When we dream of a labyrinth it can give us an idea of ​​how we feel in the journey of our life, the problems we have and the decisions we have to make. A maze is a puzzle that must be solved. It can lead you down a wrong path only to result in a crash, causing you to try again.

You have to make decisions and sometimes those decisions will be wrong. This is known as multicursal, or having more than one possible path from start to finish. An example of a Celtic labyrinth with only one path.

Traditionally a labyrinth has only one path . A single winding road that takes you to the center and back out again. It has long been considered a metaphor for life’s long wandering journey. This is known as a unicursal maze, which means there is only one path from start to center to finish.

Consider these different attributes to better understand what your dream about a maze is telling you. Was your path ever blocked or was it just long and wandering? Did you have to make decisions or was each turn free of obstacles? These answers are key to determining whether you encountered a labyrinth or a labyrinth in your dream, and each one has a very different meaning.

What it means to dream of labyrinths

feeling trapped

A maze can be difficult to solve. It is quite common in mazes that there are many false paths that result in dead ends. If you dream that you are in a maze and you are having difficulty finding your way, you may feel trapped somewhere in your life.

Perhaps you are struggling with a relationship, your finances, your career, or in some other area. This dream may be bringing this frustration to your awareness so that you can address it in a healthy way. Is there an option you’re not considering? A difficult decision you don’t want to make?

uncertainty, confusion

Just as mazes have dead ends, they have many paths to choose from. If you find yourself facing a maze (you are inside the maze or you might be doing a maze like puzzle in the dream) you may feel insecure about your path in life. You may not know which direction to go, you may feel lost , and you may be frustrated about something.

This symbol could refer to something quite big, like how you feel about your overall purpose in life, or it could be about something more everyday like choosing where to live, where to work, etc. On a positive note, if you are able to solve the maze in your dream, this could suggest that you are close to a solution or goal in your waking life.

What it means to dream of a labyrinth

Renaissance, Evolution, Transition

As you walk the only path through a maze, your perspective is constantly changing. You are walking on a spiral path that changes in front of your eyes visually, as well as forces you to continually change direction. This symbol has long been associated with change, transition, evolution, and rebirth.

As you walk the path you first move towards the center (your inner self) and then you are led back into the labyrinth, returning to the external world, changed in some way. If you found yourself walking this path in your dream, you may be going through or thinking about some kind of major change . Many things in dreams can represent change, but a labyrinthine dream strongly suggests that the changes are internal.

spiritual path, enlightenment

Many ancient peoples, including the Native Americans, Celts, Greeks, and Egyptians, have considered the labyrinth to be a symbol of the spiritual path. As has already been said, the path first leads in and then out, which can represent many things. Some cultures believed it represented a journey of personal spiritual growth, others used it to signify passing from this life to the next.

Take into consideration what else is going on in the dream as well as your waking life to better understand if your labyrinthine dream relates to this interpretation. If you are currently working on your spiritual development, this dream could be telling you that you are on the right path. Are you longing for more meaning in life? This could be telling you to turn within to find the answers you seek.

The totality

The spiral of the maze is like a snapshot of your entire life. It is the beginning and the end and everything in between. Represent your journey in its entirety. The perspective you had in your dream is important to consider here. Did you find yourself outside of a labyrinth, able to see it in its entirety? This dream could be about your feelings about your life or yourself, or your search for wholeness.

You may feel incomplete, or damaged in some way, but this dream could be telling you that you are already whole, complete, enough. You don’t need anything that you don’t already have within you. “Things outside are projections of what is inside you, and what is inside you is a projection of what is outside. So when you enter the labyrinth outside of yourself, you are at the same time entering the labyrinth within yourself.” – Haruki Murakami

Common dreams about labyrinths and their meanings

Now that we’ve covered some common topics about mazes and labyrinths, let’s take a look at some dream scenarios.

Trapped in a maze: You find yourself trapped in a maze and don’t know how to get out. This suggests that there is some problem in your life that you do not know how to solve. See related dream interpretation: Being trapped in a dream.

You are in a labyrinth: You are walking along the path inside a labyrinth. Where are you on the way? Near the beginning, the middle or the end? This dream probably has to do with your own life’s journey. If you’re close to the beginning, you could be embarking on something new and exciting. If you’re close to the center, you might feel a bit frustrated or impatient with how things are going. If you are nearing the end , this could indicate that you have recently gone through some kind of growth, or that you are nearing the completion of a project. Consider how you feel within the dream. Calm, unhurried, panicked, upset?

You are entering a maze: Entering a maze in a dream suggests that you have a problem or question that you are working on solving. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing, it can even be the start of an exciting mystery or project. Being at the entrance to the labyrinth suggests that you are beginning your quest and that it is not a theme that has been held for long.

You see a maze from above: If you see a maze from above, this suggests that you are standing back and ready to consider something from all angles, as a whole. This could mean it’s time to get serious and map out an action plan on a problem or goal, or it could be about gaining a new perspective on something you’re dealing with in your waking hours.

You are completing a maze: Completing a maze in your dream is a sign that you are facing your fears about something, or perhaps about to solve a problem. A maze is a puzzle and it takes both logic and perseverance to solve it. Completing one in your dream tells you that you have these qualities. This dream could also be about leaving behind a difficult period or situation. To better understand the meaning of your dream, ask yourself these questions:

  • What do you think of the labyrinths of everyday life?
  • Do you have any personal association with labyrinths?
  • Were you inside the labyrinth?
  • What other symbols appeared in the dream?
  • How did you feel inside the dream?
  • Do you feel lost or frustrated in some area of ​​your life?
  • Was your path blocked or clear?

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