Dream about listening to music

Music plays a very important role in our lives, we usually listen to it in the car, at home, in stores, on cell phones, on television and it makes us feel a series of different emotions and feelings, depending on what is happening in our lives. That is why it is very important to know the meaning of dreaming of listening to music, in order to better understand what our dream wanted to tell us.

Although most of the time this dream portends pleasant things, we must take into account our mood while listening to the music in the dream. Since if our mood is calm or happy, it portends good things, but if our mood is uncomfortable or unpleasant, it predicts problems or difficulties in different areas of our lives.

dream of listening to music

Listening to music and enjoying it in the dream indicates that we are very positive people. We see the future full of opportunities that we can take advantage of to achieve our goals. Turning on the radio to listen to music portends that we will spend a pleasant time enjoying a lot of good things. If the music we listen to is discordant, or the lyrics are not correct, it portends problems with a member of the house.

If the music we are listening to is funeral, it predicts the beginning of a stage with a lot of pain and sadness. When the music we listen to makes our ears hurt, it indicates difficulties and failures in business. Crying while listening to sad music portends problems in the family. If the music we listen to is jazz, it shows that an event will unleash a storm of mixed feelings, which we will not know how to overcome. Listening to the music of a hymn predicts economic problems. If we are in a car listening to music, promise fun activities that will help us relax.

If the music comes from a sound system

Listening to music from a sound system indicates that we will have a quiet life with a lot of happiness. Putting rock on a sound system alerts us to possible illness. If the music from the sound system is very loud, it indicates that we are influenced by bad people.

Dream about listening to music in the background

When the background music is happy, it indicates that we will spend moments of great fun with our friends. If the background music we hear comes from a radio, it indicates that someone close to us will get into serious trouble. Listening to classical music in the background means that we will have tedious talks that will delay our plans.

See you’re at a concert

Being in the middle of a rock concert listening to music indicates that we will have to face something that we have been avoiding for a long time, but later we will regret not having faced it before. We will realize that it was not as difficult as we imagined. If we enjoy listening to music at a concert, point out that we will do fun activities with the family.

Meaning of dreaming of listening to classical music

Enjoying classical music indicates that we are very melancholic and would like to return to the past. If we don’t like the classical music we listen to, it shows that we are convinced that nothing good can happen to us. When we get closer to our family, we will realize how wrong we are. Listening to classical music in a concert predicts that a very important event will change the course of our lives.

Listen to the music of a violin

If the music we hear is from a violin we are playing, it shows that we will take the initiative and start a new project. Everything will go as planned and we will feel proud.

Dream of listening to romantic music

When we listen to romantic music in the dream, it indicates that we feel satisfied with our life and we have peace within.

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