In the world of dreams, medicines or medications regardless of the format they present; pills, syrup, injections… symbolize the help you need at that moment, help in a complicated situation does not necessarily have to refer to a health issue or related to an ailment or disease but to any area of ​​your life.

Therefore, dreaming of drugs or medicines is always positive since it announces that you will receive special and necessary help to be able to solve a problem, get out of a quagmire or improve in any area of ​​life or situation.

Dreaming of medicines, with medicines

Dream that you take medicine

If you dream that you take medications, whether in pills, syrup or injectables, it means that you are going to improve in that situation that worries you, worries you or that means a lot to you right now. It can be related to physical or mental health, as with any aspect of life such as love, work, the economy…

This dream may also be revealing that this improvement or recovery could come thanks to the help or intervention of someone close to you.

Dream that you see someone take medicine

  • If you dream that you see a person take medication, it means that this person, if known to you , will need your help to face, solve or overcome something, they will need advice, your support, your understanding or a favor.
  • If the person you see taking medication in the dream is someone you do not know , it means that you are going to be of great help to someone or some people who will cross your life at a certain time.

In many other cases this dream means that with some decision you make you are going to benefit or help someone.

Dream that you are prescribed medication

If you dream that a doctor or medical professional prescribes you medication or recommends you take some, it means that you need some kind of help but either you do not want to accept it or you do not dare to ask for it.

It is possible that you are in a delicate moment or you find yourself going through a difficult situation and the help of someone will come in handy, either as consolation, as support, as advice…

Dream that you buy medicine

  • When you dream that you buy medicines in a pharmacy or authorized establishment , it means that you expect the people around you or some specific person to respond to your calls for help, to your request for help. That is, you trust someone or some people to help you overcome, solve or improve some aspect of your life or the situation you are experiencing.
  • If, on the other hand, you dream that you buy medicines on the black market or in a strange and unauthorized place, it means that you should question the help you are going to receive, that you should be careful with the help you are requesting, with the decisions that you are taking because they could possibly aggravate your situation or cause very serious complications.

Dream that they offer or give you medicine

  • If you dream that someone you know offers you medication , it means that that person or someone close to you is going to offer you very important help, that you can count on that person when you need it.
  • If you dream that someone unknown offers you medication , it means that the decisions or acts of third parties will affect you positively or will help you to improve or overcome a problem.

Dream of many medications

Dreaming of many medications around you could be a sign that you are going through a bad time, that you have been dragged down by problems, that you cannot find a way out and that you need a lot of help but you are probably not following the right path to find it.

Dream about expired medications

If you dream of expired medications or in poor condition, it means that the help you need to solve, overcome or improve some aspect of your life or situation you are going through will not come from third parties, but rather it is found in yourself or in yourself. , in your strength, in your capacity, in your cunning or in your way of managing that and other situations.

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