What does it mean to dream about lucid

What does it mean to have lucid dreams

Who has not experienced having dreams? Any person, in the course of his life, has had dream visions, some more frequently than others. It is a very common practice when sleeping, we perceive any type of images and sensations, which are regularly related to reality. 

There is another type of dreams, the so-called “Lucid“, they are those visions in which people are aware of dreaming , it is an ancient practice, which has been admitted in multiple cultures, for example in Tibetan Buddhism dreams are considered as another reality and through practices and teachings the adept assimilates them, recognizes them, dominates them and can induce them. 

It is a world parallel to the existing one, whoever has this experience remains aware and willing to control it, therefore, they can change its content and give free rein to their imagination.

You’ve probably had a lucid dream and you don’t remember it, or you’re not sure about the sensation you experienced. This condition does not usually occur, there are different levels of work and practices to achieve it . 

Surely when you get a dream experience of this type, you will feel the need to have one again, you can do it when and where you want, nothing prevents you.   

After a while and after analyzing dreams, you may realize that there are certain schemes that can be repeated to prepare your mind: For example, dreaming of cars; It would be important that when you see a car in reality, you realize if you are dreaming or not, that is, to check the objectivity of the visions.

Lucid Dreams: Fact or Fiction

Whoever has had an experience of this type, understands that what he is experiencing in that vision does not correspond to physical reality , but rather belongs to that world of dreams and fantasy where he is submerged. 

To be clear and find an answer to what is happening, the dreamer must ask himself the following question: is it a dream or not? , then observe the context where it is and the situations that surround it. 

The understanding of this fact is noticeable once you are flying over it and at some point, you realize that you can control the experience you live , you realize the coherence of everyday things, such as: turning on or off the lights, talk on the phone or write. 

The art of navigating dreams

This is something that takes a long time, it can take weeks or months, but when it is achieved, an intensely gratifying and very pleasant sensation is achieved . You must have discipline and above all practice, if you join these two “rules” you will achieve a lucid dream

On the other handit is necessary to have a lot of confidence in yourself and be persistent , under no reason should you be discouraged if the experience does not work or does not work. Once you have the ability to dream lucidly, your dreams are no longer just dreams. dreams. 

According to the experience achieved, you can experience navigation levels: high or low . In order to be at the high navigation level and know every detail, detail or perceived image, you must have a deep concentration, a key point to achieve it. 

On the other hand, the state of low lucidity, shows you some data or references that give a different feeling to the person who experiences them, he is the owner of the situation, in this sense, he may have an elevation, but he will feel that he is in a sleep.

Lucid dreams: communication with the subconscious and your inner self

Dreams are fleeting or intense representations that appear at any time , they are characterized by evoking experiences or events that have marked us intensely or that may be disturbing us today. 

They are closely related to the subconscious and the inner self, which allows you to know that part of you that you guard with suspicion: your motivations, desires, values ​​and everything you believe in. It is not an easy undertaking, the fact that a person can connect with his inner self , on many occasions it is difficult to achieve a connection with that world so tangled and intertwined. 

Those visions that are had when sleeping, reveal what we are experiencing , in some cases they can be scenarios that do not merit our concern; if, on the other hand, events reverberate again and again in our minds, they should not be ignored. 

Fortunately, our perceptions are scanned by common dreams or by fleeting visions that act on our perceptions as cathartic elements, which help to interpret what happens to us, thus, they become advantageous instruments to find answers and therefore, solve problems. what worries us and produces mixed emotions. 

What is expressed in dream representations is a very broad, extensive and deep matter . For certain people the fact of experiencing them does not represent anything interesting and in this sense, they ignore them; on the contrary, there is a long generation of individuals, who maintain them in a place of honor and have become transcendental events in their day to day, because they embody everything that touches them internally, therefore, they decide to explore them in depth. 

Thus, the dreamer becomes a self-reflective being and tries to be more thorough in his investigation, because he knows that every detail carries with it an explicit message. In this sense , lucid dreams provide a greater reflective capacity to the dreamer . 

Lucid dreams: cons and benefits

You have probably heard many comments about this practice, only those who experience it can give a fair answer about it. To obtain answers to our dream questions, we must begin by recognizing the fact that dreaming is a powerful tool that includes visual representations and symbols that link the conscious with the unconscious. 

On any occasion, dream visions can appear in our dreams, therefore, it is very useful to be able to digest and decipher them and give them the value they represent since they have a restorative action for the disturbances that we experience throughout our lives. Knowing that inner reality and seeking to translate it is a very important fact because we can take a radical turn regarding the dissolution of our conflicts.

We know that problems and setbacks cause havoc in our lives, however small they may be, they motivate us and lead us to feel anguish, fear and uncertainty. Channeled dream visions, interpreted or analyzed by ourselves, produce great benefits for us, in the short or long term, so we must stop and take them seriously.

If at any time in your life you have experienced a lucid dream, surely you could feel mixed feelings, pleasure, emotion, euphoria and joy . By inserting yourself within the context of dream trips, you will be able to experience and perceive more emotions, something that the less experienced, who will only feel the basics, do not achieve.

You will be able to feel vibrations throughout your body, or what is known as detachment. These effects are usually felt in the hands, feet and legs, it is a kind of emanation and activation of energies. On the other hand, you will realize through a sound called intracranial, that you are about to leave your body consciously.

You will also experience a strange sensation of elevation , it is something indescribable, that is felt in the trunk area, the body relaxes but the brain activity continues to function, it does not relax.

Finally you will feel a very accentuated sensation of freedom, being outside your body, you will experience an unparalleled lightness. The body floats to the place you indicate, travel to many places, you will also be able to see your body next to the bed, see yourself. From that lived reality, your way of seeing things will no longer be the same, you will fill your daily life with adventure, creativity and fantasy.

Lucid dreams and sexual dream experiences 

Sex is a natural element of the human being , it is present in society, in our daily lives, in everything that surrounds us. Therefore, experiencing an erotic dream is not abnormal, it is more common than one imagines, as in other dream visions, the context, situations and life experiences influence its interpretation. 

Dreaming about sex, on many occasions, does not deal with the act itself, it refers to many psychological facts, for example, it can be related to an inner need, or from the subconscious to fuse elements of your dream partner to your conscious person.

In this sense, it is important to know that person of your dreams, to know what he is like, what attracts you to him and how you feel with him in your lucid life, in order to understand what happens in your affective life, specifically to better understand your relationship with him. others.

Sex refers to a universe of possibilities. When talking about dreams related to this topic, we automatically delve into unraveling many elements that are involved in it. 

It is common to talk with friends and hear from them that they have had sexual experiences with a character that appears in their dreams, this should not embarrass or worry us, because they can become dream representations of themselves. On the other hand, it is necessary to analyze if they are part of a punishment towards their psyche, representations or aspirations in their self-esteem.

Lucid dreams allow greater freedom and therefore dreamers maintain an excessive frequency to experience them . As for sex, they are very effective in achieving pleasurable orgasms with unknown and, in many cases, even forbidden characters.

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