In this article we give you the keys to understand the meaning of dreaming about gifts. Gifts in our dreams can be as full of surprises as they are in our waking lives. In general, seeing gifts, giving gifts, and receiving gifts in a dream are all positive experiences, although it is occasionally possible to have a negative connotation towards presents and gifts.

What does it mean to dream of gifts?

Most of the time when we dream of a gift, it can be a sign of positive feelings and abundance . Sometimes we can feel that we are very lucky with the way something is happening in our lives. It can also be a symbol of gratitude. Typically, when we think about getting a gift, we are very happy about it. We usually really enjoy the gift we were given and appreciate the thought and effort the gift giver has put into it.

However, some people have feelings about gifts that are complicated. Have you ever had to give a gift to someone you didn’t like? “Giving a required gift” can be very frustrating for both giver and receiver. Or, maybe you’ve received a gift from someone in real life and really hated the item. An ugly sweater that doesn’t fit you, or maybe some kind of generic item that doesn’t really reflect your true interests or that the person cared about you.

Sometimes receiving a gift can make us feel guilty or inadequate . If you are humble or have low self-esteem, you may think that you don’t deserve gifts or that receiving a gift is appropriate. If you have blocks about wealth and abundance in your life, you may also have some feelings about gifts that need to be addressed in order to have the financial situation you want.

Gifts in a dream can also be related to our own unique talents and special abilities. Are there any talents you’re not using fully? Do you have a knack for easily doing something that others can’t?

Common Types of Gift Dreams

Giving a gift: Giving someone a gift in a dream shows your generosity towards others. However, if you give someone a lot of gifts, it can symbolize your need to be accepted or to be aggressive in the relationship.

Receiving a gift: Receiving a gift in your dream symbolizes that you have an open mind and are accepting of others. It can mean that you hope to receive good news or that a good event could happen. You can also feel a lot of appreciation and gratitude towards someone, and dreaming of received gifts is a way of processing those feelings of gratitude!

Jealousy – If you feel jealous in your dream that someone received a gift but you did not, it symbolizes jealousy in other parts of your life.

“A gift horse”: There is an expression that says “do not look a gift horse in the mouth”, which means to be cautious with the person who gives the gift. If this applies, think about the person giving the gift in the dream and ask yourself if they may be deceitful in some way.

Pile of Gifts: Seeing a large pile of gifts symbolizes that you have many talents and abilities discovered. You may be working on bringing some form of abundance into your life.

Anticipation : Believing that you will receive a gift symbolizes your anticipation about something in your waking life.

Bad gifts: Opening a gift and finding something terrible or repulsive inside symbolizes that looks can be deceiving or that you are experiencing disappointment or deception. You may feel that someone is not taking into account your needs or feelings. Gifts can be very interesting symbols in our dreams!

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