What does it mean to dream about Komodo Dragon?

What does it mean to dream of a Komodo Dragon?

This dream is different from dreaming about dragons . This shows that you are somewhat stubborn, perhaps you need to be more flexible in your thoughts. Your decisions should not be so drastic, you need to calmly analyze the situation to avoid complications.

It also means that you are a person who knows their ability and strength with a lot of self-confidence. You are not afraid to face the challenges of life alone, your impulsiveness guides you and you launch yourself without thinking about it.

It shows you that you rarely miss any opportunity, that you keep your focus and that allows you to achieve your goals. Perhaps you are forgetting your essence and your subconscious is reminding you, because there is an opportunity that you are missing.

They are dreams that announce that you will have to make quick decisions so that the actions are opportune and lasting. Trust your instincts and your creativity, you will achieve long-term positive achievements for your life, as well as experience.

It can also be an announcement that you will face family problems, that disputes will arise in your home. Try to stay out of it because complications could have serious consequences. If you are not part of the solution, do not be part of the problem.

It is a dream that shows satisfaction for the achievement of projects, however, on some occasions we doubt our potential. It also shows our fears of failure so we lock ourselves into a shell and seek to scare others away.

Komodo dragons are also a symbol of success, because they have great strength and vitality. You project an immense security that helps you to be successful. Let’s see some variants of this dream.

Dream about several komodo dragons

This dream should be interpreted according to what these generate for you. That is to say, to the sensations that they generate in you. Perhaps you feel fear, then it is a sign that you should be attentive to the different opinions of others, it is possible that problems will be generated if you do not listen to them.

If you see yourself living peacefully among them, it announces that you feel comfortable with people who think the same as you and that you are not willing to risk comfort and security for anything or anyone.

Dream About Komodo Dragons Fighting

It is a dream that announces a confrontation in the labor aspect, so if you saw them fighting, you may have problems at work. Keep calm and don’t overdo comments because it will be a lot of noise, but if you don’t get involved you will get a lot of profit.

If you were part of the fight, things get a bit more complicated because you will have to prove your greatness in a competition that no one wants to lose. Your agility and stealth will help you achieve victory, it will be a learning stage.

Dream about a komodo dragon chasing you

Facing a komodo dragon is a great feat, which means that you are about to face problems, from which you will emerge victorious due to your great strength and determination. But you could avoid them if you take into account that your self-sufficiency does not make you immune.

The problems to face are closer than you imagine because, just as you are confident and sure of yourself. You are also stubborn and you hardly accept contrary opinions, if you do not work on that aspect of your personality, you will have more than one problem.

Dream that several komodo dragons are chasing you

If you dream that many komodo dragons are chasing you, it is because they reflect your fear of radical changes and soon you will have to make a decision that will change the destiny of your life. Evaluate the situation from the point of view of your growth, it will make you feel safe.

Don’t waste time on unfounded doubts and take advantage of it to examine new projects and prepare solid arguments to defend your interests. Inspiration is present, leave doubts aside, the changes will be beneficial.

Dream about flying komodo dragon

This dream means that you feel prepared to face whatever comes, perhaps you are closing a stage in your life. Or you have a big project in sight, which announces that you will have to put all your confidence into practice, it may be what you have been looking for.

It can announce that luck is on your side, to materialize a project or to make a change that you wanted to do for a long time. Your personal motivations are at their peak, you will be able to impact others.

Dream of several komodo dragons flying

If you see several komodo dragons flying towards you and you are not afraid, it means that you will be part of a big project. Enjoy group activities and teamwork will bring you satisfaction of self-love.

It is also an omen that you will be up to the task of facing new challenges, control your nerves and those of others. Your thoughts will be immersed in new projects that will give you a burst of optimism and a strong dynamism.

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