What does it mean to dream about many coffins

What does it mean to dream of many coffins

Dreaming of many coffins is for people who have a characteristic that prevents their growth, and this does not involve other people, that is, they are harming themselves. If you manage to correct this, wonderful things await you because you are a person who awaits great opportunities.

If you see several coffins , it is because you are a person who sees changes as problems, since you do not like to leave your comfort zone and prefer to maintain the life you have today without complications. But do not feel bad about this, since it is a human instinct. And if you have dreamed it is because you want to change and you know that great things await you, therefore you cannot continue the same.

The bad thing is that you are a very negative person that at the first stumble you consider that it is going wrong and you throw in the towel. Surely you are remembering some scenes from the past where you have acted that way.

What you need to obtain is patience to wait for the results of what you are working on today. Many times we leave things when they are about to materialize. Do not rush, surely you yourself are taking away the possibility of obtaining the desired results.

If we dream of many closed coffins, what you need to do is get out of the routine and try things that at first seem complicated. This is the only way to change the mentality you have and be able to be a person who can achieve wonderful things.

Be careful that this general interpretation is for when you see the closed coffins, in case you see several open coffins the interpretation is immediately in the variants.

On the other hand, you may be interested in dreaming of coffins and the dead .

Dream of 2 closed coffins

If you see 2 coffins it symbolizes how good you are and you are always thinking of others, however, that makes you put aside yourself and end up hurting yourself.

It’s time to think more about yourself to have a full life.

Also, if you continue in this way, people can abuse your good will and harm you. So you must change the mentality in those aspects.

Dream of 3 closed coffins

You are achieving an important change but you still have doubts about yourself. This shows that you are on the right track and you are maturing in the best way.

Many times we lack patience but I assure you that you are closer to your goals than you think.

So, if there are 3 coffins, it is a sign for you not to change course and follow the same path you traveled to achieve your goals, it is not the time to deviate.

Dream of many open coffins

If you see several coffins that are open, it means that you are very irregular with your mood. Sometimes they are in the mood to take on the world but suddenly you lose all that optimism and you become a negative person.

You don’t realize it, but your subconscious does and those around you too. Many can get fed up with that way of being yours. So it will be good for you to observe yourself objectively at least from now on for a while. Think before you take an action or say something

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