What does it mean to dream about many scorpions

What does it mean to dream of many scorpions

Dreaming of many scorpions has the symbology of betrayal, that is, you must remain alert to this possibility. The number of scorpions you see in your dream means the number of enemies around you.

When you have many possessions or reach your achievements, the possibility that those around you will feel envy is quite great. Be careful not to brag so much about them, you may be endangering what cost you so much effort.

Scorpions in a dream can cause you a lot of anguish, because they are animals that leave their poisons stuck. For the same reason, you must be very careful with the people around you, because they can leave you with their bad vibes.

It is a dream that also reflects the fear of death, the fear of suffering due to betrayal. You must not allow that fear to prevent you from moving forward, there is always the risk of losing, but also of winning.

Sometimes it reflects your negative feelings towards someone, be careful not to continue harboring feelings of revenge. It is you who will be hurt if you go down that path, worry about achieving your goals and being happy.

Seeing yourself surrounded by many scorpions or seeing a specific number of them indicates that you may be exposed to their attack. Some people may collude to harm you, you must be cautious and surround yourself with good friends.

It is not a good time to make alliances or investments, it is better to wait for things to be more objective. Do not rush to make a profit, the moment is not appropriate since you can lose everything because of a deception.

It is different from seeing a large scorpion or several small scorpions in your dream, because this is a warning that there are many who are trying to hurt you. So you have to be much more careful.

Dream of many scorpions in the house

Seeing many scorpions in your house is an announcement of problems with the family, the rivalry can lead to them getting hurt. Take care of your words if you find yourself involved in an argument, offenses are not easy to forget. Do not rush to take action,

It may also be that you have a certain fear of externalizing something very intimate of yours, that you prefer to keep it hidden because of criticism. If you feel like you’re not ready to say it yet, it’s best to keep it that way for now.

Dream of many scorpions in your room

This dream of seeing scorpions in your room is warning you that someone you trust is generating gossip that can affect your reputation. Take care not to tell some intimacies, it can cost you many tears.

Sometimes this dream refers to the secrets that you can keep from someone, and lately you are feeling regret about it. Analyze the situation especially if it is harming another, confronting the cause of it.

Dream of 2 scorpions

If you have this dream it is because you are at a crossroads, you will have to choose between two options that you think are bad. Do not lose objectivity in this decision, it is always better to do the right thing and not just go for the least bad.

You also have this dream of seeing two scorpions, when you have to deal with a person that you know is very different from you. You know that there will be a clash of ideas and therefore a confrontation, that happens many times so it is better to learn to be practical.

Dream of 3 scorpions

Seeing three scorpions in your dream tells you that you will have to fight hard to reach the balance point in your life, the first thing is not to fall into pessimism. Everything depends on you and the effort you put into it, you have shown that you can achieve everything if you put your mind to it.

Sometimes it is a warning of a big change, which will then be followed by a personal renewal that will bring success. However, to achieve this you will have to kill your own demons, that is, change your feelings of resentment, hatred and pessimism

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