Dream about many teeth

Dreaming of many teeth is a somewhat complicated dream. Since this should be something positive for you, but in reality it is reflecting a negative aspect of your personality. Specifically, it symbolizes that you have a certain superiority complex. We tell you why.

First you should know that dreaming of teeth should not be a bad dream. Because this in itself means the security you have. In addition, it shows that you are an optimistic person among other things that may interest you.

However, dreaming of many teeth means that you try to convey security to others, but many times you do not have moderation with this. Making many times you unintentionally dislike the people you know.

Many times people who dream of many teeth are people who try to appear strong, but inside they are actually not so strong people. This may be your case if you dreamed of this.

If so, you are a person who tries to pretend what he really is not. Be very careful with that because you will have problems in the long run with your personality.

And it’s very clear that people will start to hate you. You are aware of that, and for that reason you have had this dream. Your subconscious alerts you to change and be more honest with yourself, control your emotions and think before you speak. If not, you will lose the trust of the people who love you the most.

Now, you should know that there are some contexts of seeing many teeth in your dream. Depending on these the meaning will change.

Dream of many teeth in the mouth

Dreaming of many teeth eating you or having it in your mouth would be a good sign. Since although it is true that you have a certain superiority complex, you are very aware and you are leaving it aside. This is because you have probably already had bad times for being the way you are.

You should never forget to put yourself in the other’s shoes and know what you would like and what you would not like them to say about you. This attitude will serve you so that you can even get important opportunities in life.

Dream of many fallen teeth

If you see a lot of teeth that are knocked out or on the floor, this means that you are mostly a person who appears aspects of what you are not really.

This is filling you with stress and can be very bad in the future. Stop fooling yourself and seek to be yourself. That will help you to be a better person and even to understand others.

Dream of many teeth in your hand

When we dream of seeing that there are many teeth in our hands, it means that you are afraid of losing the people you have by your side today. Since the hands symbolize relationships in general.

When it comes to seeing many teeth in our palm, it means that we are aware that we are not treating well or we are not valuing the people who are closest to us.

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