What does it mean to dream about lightning? 5 dream interpretations

Lightning bolts symbolize power and raw energy . Such energy can be constructive and destructive at the same time. Dreams about lightning also have powerful symbolism. They indicate the changes needed and the destruction needed to make room for new things to come into our lives.

This dream is a symbol of major changes, as well as exchanging old things for new ones. Dreams about lightning can signify some sudden and unexpected changes in your life. They can also reflect your feelings, that something is very effective.

Sometimes they indicate easily solved problems. These dreams can also indicate suddenly getting great ideas or inspiration. Dreams about lightning could also indicate that you are releasing inner tensions. Perhaps you have been building up strong emotions for some time and are eager to release them, so you don’t choke on them.

Lightning in a dream can also indicate an emotional shock or some unexpected and sudden events. These dreams sometimes indicate spending pleasant moments with your family and with the people you love. Sometimes they can mean short-term happiness or chaos somewhere in your life.

In some cases, dreams about lightning can signify a surprising and dramatic turn of events. Perhaps you feel how dangerous some changes are. Perhaps this dream means your feelings about some irreversible changes or events in your life.

Dreaming of lightning can also represent your surprise at some unexpected changes or events. Sometimes they indicate the desired spiritual awakening. If lightning strikes near you, be prepared! One of your projects is going to take an unexpected turn in a negative way. You could even completely lose all the work you’ve done.

If lightning protects you in the dream, it means that a very powerful person is going to move all his influences to help you overcome all the difficulties you have. Like if it falls on a lightning rod; the same environment tells you that difficulties will not be able to defeat you in any way.

What does it mean to dream of lightning? 5 dream interpretations


If you saw lightning in a dream , that dream is usually a good sign, but it is not a sign of lasting happiness or it could mean some small improvements or strokes of good luck, which will not change your life for the better.

However, the interpretation of dreams with lightning depends a lot on the environment of the dream; if you saw one or many lightning bolts, if it destroyed property or if it caused you fear or admiration.

To help you in this, we present below a list of different interpretations on which you can base yourself to know the true meaning of your dream:

1-Dream with lightning and thunder

To dream that lightning strikes and then thunder is heard , means that you are going to be surprised by sudden events and bad news in the workplace.

If the lightning manages to destroy properties in the dream and the thunder is deafening, it is an omen that you will lose things that are very important to you; It can be related to losing your job, money, or even a loved one.

2-Dream with rays of light

Dreaming of seeing rays of light is a bad omen , it means that you are going to go through difficult times and you will need the support of those around you to be able to cope with situations safely and calmly. Having this dream indicates that you will have to face big problems very soon.

If you dream that a very imposing ray of light falls on you, you should be alert because a very serious illness will come to you or your family.

If, on the other hand, you dream of a very beautiful ray of light that, far from causing you fear, causes you admiration, it is good luck; you will receive many opportunities to succeed in your life. You must not miss them.

3-Dream with lightning and rain

Dreaming of lightning accompanied by heavy rain and black clouds indicates that you are currently in a deep depression that you are unable to overcome in order to move forward with your projects. You feel sad and powerless and your subconscious is reflecting it. You must remain calm and let off steam but without allowing yourself to be dragged down by depression.

Witnessing a storm where lightning and rain are witnessed in dreams is related to the hidden fears that we have and that we must overcome promptly in order to continue growing in all aspects of our lives.

4- dream of thunderbolts and lightning

Dreaming of lightning accompanied by thunderbolts can mean success or failure, depending on the scope of the dream.

If the producer ray by which the lightning is produced falls close to the dreamer shaking him, it means that that person will have very good luck but his actions will have harmful consequences for those around him.

If you dream that you are seeing lightning, lightning and thunder in the sky , accompanied by black clouds, it is a harbinger of sadness and bad luck approaching. If the lightning strikes us in the dream but does not cause us any damage, it indicates that we will soon meet a person who will bring us momentary satisfaction.

Lightning in a dream can also mean that love unexpectedly enters your life. It could mean a new romantic interest in the near future or renewal of love, for the one already in a relationship.

5-dream with rays of colored light

If you dream of contemplating rays of very beautiful colors it is a harbinger of good fortune, soon positive events and projects will be presented to you that will be very successful and will represent a new hope for you and your loved ones.

Most of the dreams with lightning do not usually have very positive interpretations, so they should be taken with serenity and positivism, the advantage of knowing the meaning is being able to have the tools to face future situations before they arise.


I hope I have been able to help you with this article and remember, the idea is not to get depressed and throw yourself into the abyss if you dreamed of a lightning strike that shattered your house, but rather to quickly find a way to face problems and emerge victorious from them.

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