What does it mean to dream about laughing

What does it mean to dream of laughing? It is often said that you have to laugh at least once a day to maintain a healthy life. Laughter expresses joy, exuberance, serenity. Laughter makes us happy, helps us release energy and pressure, and fills us with vitality by acting as a stimulus.

However, laughter is not always associated with humor or positive feelings. There is malicious, sadistic and hurtful laughter, and it can become a form of defense or an expression of shame and helplessness. There are sick people who sometimes laugh at their own madness.

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  • 1 What are the most frequent dreams about laughter?
  • 2 General interpretation of dreaming of laughing
  • 3 Psychological interpretation of dreaming of laughing
  • 4 Spiritual interpretation of dreaming of laughing


When we dream that we laugh with someone, the dream is considered as something promising and positive, harbinger of happiness in our life. Also when we dream that we laugh together, it shows us a sign of harmony and inner balance. If we dream that we laugh with a friend , we will share happy feelings with him in reality, at the same time that we can trust this friend if a problem arises.

On the contrary, if we dream that we laugh at someone, the dream warns us of our own arrogance.

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What does it mean to dream of laughing? There are times when dreaming of laughing makes us free ourselves from accumulated problems and tensions during sleep. Sometimes, this laugh tells us that we are taking life too seriously, especially when we appear in the dream laughing at some funny joke .

When analyzing the dream we must distinguish the type of laughter and the situation in which it happens. When the dreamer jokes or laughs, it can be a sign of ridicule, of inappropriate behavior that he regrets, feeling ashamed and rejected. When we laugh exaggeratedly it is usually a good sign. If we see others laugh at me, some kind of humiliation or mockery may await us. A fake laugh indicates concerns that may be greater than we think. If we hear a contemptuous laugh from someone, some illness or disappointment may await us.

What does it mean to dream of laughing? Here are some more interpretations:

  • Laughter of a child: Seeing or hearing a child laugh happily indicates joy and health.
  • Laughing at a strange object in an exaggerated way: indicates disharmony with the environment or disappointment.
  • Laughing at oneself: indicates that we will surround ourselves with happy people and that we will be successful in our projects.
  • Laughing at others: indicates satisfaction of our selfish desires.
  • Laughter from an old acquaintance: something that shames us from the past and that we have not overcome reappears.


When we interpret a dream in our daily lives, we must pay attention to the type of fun and laughter that exists. When we laugh together in a group, we strengthen the union and connection that exists in it.

Laughter is interpreted as a liberating sigh of the soul, and it can also mean that we finally found a way out of a situation that was confusing us.


The interpretation from the spiritual point of dreaming of laughing indicates an important achievement of the dreamer, especially when he laughs at himself.

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