Dream about light rain

A soft rain in the dream is associated with emotional problems that are about to come into our lives. We have to be very detailed with the events that occur in the dream in order to find a meaning. Dreaming of soft rain represents changes, purification and healing.

We must wait for the arrival of a great change in our lives. These changes can be about a job, a new love, or the ending of problems. We must be positive and think that the sun always rises after a storm.

dream of light rain

Running and having fun in a soft rain, augurs many new things that will make us very happy. But if we do not like the light rain and take shelter under a roof, it predicts problems that will soon come our way. If we are trapped in the rain for a long time, without being able to get out, it indicates that very difficult times are approaching. Only with the help of our family will we be able to cope with them.

dream of drizzle

A summer drizzle represents our determination and dedication to achieve our dreams. If a woman dreams that she is walking in a drizzle, it predicts that she will soon find out that she is pregnant.

Walking in a soft rain in the dream

If we don’t get too wet, it means that we will be able to avoid fights and arguments that lead to nothing. But if when walking we feel how the drops wet us, it alerts us to be aware of our health.

Meaning of dreaming of soft rain that we see through the window

It portends that we will be successful in business. It is the right time to start new goals, projects or businesses, because everything will be in our favor. But if we are inside the house and hear how the soft rain hits the roof, it indicates that we will soon suffer from health problems.

Sitting outside watching a drizzle

It indicates that many joys will come to the family, times of relaxation and sharing. Good news awaits us soon.

Stand in a soft rain

It indicates that we will improve in our business or find a better paying job. It also means that we will find the person who will be our partner for life. Everything that awaits us after this dream is positive.

Driving in the drizzle in the dream

If we are driving our car, it shows that obstacles will not be able to stop us from getting to where we want to be. There will be nothing standing between us and our dreams.

Jump in the puddles in a soft rain

It is a very hopeful dream, which shows that we will finally meet the right person for us and it will be the love of our life.

Dream of a cold drizzle

It predicts that we will soon be in trouble that may be very difficult to solve. This dream also calls us to look at ourselves a little more and analyze our way of being. We are being too explosive with the people who love us and if we don’t start to change our character, and see life with more joy, we will end up losing our family, and there will be no turning back.

See in our dream how the weather gets worse while it drizzles

He points out that the cause of the problems is ourselves, since instead of facing them and ending them, to be in peace and tranquility, we ignore them, hoping that they will disappear on their own, and that will never happen.

Being drenched from head to toe in a light rain

This dream means that we should not be so honest with others. We can hurt someone with our words.

Dream of soft rain without wind

This is the right moment for us, since we will be able to win and take advantage of a situation that keeps us stagnant.

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