Dreaming of a man, regardless of your sex or sexual orientation, is related to rivalry, competitiveness, envy. Dreams in which an unknown man appears are more related to these aspects, with what you want to achieve by all means, with the need you have to demonstrate a certain capacity to others or to someone specific.

However, when you dream of a known man , the meaning turns more to the emotional ties that exist with that man, what he means or meant in your life.

On the other hand, the appearance of the man who appears in the dream could also qualify the meaning.

Dream of an unknown man

When you dream of an unknown man you will have to observe the rest of the details that are seen in the dream itself, such as the appearance of the man, the clothes he is wearing, what he does, if he interacts with you or not…

In general, dreaming of an unknown man reveals your competitive capacity, the envy you may feel towards someone around you, the rivalry between you and another person.

Dream of a known man

If you dream of a known man you will have to pay attention to who it is, if it is your partner, your ex, a family member, a friend, someone from work… and in the same way you will have to remember details of that dream, if you talk with the man, if something happens between that person and you since these details will clarify and specify the meaning much more.

In general, dreaming of a known man highlights the existing relationship or that has existed between that person and you, what it means or meant in your life, what remains to be lived with that person, as well as the affective ties, the problems existing or the obstacles that prevent comprehension or understanding.

Dreaming of a man of another race

If you dream of a man of a different race than yours, it means that you have to change some aspects of your life in order to be completely happy or to be able to get where you want.

It is possible that you set limits for yourself, that you have certain prejudices or that you do not take into account the needs of other people in your environment.

Dream of a man dressed in black

Dreaming of a man dressed in black reflects that you are going through a stage of sadness, melancholy, anxiety or that you are very excited, this situation you are experiencing may be caused by an event that justifies it and that you will have to overcome little by little. Or is it just a passing phase?

Dream of a man dressed in white

On the contrary, dreaming of a man dressed in white symbolizes hope, change, positive transformation, leaving behind the negative and overcoming problems.

Having this dream is a very good omen.

Dream of a man dressed as a woman

Dreaming of a man dressed as a woman reflects those aspects of your life that you hide, that you reserve or that you do not dare to show for some reason.

This dream represents in a certain way the feelings, needs or desires that you repress and to which you do not give voice or visibility.

dream of a naked man

If you dream of a naked man, it means that you are a shy or shy person, that it is difficult for you to show yourself in public or to exhibit yourself, that you feel ashamed to show yourself as you are or a part of yourself.

However, this dream can also be the announcement that you are going to experience an event or situation that tests that shyness.

Dream of a wounded man

If you dream of a wounded or sick man, this represents your own weakness, the fact that you do not feel strong enough or capable of achieving what you want to overcome a problem or face a certain situation.

dream of a dead man

Dreaming of a dead man is a bad omen since it can be the announcement of a defeat that you are going to suffer soon, a disappointment or bad news that ruins your hopes or efforts made to achieve something.

dream of a handsome man

When you dream of a handsome, attractive man, with a good presence, it means that you feel safe or sure of yourself, that you feel capable of achieving your goals and at the same time it is the omen that with that attitude you will be able to achieve, stand out, claim a mighty victory or beat your rivals.

dream of a young man

Dreaming of a young man represents your immaturity, your insecurity and in some cases the irresponsibility that has led you to make certain mistakes, to behave inappropriately or to act irresponsibly.

When you have this dream you must stop to reflect on your last actions or decisions and on the next ones that you are going to carry out, as well as the consequences that may derive from them.

dream of an old man

Dreaming of an old, mature man represents wisdom, protection and stability.

This dream is very positive since you are going through a moment in your life in which you know what you want, you are clear about your path and you are going to carry out what truly makes you happy.

Dream about a man you like

If you dream of a man that you like, you are attracted to or for whom you feel admiration or some kind of feeling, it means that there are aspects of your life that are not as you wish, that do not make you happy, that you do not like, you may feel envy. by someone in your environment who does have it or you feel unhappy or unhappy at some point in the face of the impossibility of possessing what you love so much.

Dream of a man attacking you

When you dream that a man attacks you, it means that you should be careful in your environment in general, whether in the professional field, in the social field, in the family or in the sentimental field, since there are one or more people who rival you, who They envy you and will not hesitate to hurt you when the time comes, even speaking ill of you or trying to interfere in your life.

Dream of a man kissing you

If you dream that a man kisses you, it is a very good omen as it announces luck, success, abundance, favorable developments in your life and wonderful opportunities or desired changes that will improve your life or a part of it.

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