Dream about losing a shoe

In most dream dictionaries, shoes represent the way we act in life. That is why dreaming of losing a shoe means that many problems and difficulties await us, including fights, witchcraft, loss of business, money, envy, jealousy and dishonesty on the part of people close to us.

Shoes can also symbolize beauty, creativity, opportunities and our way of unfolding.

dream of losing a shoe

If we lose a shoe, it portends that we will express our thoughts soon, and that will cause us problems with some people who will not understand our point of view. This dream also means that for now we must wait a while to start new businesses, since at this time luck is not in our favor. If the shoe we lose is a heel, it indicates that big changes are coming within the family. If we lose a shoe in a place where there are many people, it reveals our unwillingness to progress in life. We want a lot, but we want everything to be easy.

Lose shoe in a park

When we lose a shoe in a park or field, it signals that we are not yet ready to take big steps into the future. We should postpone plans for a while longer, until we are more sure of what we want for our lives.

Meaning of dreaming of losing a shoe that someone gave us

This puts us on alert about people who are doing acts of witchcraft against us, to harm our marriage or our partner. That person in real life pretends to be good and is very nice to us. We have to be vigilant to find out who she is and get away from her. Also this dream can indicate that we are being totally controlled by our partner. This is as a result of a black magic work that someone did to us, and it makes us so subdued. It’s time to wake up and break the chains that bind us to be ourselves again.

Dream where we both lose

And we cannot find them anywhere, it is a very bad sign, since it predicts problems and distances with our love partner. We have to take this dream into account if we want to recover our partner.

Meaning of dreaming of losing a shoe in the street

It shows that we are not giving our all. We are wasting time on unimportant things, and that will bring down our business. If we don’t react soon, we will end up going out of business.

Take off our shoes and then not find them

If after taking off our shoes we lose them, it indicates that soon we will have to turn our lives around. Maybe we will have to move far away, start a new relationship or a new job.

Explanation of dreaming of losing a shoe in the house

Losing a shoe inside the house shows us that we will forget something that is very important to us. If we lose a single shoe, but we have the other, it indicates that at this time we do not know what we really want for our lives.

Losing one that is too big for us

It means that we will end a relationship, whether love or friendship, because the other person does not meet our expectations. Seeing ourselves walking in the big shoes and losing them in the dream signals that people will be the first to blame us for making a bad decision.

Dream of losing an old shoe

It augurs the end of our loving couple, but it can also mean that business will not turn out as planned and all the dreams we had will be left behind. If the old shoes that we lose are missing the sole, it shows that someone will make us look ridiculous in front of others, and we will feel betrayed.

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