattooists to capture them around the world for those who are interested in the curious animal and in design.

Dreaming of this fish has many interpretations and here we will tell you what messages your subconscious tells you when you see them in your dreams. On a few occasions this dream announces negative matters, so it is recommended that you know precisely how this fish has appeared while you sleep, in your dream imagery.

Koi fish color and shape

black koi fish

This color is aesthetically admired by many and excluded by others who want more outstanding colors, however, the black Koi fish represents the passage and overcoming of adversities such as the waterfall that the fish managed to climb. You should not be afraid to dream of a black Koi fish, it is a good omen that you should take advantage of to start new projects.

blue koi fish

The blue Koi fish is the most striking and mainly symbolizes masculinity , relaxation and peace, despite the fact that another of its meanings is reproduction or the evocation of a child within the family. It is beautiful to contact this blue fish. If you are a man, it reaffirms you with such and if you are a woman, it tells you that you will be loved by your man fervently.

red koi fish

The red Koi fish is a symbol of love, a strong and indomitable feeling that can penetrate the life of any person despite adversity. Another detail is that red predominates in Japanese culture, it shines for its mystical and exotic tone. Passion surrounds you these days, take advantage of being with your partner and live extraordinary moments.

Dream About Colorful Koi Fish

This dream means a positive relationship with life , which is full of joy and vibes of different kinds that combine with each other. You are not a downhearted or sad person, so you shine where you are going and where you are. You are very cheerful and everyone notices it. Strengthen this gift.

Dream About Giant Koi Fish

This dream has to do with some conflict or situation of extreme risk that you have experienced. But your desire to solve everything makes you go over the obstacles and you completely deny that it hurts you or your loved ones. You want above all to take care of those you love because you do not accept that something hurts them or yourself.

Koi fish and esoteric world

Ying-Yang Koi Fish

The Ying-Yang symbol stands out for being part of the ancient philosophies of Asian culture. Its meaning has to do with the relationship between the world and the human being that are made up of different extremes, but that complement each other and depend on each other in order to achieve balance in order to exist. If you have seen two Koi fish one facing up and one facing down or in opposite directions, the message is clear. It is announcing the balance in everything in your life. 

Koi fish with lotus flower 

The lotus flower is another symbol of importance and admiration in Asian culture. It is known that the special touch of this flower is that it is born from the mud and as soon as it blooms it drops a seed that goes through the same process when growing. If we unite the Koi fish with this flower, we would obtain a meaning of effort and determination, which shines regardless of obstacles .

Koi fish tattoos in areas of the body

This small animal is currently tattooed seeking to represent its different meanings in various parts of the body of each person. The design can vary depending on the color and the place of placement, for example, the most recommended place has been on the arm, because most of the time it is uncovered and can be clearly displayed.

In addition, Japanese tattoo artists consider that the Koi fish tattoo gives a feeling of energy . This has to do with the fast swim they do when they go against the current, overcoming the conformism of the situation.

Dreaming of a tattooed Koi fish is a sign of strength of the person who has dreamed . Pay close attention to where this fish has appeared in your dream imagery.

If this fish is on your chest it is related to your noblest emotions, if you see it on your arm you are a person with enormous strength to undertake, if you see it on your back it is wonderful, because it means that you never feel tired for what you owe do, you are very proactive, if you see it in your legs you are a being that flows through life lightly, so you do not go unnoticed.

Take good care of where you have seen it tattooed and if the person who had it tattooed was another person , in the same way the message is for her and for you. Take good care of where you saw this tattoo was. This person is surely a means for you to enhance something in your life. Don’t let it pass you by.

Also pay attention to the size of the tattoo in the indicated place , this will be related to the size of your quality or how you show yourself to the world. Example if you have seen it small on your chest they are feelings but that you do not externalize as much as if you see a large fish tattooed on this area of ​​your body.

They are also considered as independent animals and contrary to conventions, which is why many people want to tattoo them, since they fully identify with this species of fish. They are resistant human beings and not easily influenced.

dragon koi fish

As explained above, the Koi fish becomes a dragon due to its miraculous action, which corresponds to a detail of strength and mystery, since it can be related as an effect of rebirth or transformation to a much more powerful creature.

If we think of this animal in the real world, it is visualized as a fish with golden scales that dazzles its change. Dreaming of a Koi fish turned into a dragon is an excellent omen. Your strength is exacerbated and you will be very willing to face any adversity, if you have it.

You are a very brave being who also stands out as a being of light. You inspire others to follow your example. In general, your friends want to imitate your behavior because you have taught them that fear of nothing leads.

Koi fish swimming

Dream about Koi fish in a fish tank

Dreaming of a Koi fish locked in a fish tank, considering that these animals have indomitable characteristics, it is because you lead your life in the same way. You are not flowing as you are and hiding the desires that your true personality dictates.

You have been carried away by the control of the monotony of work , university, business, etc., making your life boring and unattractive. Do not let your feelings and thoughts become empty and square ideas. These locked up fish are an alert that you should let yourself be carried away by what you really want and break with those fears.

It is an alert that you should pay attention to. You are the owner of your life and if you are feeling oppression, you should already let go of it. This does not allow you to carry out plans that you have visualized as possible achievements.

Dreaming of Koi fish swimming calmly

Definitely this dream is the opposite of what was described above. Here the fish when swimming calmly is because in your life there is peace. You do not harm your path or your happiness at the expense of the wishes of others. It means that you accept that you have your time different from others and that you will still achieve your goals.

It is really what this fish essentially symbolizes, so feel happy to have dreamed of this calm fish, your life will always find a perfect handle. Never feel constrained.

Dream of many Koi fish swimming 

Dreaming of many fish of this kind has to do with the search for fertility . Therefore, it is possible that a new member is about to arrive in the family who was planned in advance to give him all the necessary union and strength.

This dream is beautiful. It is not only fertility to procreate but to achieve goals in the areas in which you move. You are very skillful and this leads you to extraordinary achievements. Your affairs flow like a fish in water literally. 

Dream about Koi fish in the sea

It means that your feelings and dreams are totally possible . Feel free to carry them out and finish them until you feel satisfied. You must remember that the sea is full of risks, so you must take risks and go against the current no matter what.

The sea brings many mysteries and together with this fish, the message is surprising. Do not be afraid because everything you have projected will flow and the results will be immensely gratifying. Your loved ones will benefit from your achievements and this will give you a lot of personal satisfaction .

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