Dream About Liquor Bottles

Dreaming of liquor bottles symbolizes love, problems, hopes, solutions, obstacles, envy, dreams, success and achievements.

Liquor bottles in dreams mostly alert us to upcoming problems, although they can also portend positive things that will happen in our lives. To know more exactly the meaning of this dream, we must remember its details, since they are very important for its interpretation.

Dream About Liquor Bottles 

When we dream of bottles of liquor and we see that they are full, it predicts that we will soon overcome all problems in love and reorganize our lives. To have a dream where the liquor bottles are empty, predicts problems that are to come. Opening a bottle of liquor predicts that we will soon be involved in a great dispute that will be generated by our fault. After that dispute we will lose the support of people who have always supported us.

Breaking a bottle of liquor means that there is an envious person who will hurt us a lot. Hitting someone with a bottle of liquor shows the disagreement we have with our love life. Entering a cellar full of bottles of liquor predicts that we will have a very pleasant surprise in the family.

See champagne bottles

If we open the bottle of champagne and foam comes out of the spout, it predicts that we will meet a very knowledgeable person, and we will be very attracted in all aspects. Seeing a bottle of champagne indicates that we are very frivolous people. We have to start being more demonstrative with the people we appreciate. Having a dream where we drink champagne from the top of a bottle indicates that we are very demanding with the people around us. Serving champagne with the bottle in a glass indicates that we will feel disappointed with the attitude of a friend.

vodka bottles

Seeing bottles of vodka in the dream represents the anxiety that we are feeling. The fear and loneliness we are going through. All these feelings make it difficult to deal with people. Drinking vodka from a bottle shows that we will meet someone who will make us very happy with his company. Buying a bottle of vodka signifies the desire we feel to be invisible.

If the liquor bottle is cognac

The meaning of a dream where we appreciate the bottles of cognac predicts that our life will be very prosperous and full of success, thanks to our efforts. Seeing a bottle of cognac in a store indicates that we are on the right path to achieve our goals. Buying a bottle of cognac shows that thanks to our persistence we will achieve our dreams.

dream of beer bottles

If we grab a bottle of beer and it is sticky, it indicates that our way of being, so relaxed, will affect our family finances. We have to be more active and thus we will meet our goals. If we drop a bottle of beer and it breaks, it indicates that we are very lazy, and we will not achieve anything until we manage to change our attitude.

See whiskey bottles

Drinking whiskey from a bottle indicates that we are very selfish people and are not interested in other people’s feelings. Breaking a bottle of whiskey predicts that we will lose great friends because of our bad attitude. Buying a bottle of whiskey portends that we will not achieve our goals.

If the bottle is gin

It is a very good omen, as it announces that we will finally let out our repressed emotions and begin to make good decisions.

Dream About Brandy Liquor Bottles

And drinking from it, or seeing someone else drinking from the bottle, bodes well for good news. This dream also indicates that we are not very critical of ourselves. Our laziness and little curiosity will seriously affect our economic income.

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