What does it mean to dream about marriage

Many people believe in marriage as the basis for consolidating a relationship in the legal and religious field, when we talk about a wedding, it is the symbol of eternal love that unites 2 individuals in life forever. But, the meaning of  dreaming about marriage can lie in other concepts or interpretations of life.

There are different ways to have a dream with a wedding , it can be your own ceremony as someone else’s, you could also dream of a wedding ring or that you celebrate it, whatever the case, each scenario means something different.

Dreams where there is a marriage proposal

When you dream that they ask you to marry

It reveals that you are in a healthy environment, with relatives who care and love you, just as you love them. A dream with a wedding that is represented in this way is the result of having a very close social bond, who will accompany you to fulfill your goals.

Another meaning of dreaming about marriage being proposed to you is indicative that the promises you have made will affect people close to you, either for better or for worse.

Thus, carefully evaluate the circumstances, if they are positive, go ahead, but if they could negatively affect others, ask yourself if it is worth taking the risk.

When you dream that you propose marriage to your partner

If you dream of asking your partner for her hand, and they say yes, it means that you are ready to take an important step in consolidating your relationship.

Meaning of dreaming that they give you a wedding ring

It focuses on your love life, if you already have a partner, do not hesitate to be with that person for the rest of your life, since the dream indicates that it is your soulmate. In case you don’t have someone by your side, there is a person who will try to knock on the doors of your heart.

Whatever your case, stay open to whoever comes into your life, it will probably be the one with whom you will share the rest of your days.

Dreaming of a wedding and rings

If you dream of wedding rings

It probably talks about your love life, its meaning is positive, since it is indicative that you are on the right track. Both you and your partner are focused on living together in harmony, always keeping what brought you together intact.

Dreams with wedding rings that you lose

In this case, you must visualize well what problems there are in your relationship, this problem can affect your bond. Therefore, communication is one of the bases of maintaining a good relationship, therefore, talk to your partner, if you really love each other, you will overcome what you owe.

Meaning of dreaming about celebrating a wedding

You are at a point in your life where you have matured enough to take the next step, so if you are currently thinking about getting married, there is no doubt that you have the right mindset to make this decision.

Dreams in which you attend a marriage

When dreaming that you attend a marriage but you do not have a partner

It is the feeling you feel when you are calm even when you do not have someone by your side, it lies in the self-sufficiency of being able to plan primary goals before looking for something sentimental.

Meaning of a marriage but you are accompanied

dream with marriage, in which you have a partner, is that love conflicts could be coming, therefore, it is best that you try to talk with your counterpart, come up with something to improve any aspect that could harm them.

dream of someone else’s marriage

If you dream of someone else’s marriage

It is a dream of good omen, since you will soon enjoy great moments and celebrations, so without a doubt, in the short term, you will have great events that will motivate your happiness.

If you dream of your ex’s wedding

Having this type of dream means that you long for a past, exactly a person with whom you shared feelings of love and still long to be with him or her.

Wedding dreams in general

You dream of your own wedding

It brings with it a rather discouraging meaning, since it is linked to your health, therefore, you should think carefully about the feelings you had during the dream and how the person who officiated the wedding was dressed.

If you dream of marriage and you see this person was dressed in black, but you felt happiness, do not worry, it is a harbinger of good news to come.

On the contrary, if the person you saw was in white, but you did not feel happy, but rather confused, there are unwanted situations that will come into your life, so you must be prepared to know how to respond, more than anything. if it is linked to your health, since everything can aggravate if you do not pay attention.

Another meaning could be that there is envy, perhaps you still do not accept the breakup or you are still in love with this person even when he or she has already made life with someone else.

Dream about preparing for a wedding

When dreaming in this way, it is because you feel worried about certain aspects of your life that you want to work, perhaps some project in which you have put a lot of effort.

Even when you have planned it, perhaps you feel that concern for everything to go well, making you feel nervous and reflecting it in your subconscious at the same time.

When you dream of a civil marriage

More than anything it is aimed at rejecting or simply not believing in religions and the ecclesiastical, you are a person who does not believe in divinity.

Dreaming of marriage but your mother does not accept it

It has a couple of possible interpretations, the first is that the person is not ideal for you, and the second is that your own family does not trust that person.

Dream about hidden marriage

Its interpretation indicates that you fear for something that comes to light, perhaps it has to do with your personal life.

Dreams about a wedding that is canceled

It has a lot to do with your plans or goals, in one way or another, they are not being fully fulfilled as you thought. Therefore, you must plan new methods to get what you are looking for without losing the right path.

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